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Live The Dream 3 – Daegon Smith Over Delivers


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Live The Dream 3 – Daegon Smith Over Delivers

  1. 1. Live The Dream 3 – Daegon Smith Over DeliversFrom Hero To Zero And Back AgainI guess it might be considered a little harsh to say that Daegon Smith was ever a zero. Butwhen you hear his story its hard not to relate to the troubles that he has overcome. Daegonwas able to create a great business that allowed him to live the life of his dreams. But like manypeople, he has also experienced a lot of hardship.As he relays it, he was able to create a very successful business online. Then he started livingthe life that he always wanted. He and his famility picked up and moved to Hawaii. They wereable to take vacations. Daegon got to work from home. Life was great, couldn’t be any better.Then over the course of time things slipped through the cracks. Eventually he made it into thecrosshairs of the IRS. He received a tax bill for $700,000, and the IRS doesn’t accept paymentplans. This caused Daegon to really evaluate his business model. And he also had to movefrom Hawaii.But most people would not be able to recover from this major hurdle. Daegon, however, wasable to and that is just what he did. By reinventing himself and his business he is stillconsidered the king of “Never Calling Your Leads”.With a story like his, people resonate with him and that was the point of his presentation at Livethe Dream 3.Your story is so power, you have to tell stories. But no one has ever told you how to it until now.Daegan SmithHow To Tell StoriesEveryone has their own story. Everyone has the ability to impact someone else. 1/3
  2. 2. The reason that story telling is so important is that selling the way its been done traditionallyisn’t where it at. If you use your story in a way that leads to a product, your more likely to get asale.One person’s story might not be the one that affects you, but another person’s might. That iswhy its important to tell your story.If you don’t think you have a good story, then leverage someone else’s story until you cancreate your own.Then you leverage your own. Then you let others leverage yours. That will take your businessto the next level.What if you could use your story to make people feel obliged to pay?Use an approach where you would tell stories but remove all the sales process. By removingselling you will make more by storytelling. This will allow you to sell more at a higher price andcustomers are happier.Sales presentations are forceful.Story telling is exactly the opposite.You cannot push a person to have a new belief. But if you connect with your prospect with yourstory. They will move to action, opposed to you moving to them.The way that you do this in marketing, is that you take a situation in life that is high drama. Thiscould be a foreclosure of your house if you went through that. Or perhaps losing your job. Ormaybe something that a lot of people go through, just barely making enough to pay the bills. People are having those issues everyday.You tell your audience why there is not way over, under or through a wall. Explain how youwere stuck. How you felt trapped by the circumstances of the situation. How no matter howhard you tried you just couldn’t seem to get ahead.And finally you share that something simple happened and that simple thing led to great results.Share how you came upon an opportunity. Or that you learned a new skill that because thatone thing you needed to move forward. Share that something changes within you thatmotivates you to new heights. How that motivation has allowed you to earn, through hard workand perseverance, the lifestyle that you always wanted.My Final ThoughtsI really doesn’t matter what kind of business that you running. Eventually someone is going tocome to you and ask how you did it. And the fact of matter is that most who do really want to 2/3
  3. 3. succeed and are just looking for a little guidance. They don’t want a handout, they want a roadmap. The beginning of the journey will have to start with your story if you want to be able to really help. The story creates trust. The story creates a relationship. The story creates a legend. So don’t underestimate the value of a story. Don’t put off writing your own. Your story is unique and common all at the same time. Writing it so people can see that they aren’t the only ones going through what you went through is the best way to connect. What’s your story? Write it in the comments below. P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!!Who Is Clint Butler? Currently serving in the military and after 20 years I have found that you don’t get rich in the military nor can you get rich working for someone else. So with that being said I have worked, researched, and trained Online Marketing and making money on the internet using search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video marketing. All of this is to generate traffic and leads to my clients websites as well as my own. Live The Dream 3 – Daegon Smith Over Delivers 3/3Powered by TCPDF (