The Six Steps to Building an Online Sales Machine


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The Six Steps to Building an Online Sales Machine

  1. 1. The Six Steps to Building an Online Sales Machine Presented By Clint Macklin & Matt Dombrow
  2. 2. Founded in 2002 Ranked in the "Top 10 Web Firms" by the Denver Business Journal in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Numerous awards from IAVA to W3. Community involvement: Alliance for Choice in Education Court Appointed Special Advocates for Neglected Kids SBDC Mentor Walk as a mentor for 2 years now
  3. 3. • Founded in 2007 • Paid Online Advertising Experts • Advertising + Conversion = Max ROI • Matt named a Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategist in US by the Online Marketing Institute
  4. 4. Agenda For Building A Sales Machine 1. Information Gathering 2. Content 3. Design 4. Functionality 5. 3 Laws Of Online Marketing 6. How To Convert Clicks to Customers
  5. 5. Information Gathering
  6. 6. When Do I need to do a redesign? The Disappearing Sales Process
  7. 7. Competitive Research
  8. 8. Other Questions to ask your self: • What is the purpose of the site? • Do you want to provide information, promote a service, lead generation etc.? • What are your goals for this new site? • What do you hope to accomplish by building this web site? • Is there a specific group or demographic of people that you are targeting? • What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on your site?
  9. 9. Developing Content
  10. 10. Site Map / Navigation
  11. 11. Design
  12. 12. Imagery
  13. 13. Functionality
  14. 14. Call to Actions
  15. 15. Video
  16. 16. Video Stats 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (ComScore) Consumers give up on an online video if it doesn’t load in two seconds. (University of Massachusetts Amherst and Akamai Technologies) 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo) Mobile and tablet shoppers are three times as likely to view a video as laptop or desktop users. (NPD) Mobile video ads that include social media buttons drive 36 percent higher engagement. (Rhythm NewMedia). 76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. (Social Media Examiner) 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. (Invodo)
  17. 17. Social Integration
  18. 18. Analytics
  19. 19. Mobile Traffic
  20. 20. Responsive
  21. 21. Don’t Forget!
  23. 23. | 720.213.6509 |
  24. 24. | 720.213.6509 |
  25. 25. | 720.213.6509 |
  26. 26. | 720.213.6509 |
  27. 27. | 720.213.6509 |
  28. 28. How do you persuade people to pick you?
  29. 29. The Three Laws of Online Marketing
  30. 30. Which Image Enticed 37.2% More Prospects to Submit a Lead Generation Form: The Product Itself or The Product Benefit? Version A Version B Version A generated 37.2% more leads
  31. 31. Fundamental Laws vs. Rules of Thumb
  32. 32. The Formula for 100% Conversion Click Why? Register Name Email
  33. 33. The Formula for 100% Conversion If You Do This Email < I This for That That = Conversion Will Give You
  34. 34. The Four Options for Action 1. Take action on your website 2. Take action with a competitor 3. Take an alternative action 4. Take no action
  35. 35. Simple Formula for Conversion - Remix Your visitors will convert on your website when the perceived value of taking action exceeds the perceived value of 1. taking action with a competitor; 2. taking an alternative action; or 3. taking no action. Action Assumes visitors can take action Value
  36. 36. The First Law People take action based on how options occur to them.
  37. 37. | 720.213.6509 |
  38. 38. Options Can Occur in Multiple Ways
  39. 39. Which Option Occurs as the Best? Home Products About Contact Products for Killing Mice Your Visitor’s Perception is Decisive and Subjective View Powerful View Child Safe Killing Products Products
  40. 40. The Second Law How an option occurs arises in language.
  41. 41. We Evaluate Options Using Language • This website has a cheaper price. • I like this color better. • This video looks interesting (or not). • This Google result seems most relevant. • This facebook page is awesome (or lame).
  42. 42. What do we mean by language?
  43. 43. Color Communicates
  44. 44. Shape Communicates
  45. 45. Standard Practices Communicate View Pricing View Pricing
  46. 46. What Do We Mean by Language? EVERYTHING
  47. 47. What Are You Saying? • • • • • • • • • • • • Words Size Color Contrast Layout Pictures Videos Price Shape Movement Tone Sound
  48. 48. The Third Law Value based language transforms how options occur to people.
  49. 49. Value Based Language Example Opportunity for Action How it Occurs • • Why? Its going to show up on my timeline, does it reflect positively on me?
  50. 50. Value Based Language Example Opportunity for Action How it Occurs • • • • And Receive Discounts I like discounts. What kind of discounts? What's the catch? Still not sure I want it on my timeline.
  51. 51. Value Based Language Example Opportunity for Action How it Occurs • • • And Receive 1 Month of Yoga Classes for Free – No Catch I pay $75 bucks a month. That’s awesome. Hell yeah I’ll like that page.
  52. 52. Where Do Your Eyes Go?
  53. 53. Fundamental Law Highest Contrast Element Wins Attention
  54. 54. Law Hierarchy
  55. 55. Step 6 Iterative Testing to Maximize Conversion
  56. 56. Clixo’s Conversion Framework Catalyst Value Confidence Visitor Persuasion Usability
  57. 57. Catalyst Motivation Traffic Source
  58. 58. Match Motivation Hiding the fine print makes me skeptical.
  59. 59. User Tests = No Auto Enrollment Auto enrollment in monthly program for $45.00
  60. 60. Low Energy 16 in High School Bad Acne What is the nature and intensity of your visitor’s motivation?
