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Clifford Loh’s  Portfolio                                                 d (2012)                                        ...
PROLOGUE                                                                                                   Education      ...
01 SELF-DISCOVERY       Self-discovery, expressing myself with the aid of technology           Expressed architecturally a...
02 ANALOGUE                                                                                                           Kamp...
03 FOLDING ARCHITECTURE                                                                                                   ...
04 PARAMETRICSThe Ethological City (gp. proj.)KDA 711 Design Studio 7                     Using free form modelling softwa...
05 DESIGN RESEARCH                                                                                                        ...
06 COMPETITIONSPedestrian Bridge (group project)             Urban Renewal for PenangA competition organised by the City H...
The act of taking apart and reconstructing                                                                                ...
EPILOGUE   Awards and recognitions                                                                       Studio projects  ...
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My portfolio (2012)


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A portfolio/CV highlighting works over the past three years (2009, 2011, 2012)

Published in: Design
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My portfolio (2012)

  1. 1. Clifford Loh’s Portfolio d (2012) ealan ew Z o, N tag n, O rde Ga wn to ns ee Qu Architecture
  2. 2. PROLOGUE Education Intern Assistant Architect Pursuing a multidisciplinary career in University of Tasmania LLA Architects Veritas Design Groupdesigning, construction, consultation and Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), development. Architecture April 2009 - July 2009 (4 months) July 2010 - January 2011 (7 months) 2011 – 2012 Specialities: Interested in realising Worked full-time as part of a 3-month Worked 7 months as a full-time assistant interesting spatial concepts; highly Universiti Putra Malaysia internship for the course. Job architect. Job responsibilities includes enthusiastic; creative and innovative Bachelor of Design (Architecture), responsibilities: from drafting of building conducting simple feasibility studies in problem solving; determine and Architecture plans, surveying construction site, for clients at early stages of the design consistent. 2007 – 2010 providing design concepts to clients and proposal, building design at the design even brainstorming ideas on ways to development stage, conducting site Strong communication/public speaking Chung Ling High School improve the company’s image. inspections with fellow project managers,skills- fluent in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Sciences attending architectural conferences Malaysia and Hokkien. 2000 – 2006 Reference as well as participating in a couple of Ar Laurence Loh architecture competitions. 22, Gerbang Midlands Contact info Independent Coursework: 10250 Penang, Malaysia Building design, master planning, 3D British Council English for School Phone: +6042270076 modelling Clifford Loh Jia Yang 42, Jalan Bintang, Seasoned user of modelling and graphics softwares: Reference Tanjung Bungah, Eric Tham 11200 Penang, Malaysia Rhino, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint Level 5.04, Menara Boustead Penang Phone: +60174666505 39, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah Email: 10050 Penang, Malaysia also: Revit, 3ds Max, Ulead VideoStudio, After Phone: +6042278977 Bendigo Bank, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia (2012) Effects, Cinema 4D General Post Office, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia (2012) with plugins: Podium, VRay, Kerkythea, Artlantis, Grasshopper
  3. 3. 01 SELF-DISCOVERY Self-discovery, expressing myself with the aid of technology Expressed architecturally and digitally, ‘pixels’ made out of LED panels and speakers ‘Cloud-based’ architecture Exposition of the self ARC 3010 Specialised Architectural Design 1 The project’s primary objective is as an initiation to a more individualistic and inspiration-based approach to design, in contrast to more systematic or algorithmic based design processes. The exercise requires response to context and brief on individual selected parameters for more idiosyncratic solutions to the same design brief. Interior materialised out of thin air, with careful placement of ‘pixels’ ‘Pixel cloud’ ‘Pixels’ form part of the elevation ‘screens’ Project size: 150-200sqm, max height 20m Project medium: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint Project duration: 3 weeks (completed 13th August 2009)
  4. 4. 02 ANALOGUE Kampung Boy Gallery ARC 3003 Architectural Design Studio 4 The project is to propose the design of a gallery meant for exhibiting the work of Datuk Lat, who is internationally known for the “The Kampung Boy”, a cartoon novel depicting his experience of growing up in the village. The challenge for this project is to use the ideas from the novel as the main concept for the overall design. Project size: 1900sqm Project medium: ink, pencil, marker Project duration: 6 weeks (completed 9th April 2009) Archaeological gallery ARC 3003 Architectural Design Studio 4 A team of archaeologists will be starting the archaeological process soon and we have been assigned to design an archaeological gallery which will provide temporary shelter and serve as a viewing gallery. Project size: 700sqm Project medium: ink, pencil, marker Project duration: 4 weeks (completed The entire structure is placed carefully above a historical fort The form and skin articulation of the building is inspired by the storyline of “The Kampung Boy” and the 12th February 2009) where archaeological activities are to take place environment
