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A quick HOW-TO Explore Your Network on www.cliquidity.co.uk

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Explore Your Network

  1. 1. How ToExplore Your Network
  2. 2. Wondering what thisis and what it has todo with exploring yournetwork?
  3. 3. Signed up at www.cliquidity.co.ukCompleted your Personality AssessmentExplored your networkSo you have:
  4. 4. Before we start,here are some quick tips for navigation.And to zoom andmove thescreen, use thebuttons below.To stop yournetwork frommoving around,click “Freeze”.
  5. 5. Let’s start with:HOW TO: Explore Your Facebook Network
  6. 6. If you have lots of Facebook friends,you might have to expand each sub-group.
  7. 7. So now you can see all your Facebookfriends but what does it all mean?
  8. 8. Each dot represents a Facebook friend:• The color indicates your friend’s gender.• The shape indicates whether or not yourfriend has joined Cliquidity yet.
  9. 9. Let’s explore some of the Tools you haveto explore your network.
  10. 10. You can toggle between showing malesand/ or females by simply checking a box.If your Facebook friend has not disclosedtheir gender, they will show up in both.
  11. 11. Instead of viewing all your Facebook friends,you can choose to view onlyPeople with Cliquidity
  12. 12. Once your Facebook friends have joined,you can see how they are connected.Simply click “Show friend connections”.
  13. 13. Looking for a specific friend?Type their name under “Find by name”.And we will highlight them for you.
  14. 14. Found the friend you were looking forbut they have not joined Cliquidity yet?Click “Invite friend” to send an app invite.View theirFacebookprofile picturehere.
  15. 15. If your Facebook friend has joined Cliquidityit becomes a lot more interestingView theirCliquidityprofile infohere.
  16. 16. You can see a summary of their Cliquidity infoby clicking “View Details”.
  17. 17. In the Personal Details screen you can:See basic info, download a MatchReport, request an Introduction or add toCircle.
  18. 18. You can see if you cliq with you friendby clicking “Match Report”.
  19. 19. If your Facebook friend’s friends have joinedCliquidity it gets even more interestingby clicking “View Friends”.
  20. 20. Now you can view friends of friends,download Match Reports and(if you think you might cliq)request an Introduction.
  21. 21. So if your friends join Cliquidity,your network expands with their friends.So why not invite more friends to join?
  22. 22. Select the friends you want to inviteby checking the box next to their name andclick “Send Requests”.
  23. 23. Similarly – using all the functions explained:You can Explore Your Twitter Network
  24. 24. View Interesting Peoplerecommended to youbecause they live in your area andtheir personalities match yours.
  25. 25. Or explore the networks of other Cliquiditymembers who have accepted yourIntroduction requests.
  26. 26. And if all else fails,Simply play around with the cool shapes yournetwork creates.