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This slideshow is from a presentation titled "Get your website on the first page of Google" at Swinburne University.
The audience were website designers and business owners from the Melbourne Joomla Users Group. It covers keyword research, website optimisation, link building strategies, and many other first page of Google SEO tips.

If you would like to book a presentation for your Melbourne business group or organisation get in touch with ClickWebDesign.

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The first page of Google

  1. 1. Get your website on the first pageof GooglePresented by:Chris FinneganOnline business expertClickWebDesign1800 602 @clickwebdesign
  2. 2. Why make best friends with Google?1. Australians spent $13.3 Billion online in the last 12months2. The Australian online market is growing at 15%, morethan twice Chinas economic growth.3. 91% of people have visited a store as a result of anonline experience4. 93.1% of onlinesearches use Google.
  3. 3. Dissecting the First page Of GoogleOrganic ranking vs Adwords Sponsored links● Youtube Videos● Google+ local● Google+ Authorship● Shopping● Images● News
  4. 4. Matt needs CommitmentA first page of Google listing is hard work...How much time and budget canyou allocate?● SEO is a long term commitment● Results are not instantaneous● Results are long termWhat should you do yourself and what to outsource?
  5. 5. SEO Campaign ResearchWho is your target market?What do you rank for now?● Google webmaster tools● Google analyticsWhat are the best keywords for you?● Search volume vs competition● More targeted kws = easier to rank and higher conversion● Review modifiers○ Local "Paving Melbourne"○ Niche "Driveway Paving"○ General "Quality Paving"What is SEO worth?What is a customer worth?
  6. 6. Analyse CompetitorsThere are 10 examples of a first page of googlewebsite for all of your keywordsSearch using your keyword● Compare PR (Page Rank) and linkcount with SEOQuake● How well optimised are they?● Who is linking to them?
  7. 7. Website Optimisation ChecklistDot your "is" cross your "ts".● Title tags● Meta Description● Internal linking● SEF urls● Image alt tags & filenames● Site speed● Website hosting● SEO ComponentsUse a website optimisation checklist to besure nothing important is missed.
  8. 8. Gather your contentWhat existing content do you have?● flyers/brochures, print advertisements● business logo, blog posts, video, FAQsCreate a document of common information● An SEO data form is used to keep information consistent, but moreimportantly easy to use and share with others working on your businessSEO.● Business name, url, opening hours, author name, author bio, social mediaaccounts, short & long description, keywords...What content should you create?● Start by using your existing content. If possible use it to help create newcontent - ie blog posts become an eBook.
  9. 9. Link building Strategies1. Dont do it alone!2. Your #1 keywords are relevancy and diversity.3. Beware of the Penguin● Guest Posting (see future of SEO)● Video Submission (● Document sharing (● Relevant directories● Social Media (Secondary link building)● Blog commenting (add value!)● Testimonial backlinks● Distributer/supplier backlinks● Showcase websites (logo galleries, Joomla showcase)And 100s more....
  10. 10. Local SearchLocation is having an increasing impact on search results.● Build links with your geographic location in the anchor text● Links from other local business websites can be valuable for local SEO● Use directory listings to emphasise your location, make sure all details areconsistent● Include full address information and● a local phone number on all pages● of your website● Get a link from your local council● business directory● Join local business groups and get listed
  11. 11. Googles Product incentivesGoogle owns search. Use google products to boost resultsYoutube● Youtube regularly appears Googles search results.● 11 million Australian visitors per month● Relevant keyword backlinksGoogle plus● Those in your Google Plus network are more likely to be presented withresults from your website● Google Plus shares are a "quality indicator" for your content.● Google authorship increases clicks with a profile pic and more info insearch results
  12. 12. Review & RepeatMeasuring successRanking tools● Noble Samurai (● MySEOtool (● Link-assistant ( Analytics● Website traffic growth● Website visitor quality● Bounce rate● conversionsRevise Keywords and Strategy before repeating the SEO process
  13. 13. The Future of SEOMatt Cutts new video indicates advertorials and link networks are on theGoogles radar
  14. 14. Resources & ReferencesWhy make best friends with Google? Optimisation2013 Website Optimisation Checklist: Is Your Website Google Friendly?Link building Strategies27 tweetable SEO tips you may have missedLink Building Strategies – The Complete List
  15. 15. Get your website on the first pageof GooglePresented by:Chris FinneganOnline business expertClickWebDesign1800 602 @clickwebdesign