Practicing Quality Search Engine Optimization Techniques


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Practicing Quality Search Engine Optimization Techniques

  1. 1. Practicing Quality Search Engine Optimization TechniquesDo Search Engine Optimization Techniques Work Today?Over the years since the rise of search engine’s like Google and Bing there have been a lot ofpeople making money through the use of search engine optimization techniques. Each of thesetactics, either white hat or black hat, have all had the same purpose. To rank your site higher inthe search engines and get free targeted traffic.However in the last year Google has begun a more targeted approach at finding those peoplewho have become masters at ranking sites. By implementing such targeted updates likePenguin and Panda they have all but killed SEO as we know it. This isn’t to say search engineoptimization is dead, but that its changed significantly.Because of this the days of creating websites using search engine techniques that areconsidered over the top is over. Webmaster’s and seo’s need to take into account the usermore than ever because that is what Google is doing. Remember Google’s end goal is to endsearch. They want to provide the most relevant content the first time in order to increase thevalues of their service. So when you are writing content you need to be able to do just that.Search Engine Optimization Techniques For Quality 1/3
  2. 2. Sometime SEO is like playing rouletteThe first thing that you need to do is ensure that your are running your content through anediting process. This could be nothing more than making sure your spell checker is turned on inyour word processor. I personally use the one that is built into my operating system, so it checksmy content as I am writing it.If my personal computer has the feature, its hard to imagine that Google does not. As suchgrammar and spelling could be considered when deciding how to rank your web page. Doingso will also ensure that your bounce rate is really low. Bounce rate is simply the amount of timethat a reader spends on your site after finding your content. Its important that this is lowbecause it shows that your site is providing valuable content that people enjoy reading. If youhave a high bounce rate, Google knows that your content is not fulfilling its side of the deal andwill stop ranking your site for that particular keyword.The next thing that you need to check on is your about page. This has become everincreasingly important since Google has implemented knowledge graph information into theiralgorithm. In short, its looks at all your content around the web and determines your expertise inthe subject. The more content you have on a subject all over the web, the more of an authorityyou are. This all starts at your about page, so don’t ignore it. 2/3
  3. 3. Don’t over optimize each article of content on your site. Under the old rules, search engine optimization techniques required that you have a keyword density of 3-5%. Today its more like 1-2% and no more. This is because Google caught on to recommendations to saturate your content with your keyword. Now, simply putting your keywords at the beginning and end of your articles is more than enough. Sprinkle synonyms throughout your content. That way your content will rank for more than just your chosen keyword. Its is conceivable that your content can get ranked for several different keyword terms when using this method. This will increase the return on the time that you invested in writing your works. And overall the traffic that the search engines are sending to your content. The final tip I can suggest to you is to put content on your site. Under the old way of doing things having five pieces of content may have been enough to rank a whole site, no anymore. Today, your site needs to have diversity of content related to the subject. And you need to be posting to it regularly. This isn’t to say you need to post on it everyday however, once a week should be fine. Just remember, old search engine optimization techniques no longer work the way that they used to. But SEO is far from gone and if you ignore it, you stand the chance of missing out on a lot of valuable traffic.Who Is Clint Butler? Currently serving in the military and after 20 years I have found that you don’t get rich in the military nor can you get rich working for someone else. So with that being said I have worked, researched, and trained Online Marketing and making money on the internet using search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video marketing. All of this is to generate traffic and leads to my clients websites as well as my own. Practicing Quality Search Engine Optimization Techniques 3/3Powered by TCPDF (