Viral Content Is A Marketers Pipe Dream


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Viral Content Is A Marketers Pipe Dream

  1. 1. Viral Content Is A Marketers Pipe DreamYou Want Your Content To Go Viral [leadplayer_vid id="50EE65625C110"]We all want it. Tens of thousands, if not millions, of people watching our viral videos. Its amarketers dream to be able to see a piece of their work turn into the viral content overnight.Imagine how many people you could reach if your video or article spread around the web likewildfire!!Millions of new fans.Millions of new subscribers.Millions of new buyers.So we go out and we buy all kinds of great courses on video marketing. Or we buy the latestcourse on how to turn a picture into a viral traffic generator. And month after month we pushout these pieces of content. And month after month we realize one thing.Viral traffic is a pipe dream.Don’t get me wrong. You can get viral traffic to your website. Heck I try to do it everyday withevery piece of content I create. But it can’t be the focus of your business. If you think that youwill be able to create a video, image, or blog post and share it. Then have that bring in viraltraffic to you. Your dead wrong. 1/3
  2. 2. More importantly your focusing on the wrong thing. Your depending a lot on luck. Rather thanthe skill that is required to properly market online.To make sure you understand just what it take to create a viral piece of content watch this shortvideo from Kevin Allocca. [leadplayer_vid id="50EDFA62CE5C8"]Creating Content To Go Viral Can Help YouStriving to create viral content can help you when your developing new stuff for your readers.You just need to make sure that you have realistic expectations. Once your understand thatnot everything is going viral your going to be in the right place.Use these three points made by Kevin when your creating your content. Taste makers – famous people that already have a great following. Don’t let this one confuse you though. Jimmy Kimmel is not most likely going to talk about your marketing videos. But, what if someone who was already successful in your market talked about them. And that person had thousands of followers already. You can easily leverage other peoples audiences to generate traffic. Find the people who are influencers in your market. People that you see everywhere. People who are referenced a lot in your circles. These are the people who could post a comment about your content. Or share your content. Get their attention. Ask them their opinion. Interact with them. Communities of participation – people who follow particular topics. Your community of participation will be in your forums and groups. If your topic is search engine optimization for example. You could start creating content on sites like or Both of those sites have a very active community. Leverage sites like these to get your content out there. If your into blogging I created a list of sites that you can submit your content to as well. You can use my daily plan and make it yours. Just remember when your using these sites. You have to interact with other people there. Comment on their blogs. Share their stuff. Once they see you around more and more they will eventually come and check you out and do the same for you. Unexpectedness – You don’t always have to go with the status quo when your making a point. If everyone is saying the same thing it gets boring. And it really doesn’t foster a conversation. Everyone has an opinion and you need to get yours heard. So it wouldn’t hurt to take the opposite side of the argument once in a while. Trust me a lot of people won’t expect it. And you’ll get more respect for taking a stand. Even if people disagree.Now when creating content you need to make sure you are doing a couple things.First is make sure that your content is original. There are plenty of great services out therewhere you can buy content for your website. The problem is that there are a few thousandother people buying the same content. So don’t buy PLR (private label rights) content and putit on your site. You can use it to help you get ideas for your content sure. But don’t put it up as 2/3
  3. 3. your own. Second is to make sure your researching your topic a bit before or while your writing. I am not talking about surfing 100 different sites and writing a research paper. You can get enough information to create your content from just a couple sources. Just make sure you add as many facts into your content as you can. Your opinions are great and people want to hear them. But if you back them up with fact you will increase your credibility. With that increased credibility your shares will increase as well. So get out there and create some viral content. And if you get famous make sure you remember me!! P.S. If You Need A System to Help You Get in Front of More Prospects (and even profit from people that DON’T want to Join. Click Here to See What I MeanWho Is Clint Butler? Currently serving in the military and after 20 years I have found that you dont get rich in the military nor can you get rich working for someone else. So with that being said I have worked, researched, and trained Online Marketing and making money on the internet using search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video marketing. All of this is to generate traffic and leads to my clients websites as well as my own. Read More Here 3/3Powered by TCPDF (