Live The Dream 3 – Rising Stars Recognized


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Live The Dream 3 – Rising Stars Recognized

  1. 1. Live The Dream 3 – Rising Stars RecognizedMark Harbert and The Bluesman of MLMWhen it comes to watching other people succeed in their business these two guys are trulyinspirations to the internet marketing community. Mark Harbert and Frank Marino started out abit less then a year ago with their online marketing. Today they are very successful internetmarketer and online network marketers who are currently living their dreams. Here are some tips that they sharedFrank has generated tons of leads in the system. Since partnering up with Mark he hasgenerated over 10000 leads and in five and half months he has made over 350 sales allcreating a residual income. Mark stated that having a mastermind partner was the greatestadvantage that they have. Being able to link up with Frank and bounce ideas off of each otheris one of the biggest things that lead to their success.Frank emphasized that you have to have a plan. They remarked that they created a plan sixmonths ago and worked together to meet that goal. If they had not created that plan they wouldnot have been successful.Mark stated in a heartfelt and emotional speech that you need to connect with your “why”. Youneed that drive to succeed. You need to dig deep down in your soul and find that why. That isgoing to be your fuel to succeed. They both remarked that they were both dead broke sixmonths ago. And having that “why” is a big reason for their success. Make a decision now tosucceed.Norbert added to the conversation by saying that we are not independent entrepreneurs. Hestated that you can’t do your business on your own. You have to have partners someone to 1/3
  2. 2. hold you accountable. You need someone to push you and you need someone to push tobreakthrough. He stated that it seems like people have to be in absolute rock bottom to takeaction. Sometimes we don’t fully appreciate the situation that we are in. Take the cues thatare being given to you. And wherever you are at in life make it worse in your mind. Take it outto the worst point or situation you could be in. Maybe that will drive you to action.A partner will keep you from getting there. Mark added that you need to get passionate aboutyour business. What Are They Doing For MarketingBlogging was where they started. Using search engine marketing they started building anonline presence. They were able to generate 60 to 70 leads a day using this method. But whenGoogle changed the rules they lost a lot of that momentum.Today they are using YouTube to generate leads. They offered two tips.1) Get your video ranked on Google. Its a lot easier to get a YouTube video ranked. Make sureyou put a 500 word description on your video with keywords inside your video. If you put anarticle there it will stick there longer than with a short video.2) Make sure you optimize your video. File name title description tags.3) You don’t have to post a video everyday. But when your just starting out do good keywordresearch. Post on purpose (learn how here) to rank for keywords so you can get traffic to yourvideo.4) They recommend that you do video’s that have your face in it. This helps build relationshipswith your viewers. Don’t be afraid to get your face in there. Don’t worry about what otherpeople say. Your making money and they probably arn’t.5) Be real don’t fake things6) Grab their attention right away. Get in the video be yourself but be your best self. Inspiretrust and authority. Don’t turn into someone that your not. You don’t have to be a salesman. Not everyone is going to like you it ok your looking for people who connect with you.7) They recommend that you use the Google keyword tool for your research. They recommend 2/3
  3. 3. that your using the exact match function in the tool. They closed the session by saying that you have to take action. Get the passion to succeed and you will. P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! Read More... 3/3Powered by TCPDF (