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Energy Data and Benchmarking


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Energy Data and Benchmarking

  1. 1. Energy Data and BenchmarkingChris ThompsonMarket Manager, Customer Solutions October 25, 2012
  2. 2. PSE Service TerritoryWashington’s largest and oldest energy utility, serving more than 1 million electriccustomers and 750,000 natural gas customers.
  3. 3. Benchmarking Laws§  State of Washington Law §  Passed in 2009, implementation in 2010 §  10k sf buildings §  Disclosure requirement§  City of Seattle Law §  Passed in 2009, implementation in 2011 §  20k sf buildings (includes multifamily) §  Disclosure AND reporting requirement §  Outreach to affected buildings (10,000) §  Penalties §  Similar to New York City 3
  4. 4. PSE’s Benchmarking System§  Built in 2009 §  Not much known about demand §  WUTC not involved §  Built to comply with specific benchmarking laws §  Stakeholders not involved §  9 months to build, built by IT & consultants§  Interface is contained within Portfolio Manager§  Customer receives: §  One-time 24 month upload §  Aggregate consumption data §  No cost data 4
  5. 5. Using PSE’s Benchmarking System§  First setup buildings in Portfolio Manager§  Need all meter numbers and last 4 account #s§  Signed form IF §  Four or less tenants with PSE accounts §  Five + tenants = no forms§  Minimum 1-2 day turnaround§  0.5 FTE assigned, assists customers with account setup and use of system 5
  6. 6. Webpage with Information & Guides 6
  7. 7. Results§  Demand – YES! §  Over 2,000 participants since inception §  Has exposed the demand for consumption data from customers§  Satisfaction – NO! §  A lot of data collection for the customer §  Want a subscription service §  Want cost data (and get it elsewhere) §  Want individual meter data §  Want it to be automated §  Don’t want to fill out any forms §  Customers want a simple, easy, one-time process with PSE’s help! 7
  8. 8. PSE Benchmarking 2.0§  Retooling our energy data strategy and offerings§  Targeting the new Portfolio Manager launch in 2013§  Goals: §  Develop tools that meet customer needs §  Protect customer privacy §  Update laws and policies to reflect modern business practices §  Be in compliance §  Look beyond benchmarking §  Link up with our energy efficiency programs 8
  9. 9. Challenges§  We don’t know what a building is§  We’re getting requests from people who aren’t necessarily our customers§  Laws may be out-of-date or conflicting 9