Public Sector Social Media Survival Guide


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Public Sector Social Media Survival Guide

  1. 1. So c i a l M e d i a Su rv i val for u . S. P u bl i c Se c to r P ro fe SSional S
  2. 2. MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector
  3. 3. MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector BOOKFACED, BLOGROLLED, AND TWITTERPATED there’s a conversation taking shape in the u.S. Public Sector. it’s about social media, it’s within social media, and like all things social, it’s happening now. How do you join? the rules are simple. there are no rules. but strategy means survival, so we’re offering guidelines on how to think like a native to any network—and tips GOOD TO KNOW on how to build your own. YOu shAPE YOuR sTRATEGY COMMON PITFALL NEvER GETTING sTARTED DO OR DIE NO GuTs. NO GLORY. 0
  4. 4. 1 GOOD TO KNOW FOLLOW BEFORE YOu LEAD COMMON PITFALL INCOMPLETE PROFILEs DO OR DIE GO TO YOuR AuDIENCE NO ONE Is BORN AN ALPhA as the name suggests, social media requires social skills. but minding your manners isn’t just about p’s and q’s. the biggest faux pas is trying to broadcast a message before you’re part of the conversation. better to warm up with a few edits on wikis that you use. comment on threads MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector in full swing. test the waters. that way, you know what works, who influences who, and how others are approaching your topic. TIP FOR GOvERNMENT PROs: GOvLOOP STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 AROO Join Microsoft Sign up at Go to Productivity for Groups Government
  5. 5. TIP FOR EvERYONE: sTRATEGY sTARTERs MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 GOAL GOAL Set a goal Select a channel determine metrics sTATus TWEETs ARE ThE NEW sPAM Facebook friends, they want your status. followers on Twitter? they’re hungry for news and opinions. each channel puts its own spin on social, and knowing something about it helps you strategize. the best way to learn is to listen. then ask yourself, what are your goals? brand awareness is different from engagement. Boosting traffic is not like targeting a specific organization. if you have photos, videos, and events, you’ll want a robust profile. Announcements only? 140-character bursts may GOOD TO KNOW be all that’s required. NO TWO NETWORKs ARE ALIKE COMMON PITFALL JOINING TOO MANY NETWORKs AT ONCE DO OR DIE KNOW YOuR AuDIENCE 2
  6. 6. TIP FOR EDuCATION PROs: EDuCAusE STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 contribute MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector Go to to Discussion Join at Community Groups YOu REAP WhAT YOu sAY Post frequently. Stay timely. be credible. Your blog is only as interesting as your latest post. And you should fact-check as often as you spell-check. But there’s no formula. The perfect combination of length, content, and tone will vary from channel to channel and sector to sector. need a hand? there’s also no rule against teaming up with colleagues. free applications like Co-Tweet help you do just that. GOOD TO KNOW RE-TWEETING Is NICE AND EAsY COMMON PITFALL BROKEN LINKs DO OR DIE NDA’s sTILL APPLY 3
  7. 7. 4 GOOD TO KNOW YOuR AuDIENCE Is INuNDATED COMMON PITFALL ADDING TO ThE NOIsE DO OR DIE sPAM AND GET BANNED KNOW WhEN NOT TO sELL the u.S. Government is using social media to enhance MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector transparency. in healthcare, online support groups are growing. Educators are finding new ways to engage. The conversation might live in a world of banner ads and sponsored blogs, but social media has never been about the dotted line. it’s about people connecting, sharing, providing value and earning trust. learn what your audience really cares about. TIP FOR EvERYONE: POLL FOR ThEIR REAL NEEDs 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 OPTION
  8. 8. 5 GOOD TO KNOW GET BEYOND MICROsOFT COMMON PITFALL OvER-hYPING YOuR PRODuCT DO OR DIE TAKE AN INTEREsT IN OThERs IT’s NOT ALL ABOuT YOu in fact, it’s not about you at all. on any social network, you matter most as a bridge—from one idea or news story to the next, from person to person, and from problem to solution. the more you connect people with content they MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector value, the more they’ll use you as a resource. and sometimes, the solution they come looking for is you. TIP FOR hEALThCARE PROs: DAILYsTRENGTh STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 visit See how Join in Web 2.0 helps people and support
  9. 9. TIP FOR EvERYONE: PhONE-FRIENDLY BLOGGING MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 OPTION use Windows install a Live™ Spaces WordPress plugin Start an RSS feed ThERE’s ALWAYs AN ALTERNATIvE One day your customers are flocking to Twitter. Next thing, they’re behind a firewall. Your job is to stay flexible and test alternatives, like optimizing content for mobile. and you’re not alone. Microsoft is actively innovating for the u.S. Public Sector with platforms like the Gov 2.0 Kit for SharePoint® 2010 and TownHall built on Windows® azure™. Many of your customers are new to social media. they’ll try new things, and you can be the shining example. GOOD TO KNOW ExPECT A FEW sETBACKs COMMON PITFALL TOO MuCh sTRuCTuRE DO OR DIE ADAPT TO NEW REGuLATIONs 6
  10. 10. TIP FOR EvERYONE: FREE DAshBOARDs 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 OPTION MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector TOOLs ExIsT FOR A REAsON Social media is human. and humans need tools. as soon as you branch out from a single channel, you’re trying to do too much if you’re doing it without an aggregator. to connect your inbox with social networks, there’s nothing simpler than Social Connector for Outlook 2010. Or to integrate across networks, try one of the many free dashboards for web, phone, and desktop. GOOD TO KNOW shRINK LINKs WITh BIT.LY COMMON PITFALL sETTLING FOR COMPLExITY DO OR DIE PRIORITIzE YOuR FEEDs 7
  11. 11. 8 GOOD TO KNOW YOu CAN MEAsuRE WORD OF MOuTh COMMON PITFALL AssEssING ROI ONLY DO OR DIE sET A BENChMARK FIRsT YOu CAN’T BEAT GOOD Buzz the easiest way to measure success is on your own page. first MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector establish your baseline. then gauge growth relative to your goals. How many people visit? do they pick up your rSS feed? leave comments? analytics tools like Alexa let you measure your own properties, but word of mouth can travel far. there was a time when you just had to trust it. now you can track it with applications like LookingGlass from Microsoft® advertising. TIP FOR EvERYONE: TRACK WORD-OF-MOuTh 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 OPTION
  12. 12. 9 GOOD TO KNOW AuDIENCE FEEDBACK Is CRITICAL COMMON PITFALL IGNORING ThE NEGATIvE DO OR DIE GET COMFY WITh CRITICIsM NEvER shOOT ThE MEssENGER Grace under fire can earn you more followers than one bad comment will ever lose. it might feel like the whole world is watching, but remember social media is about dialogue. So embrace criticism. Share it within your organization. respond MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector publicly and you’ll ensure the re-tweets are in your favor. TIP FOR EvERYONE: CROWDsOuRCE A REsOLuTION STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 choose Post the read every a forum problem response
  13. 13. TIP FOR EvERYONE: shARE BuTTONs MicroSoft u.S. Public Sector 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 OPTION toolbar toolbar re-tweet buttons GROW YOuR COMMuNITY ORGANICALLY Social media should be a natural extension of your traditional marketing and communications campaigns. You can solicit testimonials through surveys. Drive traffic from a YouTube channel to your blog. or it could be as simple as installing share buttons on your static Web content. Your readers can pass on your insights. You can attract more readers. GOOD TO KNOW sOCIAL Is ONE PIECE OF ThE PuzzLE COMMON PITFALL DEAD-END CONvERsATIONs DO OR DIE CONNECT YOuR CAMPAIGNs 10