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History of Fax Part 2


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We continue our look at the interesting and somewhat surprising history of the fax machine and the road that led to today’s digital fax service and fax online…

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History of Fax Part 2

  1. 1. A Short History of FAX Alexander Muirhead successfully developed a fax machine in 1947 that used a rotating drum scanner – a precursor to the fax machines most people were familiar with in the following decades. The modern fax machine of the 1980s and 1990s used photosensors and thermal paper, replacing the rotating drums and cylinders of decades prior. Internet fax is the evolution of fax that we see today. Through this, and the ability to send fax online with fax to email and email to fax capabilities, fax has never been more efficient. Today it doesn’t even require paper and ink. And that’s where we are today. Billions of faxes are still sent each year worldwide. So fax is definitely not dead, just different! Over the course of the 1900s newspapers became the biggest users and innovators of the fax. It was even predicted that people would pay to receive their daily newspaper by radio fax in-home. What a seriously cool idea for the time! 1900s “Bollocks! Rain again” “Cool story” FAX SENT In 1935, Western Union introduced facsimile telegraphy for companies to easily send signatures, drawings, and other material over long distances almost instantly. 1924 was the first time fax became wireless. RCA (Radio Corporation of America) was the first business to use radio facsimile. Radio fax was also used to quickly send weather charts to ships.