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Benchmarking, Data, and Utilities


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Benchmarking, Data, and Utilities

  1. 1. Benchmarking, Dataand Utilities Cliff Majersik Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) EEB Hub Regional Data Management Working Group October 25, 2012
  2. 2. • Free, Online ToolENERGY STAR • Track Record since 1999Portfolio Manager • Management Tool – Assess whole building energy and water consumption – Track change in energy, water, carbon emissions, & cost over time – Apply for ENERGY STAR certification – Apples-to-apples comparison with similar
  3. 3. Through 2011, nearly16,500 ENERGY STARCertified buildings
  4. 4. • MetricsENERGY STAR – Energy consumption (source, site, weather normalized)Portfolio Manager – Water consumption – Greenhouse gas emissions – ENERGY STAR 1-to-100 score • For 15 building types • 75+ for Energy Star label • Required data – Square feet by space type – Space Use Attributes – Zip Code – 12 months of Utility Data
  5. 5. IndustryStandard27 billion sq. ft.of commercial &institutional office spaceNearly 40%of commercial market
  6. 6. Benchmarking Guides Investment Survey of hundreds of facility managers . Audin, Lindsay. “Finding Your Best Energy Opportunity.” Building Operating Management. December 2011.
  7. 7. Of those who benchmarked: • 62% took energyReport for the management actionsCalifornia PublicUtility Commission: • 84% planned or implemented energyUtility-led efficiency improvementsbenchmarkingprograms yielding • 81% link improvements tosubstantial energy utility efficiency programssavingsApril 2012 • 82% said utility training had been sufficient to benchmark buildings on their own
  8. 8. • BOMA, RER, IMT, USGBC form DATA Alliance to work with utilities and regulators to secure better access to utility data• July 2011: NARUC approves resolution calling on regulators to provide better data access to commercial owners• USGBC Existing Authorities memo identifies data access as key EE barrier and calls for increased federal involvement• Collaboration with administration on expanding Green Button initiative to include commercial data access
  9. 9. U.S. Policy Landscape
  10. 10. BUILDING AREA (IN SQUARE FEET) COVERED ANNUALLY Seattle San Francisco 281 million SF 205 million SF Washington State 247 million SF Philadelphia 244.5 million SF Austin 113 million SF California 347 million SF Washington, DC NYC 420 million SF 2.5 billion SFNUMBER OF BUILDINGS COVERED ANNUALLY San Francisco Philadelphia 2,700 bldgs 1,400 bldgs Seattle 9,000 bldgs NYC 12,000 bldgs Washington State Washington, DC 4,600 bldgs 1,900 bldgs Austin 2,800 bldgs California 13,600 bldgs
  11. 11. U.S. Policy Overview 11
  12. 12. Cliff MajersikExecutive DirectorInstitute for Market Transformationcliff@imt.orgTwitter: