Pinterest For Men


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Pinterest For Men

  1. 1. Pinterest For MenPinterest Is Not Just For The LadiesDo you remember when Pinterest was just the talk of the town on the news about how big itwas growing and how its quickly becoming one of the most visited sites on the net just underFacebook and YouTube?I was so excited when I found out about the site and then a big brick of desperate landing on myhead. You see right around the same time there was a lot of research going into the site anddiscussing who it was that was actually using it. Turns out it was a lot of women mostly womenfor that matter and a lot of male marketers wrote it off.Let’s face it we men don’t really understand women or the interests of women unless we are inthe fashion industry or really in touch with our feminine side. But when it comes to me my ideaof dressing up is a nice long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans with some old Timberland shoes Ibought a few years back. So joining a site that was made popular by women was a bit of a stepfor me.But over time I actually found out I wasn’t that far off from the ladies of Pinterest because theywere sharing a lot of the things that I love as well. One the best set of boards I follow have todo with photography especially landscapes and you can’t beat the great photo’s that peopleare pinning.Men Can Use Pinterest To Learn The Female MindFrom a marketing standpoint we as men really need to understand what is important to womenand let me sum up why in two words.Decision Makers.That’s right women are the primary decision makers in the household. Kids get sick What dowe do mom? Want a new car What kind can I buy honey? Taking a vacation Where would youlike to go dear?And understanding what women want will allow people like you and I marketers connect withthem better and truly make any contact you have with them all that much better. And even ifyou don’t recruit or sell them something if you have that positive relationship you can getreferrals from them all day long.So What Can Men Do On PinterestOk men so you need to get yourself out there on Pinterest and start pinning stuff. But where doyou start without getting your man card pulled? 1/4
  2. 2. In the infographic for today I give you several ideas on what kinds of Pinterest boards you cancreate just to get you started. Then as you start sharing more and more things add newboards. Just remember that relationships with women is the key and don’t be afraid to committo building them on Pinterest. 2/4
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