  61. 61. Customer Buying Process 1. Awareness 2. Research 3. Decision 4. Purchase 5. Post Purchase Assessment
  62. 62. Value Unique Relevant
  63. 63. Unique | Specific | Relevant • I stayed in a a top 300 successful Performed Holiday Inn have been over surgeon in Express last night. brain for many Austin surgeries years. • Named #1 brain surgeon in the US by Time Magazine. Anyone know a good brain surgeon?
  64. 64. Two Levels of Value Company Products / Services
  65. 65. Usability Easy to Use Intuitive
  66. 66. Persuasion Clarity Incentive
  67. 67. Which Incentive is More Valuable?
  68. 68. Every Element Communicates Every Element Helps or Hurts
  69. 69. Confidence Anxiety Credibility
  70. 70. Reduce Anxiety
  71. 71. Free Trial Details (No Fine Print or Gimmicks) • You get an entire box of 10 PepPods for FREE • Shipping is only $2.95 • Your free box comes with a PepPod membership. Members receive a convenient 30 day supply of zero sugar PepPod (30 servings @ $1.49 per serving) with FREE SHIPPING each month. • If you don’t want to maintain your membership, don’t worry. Canceling your membership is SUPER SIMPLE. Your confirmation email will have a link to our membership cancellation page. One click and you will never be charged. Get your free trial now.
  72. 72. Display Advertising – Case Study
  73. 73. Match image to traffic source No connection to Athlinks brand. Highlight Form Highlight Risk Free Video good or bad? Where is the product?
  74. 74. Background makes page pop. Move Product Above the Fold Co-Branding for Consistency & Trust Reduce Anxiety Highlight Benefits Clean form with eye-catching button Pulled out the gem from the video.
  75. 75. 120% Lift in Conversions in Head to Head A/B Test
  76. 76. Paid Search – Case Study
  77. 77. 40% 48%
  78. 78. Email Marketing – Case Study
  79. 79. First element on page increases anxiety It is not clear what “system” means. Is that the phones? What about service? The info is there, but it is not clear. Two simple options is good. The main point Two simple options is good. Main point of page of this page clickthrough to features. is generate a is to generate a click-through to the features page. Everything Everything else is a distraction. else is a distraction. The main conversion action for this page is hidden.
  80. 80. Inconsistent navigation, along with an increased number of choices raises anxiety and negatively impacts the usability of the site. This page is repetitive when compared to the first page. We are unnecessarily adding an extra layer to the conversion funnel. All we are trying to do is sell the idea of calling. We don’t need to provide every bit of information about the phones at this point.
  81. 81. Neither the name or the image accurately depicts what this box is. Also, this is not the proper point in the buying process to encourage someone to download user guides. The user tests indicated that people like these boxes. However, the entire page can be a bit overwhelming. Simplification and focus should increase usability and reduce anxiety. We need to lead them to the next step in the conversion funnel within the body area.
  82. 82. Pricing matrix is confusing. Must be dramatically simplified. Outlining too many options and showing additional pricing raises massive anxiety about being charged for every little thing. It destroys trust that your savings claims are real. We must do a better job of selling the value of making the call. What will happen? Pricing page may be the last stop for many visitors before exiting or making the call. We need to reinforce our USP’s and back them up with testimonials.
  83. 83. Horizontal scroll bar = less user friendly
  84. 84. Simple Design = Low Exit Rates
  85. 85. 175% Lift in Call Volume in a Head to Head A/B Test Same Advertising Cost, 175% Increase in Results.
  86. 86. Pick an Action Develop a Hypothesis Test It Analyze Results Repeat
  87. 87. A Treasure Map | 720.213.6509 |
  88. 88. Step #1 – Focus on the Action  Focus on a specific opportunity for action  What is the specific action I want to persuade people to take?  What am I really requesting and what am I offering in return?  Watch a video = spend time  Sign up for eNewsletter = provide private information and reading time  Buy a product = give me money and private information  Research how the opportunity is occurring for your visitors     User testing, surveys, online feedback pop-ups, etc. Review analytics (bounce rates, conversion rates, operating system, etc.) Use event tracking for videos and other advanced actions Compare to your competitors  Do a search for your keyword and look at the other ads  How do your competitors talk about their options for action?
  89. 89. Step #2 – Shift to a Conversation Mindset  Evaluate the “language” you are using  What are the colors and design of my site saying?  Is the opportunity for action featured appropriately? Are there too many opportunities?  What language tools could I add or subtract to call attention to the opportunity for action?  Examples: Size, shape, movement, color, copy, video, images, sound, etc.  Outline the conversation for conversion       What questions do people have about this opportunity for action? What do your sales people say that works? Which paid search ad copy has the best click through rates? What gets the most likes on your facebook posts? What are people thinking in their head and in what order? KEY POINT: Remember that the conversation about this specific opportunity for action is part of the larger conversation about your company AND industry. It does not live in a vacuum.
  90. 90. Step #3 – Have a Valuable Conversation  What do my visitors truly value?  How can I make the value more specific?  How can I make the value more relevant?  How can I make the value more clear?  How can I make the value more unique?  How can I make the value more authoritative?  How can I reduce perceived risk?  What additional value can I offer?  How can I make it easier?  How can make it more exciting? Action Value
  91. 91. Questions?
  92. 92. Contact Us! Clint Macklin Matt Dombrow