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The ROI of Cooking up a Great Customer Experience


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If there was a single recipe for success in today’s business environment, a great customer experience might just be it. This infographic outlines the benefits and results organizations can achieve by cooking up a memorable customer experience.

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The ROI of Cooking up a Great Customer Experience

  1. 1. Great Customer Boosts Loyalty Customer experience is made up of every interaction – from reading an email and visiting a website to speaking with an employee and actually using a product or service – that a customer has with your organization, and how he or she perceives those interactions. Engaging customer experiences serve up big benefits for the organizations that deliver them. When customers feel cared for and catered to in their interactions with a company, their willingness to repurchase from and recommend that company increases. A��s New Customers When you wow your customers, they are likely to share those experiences with others, which drives brand awareness and more new customers. Increases Revenue Engages Employees By reducing customer churn, encouraging larger purchases, increasing the number of brand advocates and engaging new customers, a seamless customer experience can help increase revenue. Transforms Organizations A great customer experience can be truly transformative to companies, making them think more purposefully about the way they conduct business and shaping organizations from the inside out. Sources: Forrester, Gallup, Temkin Group, Watermark Consulting Employees today want to be proud of where they work, and part of that comes from knowing that their employers will do right by customers and being empowered to be part of the customer experience Creates a Com�titive Advantage Price is no longer the biggest differentiator. People like doing business with businesses that they like, and that affinity can be cultivated through a memorable customer experience. The revenue impact from a 10 percentage point improvement in a company’s customer experience score can translate into more than $1 billion Customer Experience: A Recipe for Success of customers who rated their experience as very good were likely to repurchase from that company, compared to only 9% who rated their experience as very poor 92% Customer experience leaders have more than a 16 percentage point advantage over customer experience laggards in consumers’ willingness to buy more, their reluctance to switch providers and their likelihood to recommend the business of customer experience decision makers say that a good experience is critical to their success 90% Customer experience leaders outperformed the broader market, generating a total return that was 35 points higher than the S&P 500 Index An engaged customer represents a 23% premiumin share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth when compared with the average consumer Download the eBook: