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Right Exposure


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Taking Care of the Rights of the People we Photograph

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Right Exposure

  1. 1. Right ExposureTaking Care of the Rights of the People we Photograph
  2. 2. Click Rights is an initiative by CRY - a campaign to advocate for every child’s right to quality education through photographyClick Rights is aimed to raise awareness on issues related to the lack of quality infrastructure in government/municipal schools.
  3. 3. Photographers have to click picturesshowing the current scenario ofdilapidated government schools andcolleges.For instance broken benches, conkedelectricity and so on…
  4. 4. EthicsFive general ethical principles:Autonomy - In what way can I show respect for a persons right to decline orconsent to photography? How do I handle informed consent?Non-Maleficence (Do No Harm) - Am I creating and using photos in a mannerthat will do no harm to persons appearing in photos?Beneficence (Do Good) - What is my intention or purpose for taking this photo?How can I use a photo to promote a good cause while ensuring that I do no harmto individuals in photos?Fidelity - Am I using photos in a context that fairly represents the real situation,subject identity, or physical location of the image? What steps am I taking toproperly credit the photographer?Justice - Am I photographing people and communities with the same respect Iwould show to neighbors and strangers in my home country?
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