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Presentation vadim rogovskiy

  1. 1. Monetization of gaming applications and mobile web-sites, how not to drown oneself in the ocean of opportunities? Vadim Rogovskiy
  2. 2. Vadim Rogovskiy • CEO and Founder of Clickky ( • Founder of AdCenter ( • Managing Partner of WannaBiz (
  3. 3. Monetization of gaming applications • • • Monetization methods Basic types of work with traffic Main advertising tools
  4. 4. 3 main tools for game app monetizing IAP (In-app-purchases) – ingame purchases . What can be bought: content, additional functions, a subscription to an application. Commercial distribution – selling access to game for fixed value or trial offer for free with possibility to buy extended version of the game for money (Paid, Freemium) . Advertising – retrieving money from advertising networks for placement of advertisements.
  5. 5. Basic types of work with traffic Traffic selling: CPC/CPM/CPI Working with Cross-promo networks Cross-promo – exchange users with other applications with similar subject. Pros:  Promotion for free  win-win for both sides  Simple installing Main players: Chartboost, AppFlood, MauDau
  6. 6. Main advertising tools  Banners  Interstitials  Video  Offer wall  App wall  Push notifications  Native advertising
  7. 7. Banners Most commonly used monetization method Pros iOS & Android iPhone, iPod and Android (smarthphone) 42x42 300х250 Many ways for pay – CPC, CPM, CPI Plenty of choices of advertising networks You can predict the profit Many targeting opportunities 320x480 Cons Tablet computers: 486х60 728х90 120х 600 1024х90 Low eCPM Peer's promotion Bad users reaction Low CTR (0.23% - 0.86%) Main players: Adfonic, Clickky, Leadbolt, Appflood, mMedia
  8. 8. Interstitials Interstitials – fullscreen banners, which appears before page in or a new level in game. 2 types of Interstitials : • • Full screen banner Full screen video 2 ways to using Interstitials : • • With targeting Without marketing Pros: High CPM High CTR (2% - 6%) Possibility to reward users More space for content Main players: Admob, inMobi , Clickky
  9. 9. Offer wall Offerwall – it's a page inside an application which offers to do an act for getting any kind of bonuses or additional content. Possibile actions  Fill a form  Watching the video  Subscribing to new service Most commonly used models : CPA, CPS, CPL, CPM Cons  Content quality is a key factor  Peer promotion  Possibilty to overload the application Main players Clickky, Sponsorpay, Tapjoy, SuperSonicAds, Mob Partner
  10. 10. App Wall App Wall - new format of advertising. Ads displaying as a list of applications Pros: • • • • • Full screen advertising High CTR (7% - 8%) and level of engagement HighCPM Doesn’t looks like traditional advertisement Possibility to promote your own application Main players LeadBolt, Airpush, Chartboost, Clickky
  11. 11. Video Most dynamically progressive type of advertising. 3 types of video advertising : • • • Pre-Roll: it starts before application launches Mid-Roll: It starts in application Post-Roll: it starts after application closed Pros: • • • High level of engagement High eCPM High CTR (3% - 14%) Недостатки: • Users's Irritancy Main players AdColony, Mopub, SuperSonic Ads, Millenial Media, Smaato, Mobfox, Clickky
  12. 12. Push notifications Pros    High eCPM High CTR Monetization of inactive users Cons  Difficult to integrate it Main players Airpush, LeadBolt, MixPanel, Urban Airship, PushWoosh
  13. 13. Native advertising Pros • • • Putting advertisement into content. Increasing of the lifecycle No aggressive formats Formats • Branding content • Advertisement posts Main players Sharethrough, Adsnative, Nativo, Adyoulike
  14. 14. Mobile web-site monetization • • • Advertising with payment for CPM/CPC Advertising with payment for CPI Monetization of content
  15. 15. Advertising with payment for CPC/CPM Pros • Wide target audience • Targeting (by device and OS) • Big choice of ad networks • Big choice of formats Main players AdTwirl, Wapstart, MobiAds
  16. 16. Advertising with payment for CPI Pros • Usually better eCPM • Higher fill rate • More available campaings Main players Clickky, MobPartner, Applift
  17. 17. Content monetization How it works? Pros • Simple integration • Works with mobile sites and with a web-sites. • High payment (from $1 per install) Clickky
  18. 18. Thanks for your attention 
  19. 19. Any questions?