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Презентация для студентов стипендиальной программы "Выше Мечты" (Тройка Диалог)

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  1. 1. Digital Economy Denis Afanasev CleverDATA
  2. 2. Company Profile Make your data clever Digital economy
  3. 3. | Make your data clever Business development on interna?onal markets One of top-3 leading Russian IT companies; 43 branches in Russia and abroad; 7000+ employees. Marke?ng Data PlaForm Data collec@on, clients profiles building, data enrichment, extend clients analy@cs; Data Marke?ng Cloud Cloud solu@on for comfortable interac@on of data suppliers and consumers. Development and implementa@on of predic@ve analy@c models and Big Data processing solu@ons; In-house centers of development; Partnership with global leading companies; Centre of exper?se for Big Data and Digital Marke@ng technologies. 1DMP
  4. 4. | Business solu?ons Data Management Platforms Customer base and experience management Marketing automation Building of analy@cal DWs, development of solu@ons for raw data collec@on based on Hadoop stack and other Big Data technologies, knowledge extrac@on and auditory segmenta@on. Building of predic@ve models of data processing for effec@ve retail customer rela@ons management, churn management, cross-sales, micro-segmenta@on and client profile 360° and scoring models building. Implementa@on of global leading vendors’ solu@ons for omni-channel targeted marke@ng (campaigns, event-based marke@ng, customer web experience management). Implementa@on of global leading solu@on Splunk Enterprise for opera@onal analy@cs in real-@me. Our target is to make your business more effec?ve with a help of DATA Operational analytics 4
  5. 5. | Our customers Online ads | Media | Telco •  Development of DMP plaVorms for targeted adver@sing and new business models crea@on; •  Development of solu@ons for traffic quality and web-content analysis. Finance market| Public sector •  Development of DWs and Big Data DWs; •  Customers data enrichment with external data; •  Data management plaVorm development, machine logs real-@me analysis for cri@cal business process monitoring; •  Implementa@on of ACRM systems for detailed customer analy@cs, based on Big Data driven marke@ng and customer experience; •  Development of models for predic@on of product response and churn management, scoring models, past-due amounts collec@on; •  Collec@on and analysis of Internet texts with the use of machine learning algorithms for media ac@vity monitoring. Retail •  Marke@ng automa@on systems implementa@on (Campaign Management); •  Predic@ve model development for business process op@miza@on. 5
  6. 6. | The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  7. 7. | The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  8. 8. | «Индустрия 4.0», получила свое название от инициативы 2011 года, возглавляемой бизнесменами, политиками и учеными, которые определили ее как средство повышения конкурентоспособности обрабатывающей промышленности Германии через усиленную интеграцию «киберфизических систем», или CPS, в заводские процессы. Производственная сторона, эквивалентная ориентированному на потребителей «Интернету вещей», в котором предметы быта, от автомобилей до тостеров, будут подключены к Интернету. Слияние технологий и стирание граней между физическими, цифровыми и биологическими сферами. The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  9. 9. | Профессор Шваб видит три причины, по которым сегодняшние перемены следует считать не простым продолжением третьей промышленной революции, а началом четвертой: •  скорость, с которой происходят перемены; •  их размах •  системный характер последствий. The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  10. 10. | В первую очередь от очередной технологической революции должны выиграть развитые государства, у которых есть задел в компьютерных исследованиях. Сингапур Швейцария Китай США Германия •  к 2025 году развитие технологий беспилотных автомобилей может сохранить до 1 млн жизней, сокращение выбросов выхлопных газов автомобилями — сэкономить до $867 млрд, а общая прибыль от прогресса составит $100 трлн. •  развивающиеся страны перестанут быть локомотивами развития, которыми они были на протяжении последних десятилетий, поскольку дешевая рабочая сила перестанет считаться конкурентным преимуществом The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  11. 11. | The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  12. 12. | •  Новая темпоральность •  Пространство потоков •  Глобальная деревня •  Длинный хвост (С) Сергей Медведев, профессор ГУ ВШЭ The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  13. 13. | The Fourth Industrial Revolu?on
  14. 14. | Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2015 Решайте практические задачи!
  15. 15. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  16. 16. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  17. 17. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  18. 18. | New business models
  19. 19. | Moore's law is the observa@on that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. Exponen?al organiza?on
  20. 20. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  21. 21. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  22. 22. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  23. 23. | Exponen?al organiza?on Разработка Производство Доставка
  24. 24. | Exponen?al organiza?on Разработка Производство Доставка Crowdsoursing
  25. 25. | Exponen?al organiza?on Разработка Производство Доставка Robots/AI
  26. 26. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  27. 27. | Causality in ?mes of big data In the past, only half of the customers received a catalog. And it only went to loyal customers. Taking a look at historical data shows that only 6% of the customers who didn’t receive a catalog visited the shop, while 30% of those who received one did. This sounds like a huge marke@ng success... but it isn’t. But that is precisely the issue that we need to address. Which customers will be moved to purchase by the catalog? The result: With only half the budget (25% of all customers), the same adver@sing effect and the same result were achieved as shipping to 50% of all customers based on the old selec@on criteria. In other words: with 75% of the budget, customer ac@vity can be increased by 5%. The circle can now be squared: more sales with fewer costs!
  28. 28. | Accurately plan sales The key ques?on is: Which factors influence the sale of seafood? •  Factor 1 − Seasonality, or the ‘tourism effect’ •  Factor 2 − the weather •  Factor 3 − loca@on •  Factor 4 − prices and promo@ons •  Factor 5 − low stocks The result: All of this informa@on goes into predic@ve applica@ons, which turn them into accurate forecasts. This means the complex materials planning for sea- food can be automated for the supermarket chain’s many stores. You can imagine the cost savings that result.
  29. 29. | Customer buying behavior from their receipt data •  People buying pharmacy ar@cles will also − with a high probability − buy other pharmacy products (plausible). •  People who buy pharmacy ar@cles will also − with a high probability − buy perfume ar@cles (goes together). •  Interes?ngly, pharmacy ar?cles are also oven bought together with sta?onery products (this is not so obvious).
  30. 30. | Heatmap of Big Data Business Problems by Industry
  31. 31. | Exponen?al organiza?on Разработка Производство Доставка 3D Prin@ng/Drones
  32. 32. | Exponen?al organiza?on
  33. 33. | Exponen?al organiza?on