Taking The Leap From The Stratosphere


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Taking The Leap From The Stratosphere

  1. 1. Taking The Leap From The StratosphereI’m Free Free FallingI know you remember that song from Tom Petty its great and you know it.But in case you forgot here is the video.Now I have to admit that I have always wanted to jump out of an airplane. I know crazy right.But it sounds like a once in a lifetime twice if I like kind of adventure that would be great.I have repelled off of the skids of a helicopter once and it was probably the most fun I have hadin a long time. And the ride before we roped down was great because the pilot was flying justabove the tops of the trees and buildings as we moved to our repel site. I remember thinking Iwas going to slide off the skids when we first started moving but once the pilot maneuvered thehelicopter I had full trust in my equipment and team.The same kind of trust that this guy has to have in his equipment and team.If you think about it you can really compare what Felix Baumgartner is doing (or has if yourwatching the recording) to starting a buisness on your own.You have two options when it comes to getting started.Option one is that you try to do it all by yourself. You don’t take any training. You don’t ask foradvice. You are your own person after all you know you can do it. After all how hard is it to runyour own business anyway right?The problem with this method is that you don’t have anyone to ask for help. Or worse pridemight get in your way and you will become blind to all the problems in your business until its toolate. Don’t believe me? Have you ever watched the show Kitchen Nightmares? Chef GordonRamsey is running around the country and helping restaurant owners. Some of these ownersare so overwhelmed that eventually they just turn their back on their business. Or worse yetthey are so disillusioned that they think everything is great even though they know they aregoing broke.This happens to every business owner at one time or another. They need people who aregoing through it as well to turn to for help. They need someone who has already achieved whatthey are looking for. They can do it by themselves but the risk of failure is a lot less likely if theyhave a parachute.Option two is that you get the training you need to be successful. Writing your business plan.Marketing your business offline. Marketing your business online. Personal development to 1/2
  2. 2. ensure your mindset is right. All these things big and small that you may run into to how do you deal with them? That is where my lead generation system comes in. Because its more than a tool to build hundreds of leads when marketed correctly. Its a system of training that will teach you how to jump from any height and still land on your feet. Think of it as your parachute. You have taken this big leap with your money and are trying to capture your dreams a parachute makes a whole lot of sense. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PARACHUTE P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! Read More... http://www.workwithclintbutler.com/personal-development/taking-the-leap-from-the-stratosphere / 2/2Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)