8 Awesome British Startup Businesses


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Clever Business Websites look at some of Britain's best recent startup companies. They have all made a mark in their industry, and your clever idea can turn into a business reality with a top quality website and great marketing. Get in touch with us today to find out how your startup can be a success.

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8 Awesome British Startup Businesses

  1. 1. 8 Awesome British Startups by Clever Business Websites. Great New Startup Businesses In The UK
  2. 2. 1. SongKick London. SongKick allows visitors to follow their favourite bands & artists, monitoring concert dates and ticket information. The website indexes venue websites, ticket vendors and even local newspapers. This is a massive database made user friendly! Call: 01865 989 899
  3. 3. Skyscanner Edinburgh. Skyscanner has become one of the most popular global travel search sites. Compare more than 1000 airlines, view information, availability and pricing for all your travel needs! The website now gets 25 million international visitors every month. Call: 01865 989 899
  4. 4. Crowd.fm Manchester. Crowd.fm allows promoters to list and select events from across various social media sites and event sites. Users track all events to generate attendance, following, and to measure marketing efficiency. Call: 01865 989 899
  5. 5. Brandwatch Brighton. A social media monitoring system that reads and summarises web discussions about brands, people, and products. Allows users to analyse latest online trends and monitor competitors. Call: 01865 989 899
  6. 6. The Painted House Carmarthenshire. The Painted House have developed an innovative patterned roller, and their website offers tips and tricks about painting and restoring houses. Call: 01865 989 899
  7. 7. Every1Mobile Brighton. Using social media networks to build communities for 15 – 35 year olds in Africa. Every1Mobile recently raised $1.7million in angel funding and records over 3 million monthly visits to its website. Call: 01865 989 899
  8. 8. Powered Now Isle of Wight. Powered Now is a mobile admin platform that targets the construction & maintenance trade. Plumbers, builders, electricians and engineers can send quotes and invoices on and off-site, avoiding the need to employ personnel. Call: 01865 989 899
  9. 9. Digital Shadows London. Digital Shadows monitors and measures public data that companies and individuals leave online. This data can then be used to expose a company’s key employees and other information. The team of security analysts work with clients to mitigate risk of hostile online elements. Call: 01865 989 899
  10. 10. Get in touch… If you want your business to have a website fit for a great startup company! We specialise in creating amazing business websites for exciting companies. Come and take a look at our portfolio! www.CleverBusinessWebsite.com Call: 01865 989 899