  5. 5. 03 FOLDING ARCHITECTURE Urban Lung Urban Strip ARC 3011 Specialised Architectural Design 2 ARC 3011 Specialised Architectural Design 2 The green building centre is a one-stop The objective is to facilitate the spaces source of “green” information, products, within the Anti-Object (part one of the resources, and expert support to help project) for the function of stripping down members in the building industry and the for the enjoyment and pleasures of water. public to create a healthy, environmentally The task is to add the function of cooling, friendly, energy efficient and sustainable refreshing and reinvigorating to the Anti- building through education and examples. object on site with the element of water in the form of swimming baths. Project size: 5000sqm Project medium: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Project size: 180sqm Illustrator, Photoshop, Podium Project medium: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Project duration: 12 weeks (completed 8th Illustrator, Photoshop, Podium April 2010) Project duration: 3 weeks (completed 21st Urban lung, a series of paper-folding-inspired spaces suspended in midair January 2010) The project was designed to suit a capricious personality before the function was added to rid of preconceived Urban lung, sectional perspective Urban strip, perspectives of the pool Urban strip, section notion of how a public bath should be designed
  6. 6. 04 PARAMETRICSThe Ethological City (gp. proj.)KDA 711 Design Studio 7 Using free form modelling software The final part of the project involves makingProject size: 9000sqm to ‘form find’ a building-sized object an urban and architectural propositionProject medium: Rhino, Grasshopper, through ‘data visualisation’ of urban for the site that responds to selectedSketchUp,AutoCAD,Cinema4D, Illustrator, and architectural parameters. Develop a conceptual, environmental, social andPhotoshop, 3ds Max, VRay, laser cutter, method of working that moves from ‘form cultural parameters. Consider the building,CNC router modelling’ to ‘performance-testing’ to and its relationship with this environmentProject duration: 12 weeks (completed 6th ‘form modification’ to ‘ fabrication until and context as a ‘whole system’ whichJune 2011) the ‘final fabrication’ of the prototype. contributes positively to the environment. Parametric modelling using Rhino + Grasshopper Performance testing using Cinema 4D
  7. 7. 05 DESIGN RESEARCH From Realm to Realm ARC 3010 Specialised Architectural Design 1 This task takes place during the practical training period, whereby we are to record and assess experiences of public spaces and amenities encountered throughout the period. Findings are presented upon the start of the semester. Project size: - Project medium: ink, pencil, marker Project duration: 12 weeks (completed 20th July 2009) Three urban precincts within George Town, Penang were thoroughly observed and researched to provide relevant information in critiquing urban design, which includes street furniture and wayfinding The three districts researched are Campbell Street, Little India and Upper Penang Road Launceston is an old city designed before Design/research and ‘make’ the invention of the automobile, which has shortened commutes and “shrunk” urban project + exegesis landscapes. Since the invention of the automobile, cities are being designed to KDA 722 Design Research Methods be noticed at speeds, while the historical core is slowly being “retrofitted” to do so, Project size: - sometimes at the expense of people-scale Project medium: After Effects, Photoshop as defined by Jan Gehl. Project duration: 15 weeks (completed650m of York St.’s elevation is composed of frame-captured shots from a video recorded while driving at close to 50km/h. The parts in colour are most likely the only detail that is easily read at that speed, 11th October 2011) while the rest in grey are just blurred away
  8. 8. 06 COMPETITIONSPedestrian Bridge (group project) Urban Renewal for PenangA competition organised by the City Hall of Rifle Range (group project)Kuala Lumpur, the objective is to come up The main objective of this competition iswith a pedestrian bridge that encapsulate to get creative ideas and practical solutionwhat makes urban living in the city so in redeveloping an existing housing areaunique. We envision our proposal to suit in Rifle Range, Penang into a vibrant,the heritage zones of the city, and at the sustainable and well-planned residentialsame time tell a story of the millions of and commercial area.people that actually cross path. Project size: overall site area of 19 acresProject size: - Project medium: SketchUp, AutoCAD,Project medium: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3ds Max, VRay, ink,Illustrator, Photoshop, Podium pencil, markerProject duration: 2 weeks (completed Project duration: 12 weeks (completedSeptember 2009) 15th September 2010)
  9. 9. The act of taking apart and reconstructing the senses in public is, in itself, performative.07 PROFESSIONAL PROJECT The product of the deconstruction is part of the display, which interrogates the The project seeks to open up the idea of composition of performing arts, leading to performance to “performative space” to new interpretation of the work. foster an appreciation of the arts amongst the locals in the context of globalisation of the performing arts and new media arts. Traditional street performances, the kotai (Chinese mobile stage) and wayang kulit (Malay shadow play) both inspire the project’s conceptualisation. Through architecture in this project, theTheGeorgeTown Performing urban public spectator is physically andArts & Media Centre The building as an instrument for the sensorially intertwined with audiences and deconstruction of performing arts through the institutional spaces of performing artsKDA 753 Professional Project 1 the senses, which are then reconstructed (institutional) spaces, leading to new formsKDA 754 Professional Project 2 and projected back into the urban stage, of interactivity. Street performances bring together whereby stages occupy the streets andProject size: 6750sqm the senses into a holistic art form. The building facades act as backdrops andProject medium: SketchUp, AutoCAD, importance in the absence of any senses screens. This opens up the possibilitiesRhino, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign heightens the perceived awareness of for the public to interrogate theProject duration: 7 months (completed the others, making tangible what is composition of the art forms, creating new proscenium configuration concert hall configuration playhouse + amphitheatre29th October 2012) intangible. interpretations.
