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Cliff sugerman


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Cliff sugerman

Published in: Education
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Cliff sugerman

  1. 1. Cliff Sugerman on vacation to Hawaii After a tiring travel of 48 hrs Cliff Alan„s flight landed in Hawaii. Cass with his family headed towards the resort they reserved for themselves. Four seasons Resort the lana‟I Lodge at Koele, Lalani Hawaii the Resort was sighted in the central Highlands Comprising of plantation style Lodge with orchid house and a stable and old churches on the ground. Journey was although comfortable but extremely tiring so Cliff Alan and family decided to take rest for the first day. After getting fresh and filling their empty stomach Clifford Alan and family landed on their beds and lost in napping dreams. Next day was Saturday. After getting fresh and having some breakfast Clifford Alan with his two sons and wife started to expedite the Hawaii. Cliff also hired a guide along with them so that apart from enjoying his sons would also get some useful information. As they move further the guide explains them about Hawaii. “Hawaii is situated between the pacific ocean. It is the most popular tourist destination because of its abundant natural beauty, Oceanic surroundings, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches and volcanic surroundings .Due to its mid pacific location Hawaii has many North American and Asian influences along with its vibrant native cultural influences .The main Hawaiian Islands are Hawaii, Maui,O‟Ahu,Kaua, moloka,Lana‟I, Ni E hau Kaho olawe island. Hawaii is completely surrounded by ocean and an archipelago. Hawaii „s tallest mountain is , Mauena Ke and is taller than Mount Everest Any time a tourist visit the Hawaii ,got fascinated by the superior natural beauty and culture. Cliff Alan Sugarman stared discovering Hawaii with Oahu Traverse the island , passing through the villages, rainforest and a row of pineapple plantation. Deep blue water from rugged cliffs was giving a panoramic view. Then they reached to the North shore of world famous surf. There they enjoyed surfing. After surfing they headed for the market place to explore the shops and artisan stands. Now they visit to the Honolulu which is the most popular state capital of Hawaii. Honolulu is a treasure trove of Historic landmarks and monuments, flourishing art and culture. Honolulu spreads throughout the southern shores of Oahu .Spreading from pearl harbor to Makpuu encompassing world famous Waikiki Now they first decided to explore the most historic places of Hawaii. First they visit the Iiolani palace of Hawaii Which is the only palace of USA. After overthrowing the monarchy of “king Kalakaua and Queen Lili Uokalani” the building was used as the capitol building of the Provisional Government, Republic, and Territory. The Hawaiian use the language Pau Ka Aina which means the land is calm” Clifford And family t also happen to see Iolani Hawk which is the sign of Hawaiian Royalty They also saw the coronation pavilion for king Kalakaua and Queen Kapi‟ Olani , Iiolani Barracks and 1883 public notice announcing a reception at the Iiolani Palace. Catherine could have seldom thought that a vocational trip could also be so much educational. She was happy for her children, as they were not only enjoying but also getting some practical knowledge