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ClickDiagnostics Introduction


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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ClickDiagnostics Introduction

  1. 1. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 September, 2008 Tackling the Global Healthcare Challenge Mobilizing healthcare, everywhere.
  2. 2. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Can’t get to a doctor We start by addressing the 3 main root causes Can’t afford to get treated Not enough doctors These root causes exist globally, even in the US
  3. 3. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 People in developing countries receive significantly less primary health care than in developed countries Sources: WHO Health Statistics 2010. WHO (comprises data from 2000 to 2008) Mothers visited at least once during pregnancy Births attended by skilled health personnel TB case-detection rateImmunisation for up to 1 year olds
  4. 4. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Public investment strategies are not designed to cope with growing demand for healthcare  Lack of government funding o Public health organisations and NGOs are constrained by a lack of resources o Both Asia and Africa lag developed countries in how much they allocate for healthcare  Dependency on donors o In particular, African countries depend heavily on aid flows to finance the health budget  More investment not a short-term solution o Physician numbers cannot be substantially increased without significant investment o Spending disjointed from mass problem: $42bn on maternal health spend on 13m mothers at $3000/mother Sources: WHO Health Statistics 2010 (comprises data from 2000 to 2008),
  5. 5. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 The shortage of specialized health resources and infrastructure would take years to address Source: WHO Health Statistics 2010. World Health Organization region definitions Health personnel and assets per 10,000 population
  6. 6. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 There is an abundant supply of community health workers (CHWs) and local health providers 49,994 12,382 23,719 14,377 22,253 200,000 0 100,000 200,000 Total Registered Physician Physician in private sector Registered Nurse Regtd. Nurse in Public Sector Regtd Mid-wives CHW CHWs and other health resources in Bangladesh
  7. 7. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 …and the health organizations who employ them are looking for opportunities to improve impact and efficiency Program Effectiveness System & Process Efficiency Expansion Preventive care Reporting Monitoring Strategic decision making Reduce Maternal and Child mortality Emergency Response
  8. 8. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Specialists Community health workers Patients Easy to access Limited medical knowledge Hard to access Expert medical knowledge Healthcare systems around the world are mostly pyramidal in structure Nurses, junior physicians Senior physicians
  9. 9. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Specialists Community health workers Patients Easy to access Limited medical knowledge Hard to access Expert medical knowledge Click enables medical knowledge transfer to front-line health workers through mobile phones, empowering them to provide quality care Nurses, junior physicians Senior physicians Medical knowledge, diagnosis, treatment advice
  10. 10. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 We believe mobile health technologies must be applied in conjunction with community-based work force and partnerships models mHealth technology Connects all actors of healthcare through inexpensive, easily-accessible EMR systems and communication tools Value-based partnership Incentivizes investments from traditional (e.g. pharmas) and non- traditional (e.g. telecommunications) actors of healthcare Community-based work force Activates and expands community-level human and financial resources to deliver health service
  11. 11. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Patient sees Click health worker/clinic staff Click’s solution delivers just-in-time treatment and ongoing, proactive care cycles Health worker or clinic nurse uses phone to capture and submit patient info to Click system Views reports and provide interventions Hospitals Govts Research Treatment Advice & supplies Web patient records & reports Treatment advice & follow-up plan Treatment and follow-up care Click system enters patient data into EMR, displays patient case and generates reports on a secure web portal Remote expert accesses web portal to provide diagnosis on patient case
  12. 12. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 The mobile software enables nurses or primary doctors to record patient data (images, audio, video, and text) and transmit to medical specialists for triage and treatment advice. How: Front-line nurse or clinic doctor sends patient consult request via phone…
  13. 13. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Remote doctor reviews a case and…
  14. 14. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 … enters consult response or forwards the case to another specialist
  15. 15. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Health administrator can track outcomes, cost- saving, etc., and plan for needed interventions
  16. 16. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 The Click model opens the path to revolutionizing overall capability of a health organization to act timely and effectively Program Effectiveness System & Process Efficiency Expansion Hotline service with access to EMRs and past history Automated Monitoring and Reporting Efficient Dashboard for executive decision-making How Admin Efficiency and Emergency Response improves… Potential transformation: based on field implementations Source: BRAC health program experience and interviews; Click field work experience ++% ++%
  17. 17. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Income, knowledge We are building sustainable health eco-systems with our partners Income, knowledge cost-savings, real-time data analysis Cost-savings, real-time data, improved care in less time Revenue, VAS, enhanced marketing and branding Revenue from untapped market, marketing Revenue, cost- savings, improved care in less time Cost-savings, real-time data, improved care Revenue Partnership & revenue shares
  18. 18. © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2010 Join us in creating the future of health care Thank you