Live The Dream 3 – Rob Fore Talks A Copy Model


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Live The Dream 3 – Rob Fore Talks A Copy Model

  1. 1. Live The Dream 3 – Rob Fore Talks A Copy ModelHow to Make 440% More Sales and ProfitRob opened up this session by stated that the reason most people fail is because they don’thave a defined purpose. He stated that you needed a defined purpose regardless of what yourdoing.He also stated that you need a defined strategy for how your going to accomplish any taskregardless of the task.He went on to state that you need to have a defined business. Don’t be all hype and nosubstance. Your going to get paid in proportion to the value that you bring to your industry. Byhaving that authority your going to bring value and then the money will roll in.Here are the tips he provided to Help You Out If you put all your eggs in one basket guard that basket with your life ~Mark Twain1) The what we promote does matter finding the value is the key.2) Make sure you are pursuing multiple streams of income. Using the internet allows youpromote anything. And the best part is it doesn’t matter what you promote. As long as youwork that basics the how is always the same.3) The reality is that your not going to make money by just buying trainings or other stuff. Andyour not going to succeed just because you have a blog up. The reason why is that you don’thave a plan. You must have a goal. You need to have a defined purpose your critical reasonwhy. Your “why to” needs to be bigger than your “how to”. If you don’t have focus your goingto waste your time money and energy. Know exactly and specifically what you want why youwant it and commit yourself to task.4) Copy those who have already succeeded. Find someone that is producing the result that youwant to produce and copy what they are doing. That is why a franchise model works copy aproven model. Success leaves clues and you can literally copy your way to success. Ask whois producing the results you want? And how are they doing it?5) Study multiple models. Find six to ten people that are doing what you want. Look for pointsof commonality. Those points of commonality could be using the same tools. Or taking thesame actions. Then buy the specific tools and training need to copy those models nothing else. If you deviate from the proven model you risk it not working.6) Have your own domain and your own blog7) If you not building a list you are not building a business. Get an auto responder. 1/2
  2. 2. 8) Have branded training to give out. Even if you don’t write it yourself have it in your name without exception. Multiple leaders in their industry have this and its great for list building. People who have succeeded have created their own branded training by branding them as the authority. Branded training helps them build multiple six figure incomes. Offer value in your training because credibility absolutely matters. If your brand new you will have zero credibility but it doesn’t mean that is how you have to present yourself. 9) Know your numbers. When you know how much a lead is worth you can move to paid advertising and still make a kick ass profit. “It doesn’t matter affiliate marketing internet marketing network marketing create branding training.” ~Rob Fore “Don’t let cheap or lazy because it will keep you broke.” ~Rob Fore In conclusion Rob is simply saying that you need to ensure that you are establishing your branding. Do it all throughout your marketing. Brand yourself on your blog on your social media sites and most importantly in your branded training. This isn’t a new concept but if you didn’t understand what was meant by branding perhaps Rob helped clear it up a bit in his main points. P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! Read More... 2/2Powered by TCPDF (