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Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by Clive Anderson


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This is a Kleeneze presentation I gave at a meeting for the Ice Ice Baby group headed by Mike Bibby and Amanda Bibby. It's basis was to demonstrate the basics of using Search Engine Optimization for enhancing the attendees online presence for their Kleeneze Businesses.

Kleeneze is a direct selling organisation based in the UK that utilises Multi Level Marketing (MLM) - Network Marketing as the distribution means for their products.

Anyone reviewing this post can gain some knowledge and ideas on how to use and utilise certain online resources and programs in order to provide a higher profile for their online activities.

The post covers an array of highly useful techniques and strategies, not just solely focused on the Kleeneze business opportunity. These can be adapted to allow anyone using them to benefit.

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Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by Clive Anderson

  1. 1. Welcome to S.E.O By Clive Anderson
  2. 2. Mike and Amanda have asked me to cover the subject of basic S.E.O in an easy to follow understand terms that hopefully everyone can gain a little something from
  3. 3. I am certainly no guru or I.T specialist on the subject in fact I just had a whim one day that I wanted to learn how to build and promote a website and it all just started from there There are probably people here today that already know what I am about to share but for those who don’t I hope you can gain something from what I am about to share with you
  4. 4. I spent 7 years learning how to build and develop websites using HTML code as well as WYSIWYG I have experience in both online and offline marketing strategies from previous careers and personal projects I have also used a great many online marketing tools and software programs I’ve promoted more than 50 personally developed as well as affiliate websites online Generated online residual income streams that are still active today Wasted thousands of pounds and hours finding out what doesn’t work over the years
  5. 5. I discovered it took up far too much time to make any serious money and the knowledge is far better used if focussing on a single target that has both online and offline benefits and in my opinion there is certainly none better than the one we are all involved in today (Kleeneze) What I mean by that is (An online business is never your own with search engines changing the parameters left right and center) Plus with promotional sites trying to appease them which means they are trying to adjust and co-inside with the search engines requirements sometimes leaving online marketing and marketers at their mercy
  6. 6. In short, what search engines once termed as ethical promotional practise changed overnight to become non ethical and promotional houses that depended on search engines for their existence followed suit and required marketers to either change all of their promotional strategies or they would erase promotions that were not compliant
  7. 7. This actually happened and virtually all of our target and promotional websites that I had created became non compliant therefore if they were not all virtually re-built they would turn into unethical websites which a majority did
  8. 8. So, is that going to affect what I show you here today?
  9. 9. Quite Simply NO!
  10. 10. (A) We are not using promotional companies that dictate a level of compliance or tell us they only allow links to certain websites or govern inbound links from other promotional sources (B) We are not doing anything outside of the allowed boundaries administered by the promotional companies we will be using (C) We are only providing activity that search engines and the promotional companies we will be using love and highly facilitate for
  11. 11. What is Search Engine Optimisation? Overall:
  12. 12. Websites & Keywords
  13. 13. What are Keywords?
  14. 14. Keywords Are: (Search Terms that people type into their computer browser) (Website developers trying to harness the best search terms when building a website that relate to their products or services)
  15. 15. Why use Keywords?
  16. 16. (Higher Search Engine Ranking and Ratings for Websites) = More Exposure = More Traffic (Visitors) Better Exposure for Website when Blogs, Articles, and Adverts keywords match target website and provide a link (URL = Uniform Resource Locator or Internet Address) to it Greater exposure for Blog or Article when Facebook, Twitter or other Social Network promotes Blog or Article and provides a link (URL) to it By using any online means that provide and allow a link back to either the main website that you wish to promote or another promotional source that is also promoting or linking to that website will over time provide additional traffic to your target website. (This includes tagged pictures)
  17. 17. Keywords are the additional link that will elevate a target site even more when used in conjunction with promotional sources as they all have the same driving force and seen by Search Engine ‘Bots’ and ‘Spyders’ as related and relevant to the subject of the website. And the more links and keyword related mediums that you have targeting a website the better your chances of gaining a traffic stream For instance you wouldn’t have a website that was trying to sell Solar Panels internally promoting keywords about Moon Rocks with marketing sources linked to it that had Giraffe Droppings as their keyword focus or similarity.
  18. 18. Locating Keywords on a Website
  19. 19. Basically the text of what you read on a website contains the keywords and search terms that can be used for its promotion Also the source keywords and title behind what you actually read can also contain keywords that relate to that particular website You can see these by right clicking your mouse on a website or page and scrolling down to where it says “View Page Source”
  20. 20. (Generic Example) (Title has MAIN Keywords)
  21. 21. (Normal Example) (Keywords are Listed)
  22. 22. So you can promote a specific website by creating its promotions around the keywords used on it and or within it, but for generic websites you are better off focussing on what is either on it or that relate to it Additionally when promoting a generic website you can use search terms that you feel relate to it and its content as well as providing a link to it, the more it all matches up the higher your promotions will get rated and ranked by search engines giving you a better chance of getting the traffic you desire
  23. 23. Extending Keywords for best results
  24. 24. For Example: Instead of: Home Shopping (1,400,000,000) There is: Home Catalogue Shopping (39,200,000) Home Catalogue Shopping UK (12,300,000) Home Catalogue Shopping Cleaning (10,600,000) Home Catalogue Shopping Gardening (4,830,000) Home Catalogue Shopping Cleaning Essentials (4,620,000)
  25. 25. Or Home Catalogue Shopping Gifts (591,000,000) Home Catalogue Shopping Toddler Gifts (4,980,000)
  26. 26. What About People Looking for Extra Income? Make Extra Money (358,000,000) Earn Extra Money (50,000,000) Earn Extra Money Daily (21,400,000) Earn Extra Money Catalogue Distribution (727,000) And so on...
  27. 27. Unless someone is specifically searching for Kleeneze this as a keyword could go against your efforts plus you are in direct competition with Kleeneze’s own marketing for the top spot on that term. However using it within an Article or Blog simply as a source for a product wouldn’t do too much harm other than possibly deter the reader if they have a pre-conceived perception of Kleeneze
  28. 28. Now you know how to find keywords and search terms and extend them for better exposure
  29. 29. Some subjects you might want to focus on over the coming months Christmas Personalised Items Rather than be general why not be specific Instead of a range why not target a specific product or item that is popular
  30. 30. A keyword search term that I have researched and feel should do quite well for the previous subjects is: Personalised Christmas Present Ideas (136,000) This will also give you “Christmas Present Ideas” as a search term within your term but as “Christmas Present Ideas” on its own is (51,600,000) your term will get two bites of the cherry but with a better chance of being selected
  31. 31. So what could you do in terms of promoting the Plus Catalogue Products? High Quality Products at Low Cost Prices (464,000,000) Quality Products at Low Cost Prices (103,000,000) Range of Quality Products at Sale Prices (49,500,000) General Utilities and Products at Sale Prices (40,700,000) Current Utilities and Products at Sale Prices (29,000,000) Snap Up Popular Household Merchandise (18,300,000) We are still adequately describing good search terms but getting our competition lower and lower by altering just a few characteristics
  32. 32. Keywords are your filtration system in amongst masses of similar and conflicting terms that other websites and users are using in a myriad of ways giving you a much higher chance of reaching your target audience so it is worth that little extra time working on them to get it right
  33. 33. The number equals the amount of results for that search term. This means the amount of sites you are competing against for that term, phrase or keyword
  34. 34. How to use keywords (tags) when writing blogs Keyword Your Title and Content (Not forgetting pictures and key wording (tagging) those too) Find your niche and focus everything on it and you will have some really great results Decide on your target?
