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Cleveland HUG - Apps Over Apps


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Presentation from May 21, 2012 Cleveland HubSpot User Group meeting — Apps Over Apps. Slides include overview of HubSpot App Marketplace, analysis of four apps currently available and a Q&A with Steve Lazuka, the developer of Zerys Content Marketplace, HubSpot's App of the Year.

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Cleveland HUG - Apps Over Apps

  1. 1. HubSpot Apps Over Apps App Marketplace Review & Feedback Cleveland HUG — May 21, 2012Twitter: #CleHUG
  2. 2. Cleveland HUG Updates •  May 15, 2012: Launch of new Email System and Leads Database •  HubSpot Launches Brand New Email Software and Marketing Database •  PR 20/20 Blog Post: records •  HubSpot Pages Update •  Pages: New HubSpot Analytics •  Inbound 2012 •  August 27-30, 2012 •  Early-bird special — 10% off until June 1 • #CleHUG
  3. 3. App MarketplaceTwitter: #CleHUG
  4. 4. App Marketplace•  The HubSpot App Marketplace features nearly 50 third-party applications that integrate external marketing tools with HubSpot’s marketing suite.•  Apps are classified under categories including: •  Content •  Online Advertising •  Analytics •  Collaboration •  CRM •  Ecommerce •  Social Media •  Email •  SEO •  Mobile •  External Website
  5. 5. App Marketplace •  Today’s event will cover the following apps: •  Zerys Content Marketplace •  Eventbrite Integration •  Highrise CRM Integration •  Like to Download •  Each app will be reviewed by: •  Marketplace description •  How it works •  What’s noteworthy about the app’s functionality •  Suggestions for improvementsTwitter: #CleHUG
  6. 6. Zerys Content Marketplace •  Awarded “App of the Year” by HubSpot. •  Connects businesses with quality, custom content, written by experienced writers with expert knowledge in your industry. •  How it works: •  Identify the content type you’re looking for. Zerys helps you identify and select the best topics/titles to write about. •  Post your opportunity to the writer job board using SmartPost. SmartPost is a reverse bid technology that guarantees you get the highest-rated writer, at the lowest possible price. If you’ve used the service before, you can share the opportunity with a writer on your Favorites List. •  Writers submit content for your review, which you can then approve, request revisions or reject. •  Export or auto-publish your content.Twitter: #CleHUG
  7. 7. Zerys Content Marketplace •  Select the content you’re looking for. •  Post it to the job board. •  Review submitted content. •  Approve, request edits or reject.Twitter: #CleHUG
  8. 8. Zerys Content Marketplace •  Select content you’d like to purchase. •  Export content or publish directly to your blog through HubSpot integration.Twitter: #CleHUG
  9. 9. Zerys Content Marketplace •  What’s noteworthy: •  You only pay if you’re 100% satisfied. •  After you’ve used the marketplace, you can select favorite writers to use in the future. •  Suggested improvements: •  The most frequent feedback received from the marketplace is the initial difficulty in finding a high-quality writer during first use. •  With more than 20,000 writers available, it’s recommended that users start with 10-20 writers initially, and take time to build relationships to determine the best fit for your company, or your “go-to” writer.Twitter: #CleHUG
  10. 10. Zerys Content Marketplace •  Q&A with Steve Lazuka •  What drove you to participate in the App Marketplace? •  What was your experience integrating Zerys with HubSpot’s software? •  Where there any major challenges with coding, integration of portal or pricing? •  What has feedback been like from customers? •  Are there any challenges you’ve seen, or foreseen changes to the content marketplace that will improve user experience?Twitter: #CleHUG
  11. 11. Eventbrite Integration •  App allows you to connect your Eventbrite Account with your HubSpot Account. •  Youll be able bring your event attendees into HubSpot and then use HubSpots CRM tools in order to nurture them. •  How it works: •  Connect your Eventbrite account to connect event attendee information with contacts in HubSpot marketing database. •  Analyze event success by attendees and revenue. •  Nurture contacts for future events.Twitter: #CleHUG
  12. 12. Eventbrite Integration •  Connect with Eventbrite account to see all events. •  Select event to add attendees to HubSpot database.Twitter: #CleHUG
  13. 13. Eventbrite IntegrationTwitter: #CleHUG
  14. 14. Eventbrite Integration •  What’s noteworthy: •  Ability to analyze events and load contacts into HubSpot portal. •  Nurture leads loaded from Eventbrite to improve the success of future events. •  Suggested improvements: •  Integration doesn’t enable you to track attendees that purchase multiple tickets if they are free. You can see the revenue associated with tickets that include a price value.Twitter: #CleHUG
  15. 15. Highrise CRM •  Automatically copies leads, lead intelligence, reconversion events and website visits to Highrise for use by sales team. •  Also copies won deals from Highrise into HubSpot, enabling closed-looped analysis in sources. •  How it works: •  Connect HubSpot portal with Highrise account. •  Select settings for “Post to Highrise when leads reconvert via the website,” and “Post to Highrise when leads visit the website.”Twitter: #CleHUG
  16. 16. Highrise CRMTwitter: #CleHUG
  17. 17. Highrise CRM •  What’s noteworthy: •  Enables closed-loop marketing analytics, and is a great solution for small businesses that do not use Salesforce. •  Suggested improvements: •  Reviews of the app suggest adding automatic tagging and lead nurturing/email integration. The ability to nurture leads through HubSpot’s email tool and copy that information into Highrise would be a great advantage.Twitter: #CleHUG
  18. 18. Like to Download •  App enables marketers to gate content behind “Likes” on your site or Facebook Fan Page. •  How it works: •  Create content available for download — i.e. ebook or white paper. •  Select the page URL or Facebook Fan Page you’d like to gate behind a “Like” button. •  Select the “Thank you” page URL. •  Input the width of the button you’d like, as well as the color scheme.Twitter: #CleHUG
  19. 19. Like to Download •  Create and select content to gate behind button. •  Create “Like” button with page URL. •  Copy and paste embed code on site.Twitter: #CleHUG
  20. 20. Like to Download •  What’s noteworthy: •  Placing content behind a like button helps boost the number of people who like your website of Facebook Page. People may be more likely to “Like” a page than they would be to offer personal information. •  Helps drive social media traffic. •  Suggested improvements: •  Inflated social media likes from gated content might not be an accurate reflection of brand or fan loyalty. •  From a marketing to sales perspective, gating content behind a “Like” button does not provide you with lead information needed for nurturing that individual through the sales process the way completing a form would.Twitter: #CleHUG
  21. 21. Thank You! Dia Dalsky Steve Lazuka (216) 812-3955 (440) @DiaDalsky