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Cliff sugerman


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Cliff sugerman

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Cliff sugerman

  1. 1. Description : He was a very compassionate and was very courageous. He always remained ready to work for the cause of humanity. His family was spiritually inclined and he had inherited this inclination .This spiritual environment throw a deep impact on his upbringing. From the very beginning he was a man of ethics and values. “In my opinion it is just as important to contribute many little local things than just to do one big thing. So may be you would’t built hospitals and gave huge donation to run a asylum but your little actions are making a difference in someone’s life” After joining a community service center Clifford found that he is not alone anymore the whole world is his home s all are his relatives and the level of satisfaction he derives from volunteering his services have no substitute . Now Clifford Alan was a changed man .He realized that working with a community for social cause is not a n easy job .It requires the same level of commitment as any other kind of job requires and the only compensation you get out of such kind of services Is the satisfaction But the passion and enthusiasm at these volunteering center was so motivating that it keeps on adding a zeal to work more and to contribute more towards the society. In one of his book the Autobiography of a Volunteer he wrote “ Volunteering my services let me realize how an asset I am . It defines my worth to me .Whenever I come across a person for whom I worked and helped change his life give so much of solace to my soul that I cannot explain in words. I am adding smiles to million of people . I am writing this article to let inspire the people to give back something to your society “Volunteering do so much for the community it also does so much for yourself too.We can make much difference in the lives of so many .Even you are not doing too much a little goes a long way. Address : Clifford Sugerman (id217542701) New york Clifford Sugerman Cliff Sugerman. Attends Stanford UniversityLives in Delano, CA P.O. Box 567