  35. 35. If your Facebook account is a personal one then you might want start a second account that you can purely focus your business activities around Brand Yourself, but not as Kleeneze (To specific) Examples: Inside Income Opportunities Inside Network Marketing Income Opportunities Unveiled Network Marketing Income Resources Income and Networking Philosophies How to Make it in Network Marketing How to Generate Income for Less Hours Internet Marketing and Motivation Specialist Internet Marketing Top Tips and Ideas Home Income and the Opportunities that Work (Try not to think of the here and now when branding yourself, think down the road) Open a second email account at Gmail that relates to your business Facebook for starting new Facebook acct and responding to inquiries etc)
  36. 36. A Few ideas for Facebook etc First add some posts either pointing out great products with your own words plus business posts relating to the opportunity you represent (Kleeneze) with your own words, positive statements and positive pictures etc (No funny stuff at all keep that for your personal Facebook friends) Professional Image Then join groups that either relate to promotion, an interest you have, hobbies, and where you can post ads (Create ads on your computer so that you can simply copy and paste these to each of the relevant groups) Make it public and allow followers
  37. 37. Like some peoples posts in hobbies and interests groups and in some cases share their post but only if relevant Post links to your blog with why it is worth looking at in text You are creating interest and curiosity towards your new Facebook page Don’t invite anyone Kleeneze related to your page, no point (Your activity will be flooding their Notifications and they will end up un-friending you Be interactive with others Solve their problems Respond to all the people who connect with you Schedule your posts on correct times where possible? Be social on social media sites, but business minded social
  38. 38. Promotional content doesn’t have to be all sales talk. This can mean talking about an upcoming webinar you’re hosting or your latest blog post. It could be any content that talks about our products, services, or general business updates Engaging content is crucial to building a strong relationship with your audience and providing value through conversation. Show your fans that they matter to you and treat them like you truly care about any contribution they make to the conversation Where possible amplify content from other relevant blogs or websites to show that you stay updated on industry trends and to avoid looking like you only post content from your own website. It’s a nice break for your audience and it will help them discover other useful resources and informational sites
  39. 39. Facebook Times to Post Ads
  40. 40. Blogs Write a blog (Not forgetting the keyword rule for title, content and pictures) as often as you can A blog does not have to be thousands of words long just as long as it is interesting and relevant you can get away with 300 to 500 words (with pictures) Read other bloggers material with similar subject or content and like or follow (Creates additional activity towards your Blog and target website) It is fresh consistent content that is original that search engines value most so try and create a new blog or update to an old one as often as possible
  41. 41. Forums Join a few forums that are related to your hobbies or interests or on subjects that you have knowledge about or can converse on Your signature is the most powerful thing in forums so try and be original in your thinking with a link to your target website Try to interact once a day by either posting or responding to a post Forums not only get read by individuals but good posts in topics get rated highly in search terms so even though it may only really be your signature that is the target the way to promote your signature is by becoming popular in a forum There are even forums on the particular type of mobile phone you have that you could join, you can share what you like, dislike, know about it or even comment on posts that cover what you don’t know about it There are forums for virtually anything and everything
  42. 42. Free Ads Use free advertising sites to place your ads for specific products, business opportunity (Work from Home), and other promotions you have going in the mix, i.e. Facebook page, Twitter, Blog etc Keywords and search terms will get ranked by Google but certainly not as critical as some other types of promotions
  43. 43. Articles While there may not be any great UK based Article submission sites using any will still enhance your activities and highlight your target website to the search engine rankings when you use the keyword approach
  44. 44. Emails Always have a URL (Link) as part of your sign-off in any email that is sent to ANYONE (Creates curiosity) For Example: Respectfully, Clive & Nicole Anderson (Telephone or Mob Number)
  45. 45. Twitter (Business Account)
  46. 46. Pinterest
  47. 47. Linkedin
  48. 48. YouTube
  49. 49. How Pictures Can Enhance Your Online Activity and Give You Results Too
  50. 50. In some of our Kleeneze Blogs I have used pictures as certain references to subjects, this not only gives the reader something tangible to see but also when added and tagged the search engines will also see them Rate them and Rank in accordance of subject relevance Most of our online activity in our first year in Kleeneze has been sharing our discovery, the opportunity, results and experiences We now intend on focussing on Strategies, Techniques, Income, and Success in order to create a viral funnel of new distributors
  51. 51. Here are some of our previous results just from tagging pictures that we have posted
  52. 52. Kleeneze Distributors (Search term in Google Images has Amanda Bibby in second row, clicking on image provides two images that link to one of our blogs plus further down page are images of Nicole and me and Nicole and me with Mike and Amanda that all link to one of our blogs)
  53. 53. Kleeneze Success (Search term in Google Images again has a picture of Amanda with two further links to one of our blogs plus pictures of Nicole and me and Mike and Amanda all with links to our blogs. There is a picture of our first Kleeneze cheque and one with one of our website addresses on it)
  54. 54. Network Marketing Distributors (Search term in Google Images has a picture of Nicole and me with Mike and Amanda that links to one of our blogs)
  55. 55. Network Marketing Kleeneze (Search term in Google Images has a picture of Nicole and me with Mike and Amanda that links to one of our blogs)
  56. 56. Amanda Bibby (Search term in Google Images has Nicole and me plastered all over the place linking to various sites and posts)
  57. 57. Mike and Amanda Bibby (Search term in Google Images has links, pictures I’ve created, photos of Nicole and me and Mike and Amanda linked to our promotions through one source or another)
  58. 58. And so it goes on, here are a few more that I checked out that all have links to us and our online activities: Bob Webb Kleeneze Successful Kleeneze Distributors Successful Kleeneze Earn Extra Money Kleeneze Clive and Nicole Anderson Kleeneze a Genuine Solution Kleeneze Additional Income
  59. 59. Thing is a lot of these are linked in with the Kleeneze name as well which is only useful if someone was searching that particular name There are literally hundreds of search terms that will be linked to some of our Kleeneze promotions and it will gradually rise and rise through continual activity so dominating a particular search term using pictures or your online presence can be easy over time
  60. 60. You just pick a search term that you wish to dominate and add it in all of your online activities with relevance, eventually you will create a viral funnel that just keeps paying off over and over again Add pictures of people in your blogs to highlight points and tag them accordingly, these do not necessarily have to be Kleeneze people, hero’s or people in limelight that are inspirational and motivational etc
  61. 61. Here’s a useful tip for anyone who has their own fixed website that is promoting Kleeneze in any facet Have a section on your website that you can easily edit, showing up and coming events great product launches etc change the content of that section at least once a month and always try and make it date related with a date included This tells the search engine spyders that your website is constantly live and not just a website that was created and left to sit and gather dust (Search engines love New content and Rank it higher) This will also be good for including in your promotions as the search engines will pick-up on this and Rank your website even higher
  62. 62. Here’s an unusual one that I have thrown in for you “Hits UK” Traffic Exchange - Ever Surfed for Credits? (Websurfing) Hits UK will not accept generic websites so you will only be able to promote a blog that you have written or other individual webpage style of promotion. You can get around this with domain forwarding addresses, but they are not covered in this training
  63. 63. A Free and Easy to Use Tool to Help You Want to create professional looking personal/business logos or a cover picture for your Facebook and other Social Media pages or your own business cards, flyers, leaflets, blog header pictures, etc using professional free software? Go-to: Download the Banner Maker Pro using the green button at the bottom of the website
  64. 64. Once downloaded open your banner maker Select the size of the banner you wish to make by clicking on Size tab For a Facebook cover picture set to 850x300 You can either simply just add text moving it around re-sizing using different fonts etc Or you can add an image as the background that you might have stored on your computer or use one of the already pre-stored backgrounds Adding an image from your computer, select Images tab, click on Add Image button, at Look In window at top use drop down menu and select either your name or your computer then scroll down to your pictures, select the folder that the image is in that you wish to use then select that image and click on open.
  65. 65. This will load that image into the Banner Maker window and then all you have to do is re-size image in window to make it fit or you can leave it over-size and the Banner Maker will only use section of picture that you can see in window. Example Below
  66. 66. Now start adding your text using the Text tab and changing style etc, additional text refinements can be done using the Text+ tab like shadows, spacing, colours, etc Note the space on the left is clear so that the Facebook image does not cover your text.
  67. 67. Here are a few I have personally created
  68. 68. To save your Image/Banner etc once happy with result Click on Save Tab then Save button in window that opens, then use name it has given it or type in what you want to call it, then use Save In menu at top save to your pictures in same way that we opened the image, once you have saved the Banner Maker will open window asking Save Compressed or Use Original (Always click on Use Original button) Done... (Check your image is where you saved it before closing Banner Maker Then when a site is asking or prompting you to upload an image or picture you can simply create a professional looking one and upload or upload one that you have already created
  69. 69. Another great tool that you may not even know that you have is the windows snipping tool Open your start up Click on accessories Scroll down and you should see snipping tool Then open a browser window and go to: This is a tutorial that will show you how to use it Once you start using it you won’t be able to stop, Happy Snipping!
  70. 70. Other subjects in this series I hope to cover Getting domain names (Where, How Much etc How to forward domain names Why forwarding domain names is great for S.E.O But That’s Next Time!