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Restaurant marketing with multi channel marketing software


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A simple flow infographic showing how restaurants can use multi-channel marketing software to build awareness, build a database, build repeat custom and build that all important brand salience.

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Restaurant marketing with multi channel marketing software

  1. 1. 1 8 8 31 Restaurant Marketing with Multi-Channel Marketing Software DIRECT MAIL Joe from Joe’s Pizza Restaurant does a flyer drop to a whole postcode promoting his restaurant and a fantastic offer available by SMS. SMS Mark reads the flyer and responds to the offer via SMS and gets an SMS back with a 50% off first meal offer. NOM NOM Mark visits Joe’s Pizza Restaurant with a friend and 50% off nom, nom, nom ensues. EMAIL Mark is then put on Joe’s monthly eNewsletter ‘PizzaLetter’ which always contains lots of fun, food and exclusive offers. SMS Mark receives an SMS after his visit asking him to rate the experience and as an added incentive he’ll receive by email an offer on his first take-away. NOM NOM Mark orders his first take-away pizza, and 2-for-1 nom, nom, nom ensues. DIRECT MAIL Mark then, in time, receives a copy of Joe’s new menu in the post. And his marketing journey with Joe continues….. EMAIL Mark then receives an email with a 2-for-1 offer on his first take-away order. /Click.Send.SMS /ClickSendSMS /company/clicksend/ created by software should allow you to do all this and more without the huge cost. Get multi-channel, get automated, get scheduled. All channels can be scheduled so this whole campaign can be pre-scheduled. Automations can be put in place so engagements (or lack of) on emails and SMSs can trigger further actions. e.g. Response to an SMS triggers an email. Good multi-channel marketing