Leveraging technology to sell property online - fast, simple, fair


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Click to Purchase represents an excellent opportunity for estate agents to sell property online in a fast, flexible and easy to use environment. View this presentation to find out more about how Click to Purchase can help your business.

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Leveraging technology to sell property online - fast, simple, fair

  1. 1. Presentation to Agents
  2. 2. Imagine telling your clients that you can sell their property faster than ever before…you can
  3. 3. Imagine telling your buyers that they no longer have to worry about gazumping…you can
  4. 4. What is clicktopurchase®? clicktopurchase® is a unique and proven platform enabling properties to be bought and sold online by private treaty clicktopurchase® is also the only true online real time auction which emulates a traditional ballroom auction but over a web interface.
  5. 5. What is clicktopurchase®?
  6. 6. With clicktopurchase®… You will be seen by clients to be at the leading edge of the property industry You will be able to offer your clients a unique and proven transaction platform which will help to grow your business By offering your clients’ use of clicktopurchase®, you will have a powerful tool to hugely assist selling your clients’ property The ease of using clicktopurchase® will attract applicants and enable you to sell to local and international buyers
  7. 7. clicktopurchase® is not a marketing service which will compete with your marketing. It is a transactional platform to enhance and assist your marketing.
  8. 8. What is so good about clicktopurchase®? You can provide your clients with a proven significantly faster transaction process The ability to sell to buyers both near and far, at the click of a button Total transparency in the sale process which instils confidence in the process and you as the appointed agent Attract buyers to a process where gazumping is not possible
  9. 9. Why is clicktopurchase® more flexible? It offers you the agent the flexibility to auction a property online at any time you choose It offers the facility to choose at any point in the marketing process between : - exchanging in the traditional fashion, - or, online by clicktopurchase® Private Treaty, - or, online by clicktopurchase® Best Offers, - or, online by clicktopurchase® Real Time Auction
  10. 10. You can see why clicktopurchase® will enable you to offer clients a significantly enhanced service to help grow your business and win new instructions
  11. 11. What is so good about clicktopurchase® auctions? You can call an auction at any time to suit you and your client, reacting to the market response to a client’s property You can call your own agency’s auctions any time you chose, offering single or multiple lots Bidders can participate from anywhere in the world, The bidder’s identity is known before an auction, providing certainty of performance The auction process uniquely emulates the traditional auction room
  12. 12. The unique features of clicktopurchase® provide confidence, ease and transparency, thereby encouraging bidders to participate, with far greater control than the traditional auction So you can offer your clients your own auctions overnight by joining clicktopurchaseproperty
  13. 13. How it works - part 1 A link from your website takes a buyer to clicktopurchaseproperty.com, to an area dedicated to the property in question Here the buyer is able to view a full legal package online Should the buyer wish to progress, once simple identity and financial checks are satisfied, a buyer may submit a clicktopurchase® offer.
  14. 14. How it works - part 2 Should the offer be accepted, an immediate exchange of a property contract occurs Similarly, if an auction sale, an immediate exchange of a property contract occurs should the reserve be reached during the bidding process Simplicity, certainty, the end of gazumping
  15. 15. The buyer identifies the property they wish to purchase
  16. 16. In order to make an offer they first need to be verified…
  17. 17. Once verified they can be cleared to make an offer…
  18. 18. …which is a simple four stage process
  19. 19. At every stage there are ample opportunities to check the details of the offer
  20. 20. Once the offer has been submitted, the buyer then awaits notification as to the status of their offer
  21. 21. The my account page shows details of the transaction and notifies the buyer if their offer has been accepted
  22. 22. Conditionality feature of clicktopurchase® clicktopurchase® is designed to turn on or off a feature which provides a buyer with the option to submit unconditional offers to treat, or offers conditional upon finance or satisfactory survey. You and your client choose whether you wish to offer clicktopurchase® buyers the ability to make a conditional offer for the property in question. Remember, you don’t have to accept the offer. It is not automated. It is the seller’s choice.
  23. 23. Conditionality feature of clicktopurchase® (cont.) If a buyer exchanges by clicktopurchase® conditional upon finance and is unable to complete, the buyer is charged 0.5% of the contract price. If a buyer exchanges by clicktopurchase® conditional upon survey, and a material fault is revealed by survey, the buyer may rescind the contract. For a sale by clicktopurchase® auction, offers can only be submitted unconditionally.
  24. 24. Completion feature of clicktopurchase® clicktopurchase® offers a feature which provides a buyer with the option to submit an offer with a completion date which may vary from the vendor’s preferred completion date. If the feature is made available, a bidder can submit a clicktopurchase® offer with a proposed completion date which may or may not be acceptable to the seller. If the feature is not made available, any bid submitted will be in accordance with the completion date or period required by the seller. For a sale by auction, the completion date or period will be in accordance with the seller’s requirements.
  25. 25. Alternatively if you wish you can call a clicktopurchase® auction at any point
  26. 26. There can be any number of lots in an auction
  27. 27. Bids are made in real time with a live online auctioneer coxing bids in exactly the same way as in a traditional ballroom auction
  28. 28. The clicktopurchase® process - what you need to do To list a property by clicktopurchase®, a Set Up form needs to be completed. The Set Up form provides CTPP with the necessary information to be added to the CTPP system, such as solicitor’s details, asking price, agent dealing, method of sale, etc We will require your property description in Word form, photographs and floor plans if you chose. Once the legal data room has been supplied, we will require confirmation as to its contents from the seller’s solicitor.
  29. 29. The clicktopurchase® process - what you need to do (cont.) If a party wishes to bid for a property, we will require clearance to move their status to “clear to purchase” Should a clicktopurchase® offer be submitted, we will require you to forward written instructions to exchange contracts online on behalf of the seller as advised by the seller’s solicitor. Ahead of an auction, we will require you to forward written instructions as confirmation of the auction reserve.
  30. 30. A proven platform Online property sales with values of over £5 million have been concluded through clicktopurchase®
  31. 31. Now you can see why clicktopurchaseproperty will enable you to offer clients a significantly enhanced service to help grow your business and win new instructions
  32. 32. Can you afford to ignore clicktopurchaseproperty?
  33. 33. Thank you If you’d like to learn more about clicktopurchase® please contact us: telephone: +44 20 7563 1860 email: info@clicktopurchase.com Or visit: www.clicktopurchase.com