Live The Dream 3 – Todd Falcone Gets A Massage


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Live The Dream 3 – Todd Falcone Gets A Massage

  1. 1. Live The Dream 3 – Todd Falcone Gets A MassageBe Careful When Calling For A MassageTodd Falcone has to be one of the most charismatic speakers that I have ever heard. I havelistened to him talk more times than anyone else. What I like most about what Todd does is hisability to talk straight. He doesn’t fluff what he want to tell you. Its always to the point andalways tons of value.If you suck he’ll tell you.If you are on the right track most times you suck he praise you.But most importantly he always makes himself available to help other marketer out to ensurethat they are working their business right. As a matter of fact he hold a weekly call anyone canlisten to every Monday.How to Live the Dream Not The Nightmare “A true entrepreneur is someone who can get their ass handed to them and recover” ~Todd Falcone Here’s Todd’s Dream Strategy’sDream Strategy #1 Sprint the Marathon while enjoying the journey.If you want to be successful and accellerate the growth of you success then you need to pick upthe pace. You need to work harder and faster. But along the way you need to enjoy thejourney. Sure there are going to be some bad points but learn from them and keep moving.Urgency is the key your going to accelerate the growth of you business if you accelerate theway you do things. 1/3
  2. 2. Dream Strategy #2 Take Responsibility for Yourself.This is the business of being self employed. Its not the systems fault. Its not the tools fault. Itsnot your products fault. Its your fault.If you succeed it your fault. If you fail its your fault. You need to accept personal responsiblityfor your business. The person who turned you on to your business isn’t responsible for yourfailure. Ask yourself the question whould I hire me. Check in with yourself and determine ifyour really in the game or not. Every day at the end of the day ask yourself that question. Ifyour answer isn’t yes then why.Dream Strategy #3 Create a Plan. Execute it.If you don’t have a plan for your business then your in trouble. You have to be planning or youwon’t know what is going to happen to your business. Keep a plan for your day. What are yougoing to be doing that day for your business? Better yet write your plan for the next day out thenight before. Make it that last thing you do.Make sure you have a plan for where your business is going to be a month from now. Developa plan and then execute that plan.Dream Strategy #4 Don’t Fear FailureLets face it we hate failing. But the reality is that as you go through your business plan yourgoing to fail. Fail getting a sale fail at getting a lead. If your blogging you might fail to get traffic.After all the research that you have done people don’t come to your site.Get over it and move on. Its part of being an entrepreneur its part of the process.During this part of the presentation Todd also discussed the reasons for procrastination. 1) Low self confidence relative to the task at hand. But the best part of building a business isthat there are ways to learn how do to things. You just have know how important your successis.2) They don’t like doing it. If you don’t like what your doing then your not going to do it. Eitherlearn to like doing it or hire someone who does.“All it takes is one but your going to have to go through a lot of people to find that one.” ~Todd FalconeDream Strategy #5 Mastering the Art of Recruiting and PromotionYou have to follow-up with your customers. You need to learn to ask questions in a moreeffective manner. 2/3
  3. 3. You need to know how to pull people towards you. You need to know how to get the leads. What to do with those leads when you get them. What kind of funnel is that lead in. If you call what are you going to say. And more importantly how are you going to say it. The best tip that he gave was to “be interested in your customers and you will have no money problems”. Dream Strategy #6 Soak and Apply When somebody is willing to teach you something and you hold on to it and do nothing. It silliness. Soak in the information and apply it. Don’t buy a training and do nothing with it apply it. Don’t buy a video series and do nothing with apply it. Don’t go to a live event and get tons of information and do nothing with it apply it. P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! Read More... massage/ 3/3Powered by TCPDF (