Informational powerpoint CFB Help Center updated october 2013


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Learn more about the Cleveland Foodbank Help Center

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Informational powerpoint CFB Help Center updated october 2013

  1. 1. Cleveland Foodbank Benefits Outreach & Nutrition Programs
  2. 2. Cleveland Foodbank Mission Working together to ensure that everyone in our communities has the nutritious food they need everyday. Last year, the Cleveland Foodbank provided enough food for 40 Million meals
  3. 3. Meal Gap In the Clevleand Foodbank’s 6 County Service Area Self Provision Even though the Cleveland Foodbank is distributing more food than ever, there is still a Meal Gap.
  4. 4. Closing the Gap Through the Cleveland Foodbank’s Strategic Plan Increase youth served through Children’s Initiatives Increase distribution of Fresh Produce Implement Nutrition Guidelines/ CHOP *Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Increase Food distribution through member agencies.
  5. 5. SNAP/ Food Assistance • Distributed on a plastic card, like a debit card Food Stamps • • • • Less than 1 % Fraud Rate Economic Stimulus • Were distributed in booklets and were stigmatized First issued on EBT (Electronics Benefits Transfer cards in 1998) Replaced with the SNAP program in 2008. • $5 spent in SNAP Benefits Generates $9 in economic activity. SNAP is the new name for the Federal Food Stamp Program
  6. 6. The Ohio Benefit Bank Used to help community members connect with up to 20 assistance programs. Food and Nutrition Programs: Food Assistance(SNAP/ Food stamps) Women Infants and Children (WIC) USDA Child Nutrition Programs Taxes and Student Aid Programs: • File Your Federal and State Tax Returns • Earned Income Tax Credit • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Help with Other Programs: • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) • Child Care Assistance • Ohio Works First Cash Assistance (OWF) • Golden Buckeye Program Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) • Big Brothers / Big Sisters "Amachi" Youth Mentoring Program • Voter Registration Healthcare Assistance Programs: Healthcare Programs for Families and Children Medicaid for the Aged, Blind and Disabled Medicare Premium Assistance Child and Family Health Services (CFHS) Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) Extra Help for Medicare Part D Ohio's Best Rx All applications can be completed in person or over the phone in about 20 minutes.
  7. 7. Meeting clients where they are, and helping them apply for the assistance they deserve! Outreach
  8. 8. Opened October 2012 Eliminating the barrier of transportation, with respectful and confidential service. The Help Center
  9. 9. Who Qualifies? Monthly # in Household Gross Income 1 $1,244 2 $1,680 3 $2,115 4 $2,551 5 $2,986 Clearing Up Misconceptions • You don’t have to have children to receive SNAP. • You can work while receiving the benefit. • You are able to receive SNAP benefits when you receive Social Security Retirement Benefits.
  10. 10. Mr. Smith is 75 years old and receives $900/ month in Social Security and $200/ month in personal retirement benefits. He has $150/ month in medical bills. He Qualifies John and Judy have 2 children. Judy’s parents had to move in with them, because Judy’s Dad lost his job. John works full time making $12/ hour and Judy works 20 hours/ week and Robert is makes $10/ hour. recently divorced They Qualify and is raising his son. He works 40 hours per week and makes $9.50/ hour. Who Qualifies? They Qualify
  11. 11. The Cleveland Foodbank Help Center and Outreach Team can help alleviate hunger in our area, by making sure that EVERYONE who is eligible is receiving the benefits they DESERVE! Together we can change lives!
  12. 12. Cleveland Foodbank Help Center 216-738-2067 Toll Free 855-738-2067 Manager of Benefits Outreach Jamie Sullivan 216-738-2265 ext 2104 How can we help you?