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Social media presentation for AFP

  1. 1. How We Use Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn to Find New Supporters & Engage Existing Ones
  2. 2. Why Pinterest Pinterestis a sitein which usersseekout informationof interest to them andmark, or“pin,” them to boardsthat allowthem to organizecontent.Other userscan re-pincontentto theirboards. Thispresentsagreatopportunityfornon-profitsto sharetheir messagingwith new andexistingsupporters. - 70 millionactive users - 68 percentarewomen - Includespeoplelooking forinspiration whetherby fashion,recipes,crafts, etc. - Pinterestusersare3X’smore likelyto shareona mobiledevice - 48 percentof userssharevia their iPads, vs. 17 percentof Facebookusersand 16 percentof Tweeters - Pinterestactivitypeaksbetween7-9 p.m.
  3. 3. Photo How we use Pinterest
  4. 4. Board suggestions How to get started 1. Createanaccount 2. Chooseanaccount namethat will be easyforyouto publicizeto existingfollowersandeasyto remember 3. Startcreating boardsto pinto 4. Searchforfollowerslocallyto builda base 5. StartaddingPinteresticon to marketing materials Remember:PeopleusePinterestto findinspirationfor various purposes.What boardsrelateto what youdo that wouldoffer inspirationtothePinterestdemographic? Herearesomeof the FoodBank’sboardsthat get the most engagement: • Inspirationalquotes • Recipes(How-to’s) • CLE (Celebratelocalpride) • Nutrition,HealthandWellness(Infographics)
  5. 5. Who does this well? Who to follow?
  6. 6. Pinning Do’s and Don’ts DO – Pin a few times a week DON’T – Mass pin 10 or more pins once a week/month DO – Set calendar reminders to pin for five minutes every other day, once a week or whenever works best for you. AND do your best to stick to it! DO – Use the link option of pins to drive people to your site or other social media accounts when appropriate DO – Like pins from other organizations or individuals when you have nowhere to put a pin you likebut doesn’t fit on your board DON’T – Leave pin descriptions blank. When possible, tie the pin back to your organization’s mission or a call to action DO – Search for followers or other organizations to follow on a regular basis DO – Think outside the box with your boards. Get creative and try to tie its purpose back to your organization’s mission DO – Include your other social media accounts and website in your organization description
  7. 7. Why Instagram Whyis thisimportantforyourorganization? - 150 millionmonthlyactive users - More than90 percentare underage of 35 - Usershaveshared16 billionphotos - Averages1.2 billionlikesdaily - Allowsuseof hashtagfororganizing photosandpromoting brandorcampaigns - 70 percentof userslogin at leastonce a day - Average numberof postsby top 100 Instagrambrandsper week: 5.5 - Generatesmore engagementthanits videocompetitorVine Instagramallowsusersto postimages thatcan be sharedwith and liked byfollowers.Whyis thisunique?Instagramalsoallowsyou to post15 secondvideoswith uniqueeditingcapabilities. @clefoodbank
  8. 8. How we use Instagram
  9. 9. Excellent for video Instagramvideoallowsyouto shootvideowith mobiledevice – of up to 15 seconds- andpostusingappwith limitedvideoeditingcapabilities. Greatfor: - Promoting upcoming events - Illustratingday-to-dayactivitiesof your organizationin a more visually interestingway. Inotherwords, showing yourdonorswhatthey’resupporting. - Varying shotsto avoidboring talking headsvideos - Selectingfiltersto make videocolors easierto seeorpopmore - Allowslimitedreshootof clips withinvideo - Driving peopleto a websitewith call to actionforsupporterstosupportyourmission
  10. 10. Who does this well? Who to follow?
  11. 11. Instagram Do’s and Don’ts DO – Post a few times a week but NOTposting multiple pieces of content allat once DON’T – Post only fundraising-related content/appeals. Vary your content to keep followers engaged and interested DO – Use hashtags to promote campaigns (ie #H4Hunger) DO – Use hashtags of geographic interest (ie #CLE, #Cleveland, #NortheastOhio) DO – Like pins from other organizations or individuals DO – Comment or offer praise to other organizations or individuals – especially those using your hashtag! DO – Ask stakeholders like volunteers and donors to follow you DO – Post videos reflecting various aspects of what your organization does DO – Include your website url in the description DO – Repurpose content from other accounts (ie infographics) by resizing for Instagram DON’T – Be afraidto tag others when relevant
  12. 12. Why LinkedIn Whyis thisimportantforyourorganization? - 240 millionactive users - Nearly80 percentareover the age of 35 - Offers greatanalyticsoptionsto seewhich contentis most effective - Great pagecustomizationoptionsnot availableonsomeothersites Maintaininga LinkedIncompanypageallowsyouto connect with professionalsofallkinds – businessleaders,other non-profit professionalsandsomeof yourstakeholderslikecorporateand community partnerswho might not be interestedin connecting throughtheir personalFacebookor Twitteraccounts.
  13. 13. How we use LinkedIn Customizebannerwith 646x220pic Pin mostimportantinfo to top View detailedanalyticsto see whichpostsdobestand which needto be repackaged forgreaterengagement
  14. 14. LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts DO – Post regularly but not with as much frequency as Facebook and certainly not same degree of frequency as Twitter DON’T – Use hashtags. They don’t work on LinkedIn. DO – Be more careful about what you post here, keeping in mind who the audience is DO – Ask for reshares! DO – Promote your company’s jobs page when postings become available. This generates a lot of engagement with the LinkedIn audience DO – Comment or offer praise to other organizations or individuals – especially those using your hashtag! DO – Ask stakeholders like board members, community and corporate partners and donors to follow you
  15. 15. Great Social Media Resources to Follow Mashable – Social Media: Social Media Today: Social Media Examiner: Beth Kanter (Facebook): Beth Kanter (Blog): Media Bistro:
  16. 16. Questions? Nancy Kelsey Online Communications Coordinator Greater Cleveland Food Bank LinkedIn: Find this presentation on SlideShare at