  10. 10. EPILOGUE Awards and recognitions Studio projects Subjects Third Year First Semester (2009/10-1) Penang Rifle Range Competition, 4th place Architectural Design Studio 1: First Year First Semester (2007/08-1) 1.ARC 3010 Specialised Architectural Design 1DBKL Pedestrian Bridge Design (Heritage Zone), 1.2d Exploration 1.ARC 3000 Architectural Design Studio 1 2.ARC 3402 Structure 3 category winner, 2009 2.3d Exploration 2.ARC 3100 Graphics 1 3.ARC 3510 Building Services 3 Venice Biennale exhibition, shortlisted, 2009 3.Exploration Of Light, Sound And Movement 3.ARC 3111Technical Drawing 4.ARC 3801 Practical Training Architectural Design Excellence Award, 2008 4.ARC 3210 History Of Southeast Asian Architecture 5.ARC 4120 Cad Application Academic Excellence (GPA 4.0), 2009 Architectural Design Studio 2 5.ARC 3400 Structure 1 6.ARC 4611 Socio-Cultural Environment 2 Academic Excellence, 2010 1.Floating Object (Exploration) 6.ARC 3800 Architectural Practice 7.ARC 4700 Theory Of Town And Regional Planning 2.Sitting Area (Reading Corner) 7.SKP 2010 Malaysia Nationhood 3.Fisherman’s Wharf Third Year Second Semester (2009/10-2) First Year Second Semester (2007/08-2) Websites Architectural Design Studio 3 1.ARC 3001 Architectural Design Studio 2 1.ARC 3011 Specialised Architectural Design 2 2.ARC 3302 Material And Construction Technology 1.Mini Eco-Resort (Habitable Sculpture) 2.ARC 3101 Graphics 2 3.ARC 3511 Building Services 4 2.Mini Eco-Resort (Residential Unit Prototype) 3.ARC 3110 Architectural Communications 4.ARC 4612 Environmental Behaviour Study LinkedIn: 3.Mini Eco-Resort (Main Facilities) 4.ARC 3200 History And Theory Of Architecture 1 Flickr: 5.ARC 4710 Project Management 5.ARC 3300 Material And Construction Technology 1 Instagram: Khoo Kongsi, Penang, Malaysia (2010) In studio, School of Architecture CUHK, Hong Kong (2010) Architectural Design Studio 4 6.ARC 3600 Environmental Physics 1 Forth Year First Semester (2011-1) Pinterest: 1.Archaeological Gallery 7.SKP 2204 Ethnic Relationship 1.KDA 711 Design Studio 7 2.Kampung Boy Gallery 2.KDA 712 Professional Studies Second Year First Semester (2008/09-1) 3.KDA 713 Building Technology & Design 7 Specialised Architectural Design 1 1.ARC 3002 Architectural Design Studio 3 1.From Realm To Realm 2.ARC 3120 Computer Graphic Forth Year Second Semester (2011-2) 2.Exposition Of The Self 3.ARC 3201 History And Theory Of Architecture 2 1.KDA 721 Design Studio 8 3.Amphibious [Boatel] 4.ARC 3310 Site Development 2.KDA 722 Design Research Methods 5.ARC 3401 Structure 2 3.KDA 723 Building Technology in Design 8 Specialised Architectural Design 2 6.ARC 3500 Building Services 1 1.Urban Strip 7.ARC 3601 Environmental Physics 2 Fifth Year First Semester (2012-1) 2.Inhabiting The Urban Lung 8.SKP 2203 Islamic Civilisation And Asian Civilisation 1.KDA 751 Design Studio 9 2.KDA 752 Advanced Design Research Design Studio 7 Second Year Second Semester (2008/09-2) 3.KDA 753 Professional Project 1 1.The Ethological City 1.ARC 3003 Architectural Design Studio 4 2.ARC 3220 History Of Islamic Architecture Fifth Year Second Semester (2012-2) Design Studio 8 3.ARC 3301 Material & Construction Technology 2 1.KDA 754 Professional Project 2 1.Informal Urbanism 4.ARC 3501 Building Services 2 5.ARC 4113 Construction Drawing Millennium Plaza, Penang, Malaysia (2010) Professional Project 6.ARC 4610 Socio-Cultural Environment 1 Royal Botanical Gardens, Hobart, Australia (2011) 1.George Town Performing Arts and Media Centre 7.PRT 2008 Agriculture And Man
  11. 11. All rights reserved 2013