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About GPA 2015


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About GPA 2015

  1. 1. We are an association. Clinical Psychologists Academicians Industrial/Organizational Psychologists Students: Graduate and Undergraduate
  2. 2. What is GPA? The Georgia Psychological Association is a significant proponent for the livelihood of psychology and has been a staple in the community of psychology since 1946. The organization provides for members: • A means for advocacy • An opportunity for professional development • Quality continuing education opportunities The Georgia Psychological Association is also a great vehicle for interaction between psychologists and the general public.
  3. 3. Established in 1946 by Hermon Martin, PhD, the Georgia Psychological Association (GPA) started out as a forum for a small group of psychologists to address the lack of legislation and licensing laws for the burgeoning profession of psychology. The association would go on to become the first membership organization for psychologists throughout Georgia. In 1951, Georgia would become the first state in the nation to enact a licensing law for psychologists. Today, GPA has more than 850 members, a full-time staff, hosts dozens of events including an annual meeting, and operates with over 15 committees. Background
  4. 4. In order to advance the profession of psychology, GPA continuously strives to be the preeminent resource and advocate for all Georgia psychologists. Our Purpose
  5. 5. Our knowledge center provides: • Access to dozens of APA-sponsored workshops and conferences throughout the state • Online webinars featuring out-of-state presenters and professionals from other related fields • Considerable discounts on workshops to GPA members • A great way to connect and learn with colleagues while contributing to the funding of your state psychological association • Annual conference hosting over 350 psychologists and students Continuing Education (CE)
  6. 6. Legal and Legislative Committee: • Receive state and national updates relevant to you and your scope of practice • Advocates on legislation that affect mental health as a profession and the public that we serve • Helps psychologists familiarize themselves with their representatives and the legislature processes Insurance and Managed Care Representation: • Maintains open communication with insurance and managed care companies • Advocates the interests of psychologists • Offers free consultations to members One Voice
  7. 7. Communications  E-newsletter twice a month  Updates on Georgia licensing information  LinkedIn Group  Online access to members and committees Consultations  Complimentary ethics consultations -cost legal consultation  Complimentary Insurance Consultations Practice Growth  24/7 online referral system for the public  Career Center: job postings, office space and more  Special interest events such as book discussions  Online Membership Directory Supporting GA Psychologists
  8. 8. Discounts  Advertising (website and e-communications)  Health, dental, life and disability insurance  Websites (Therapy Sites)  Shredding (Shred-It Atlanta) Other Development  Mentor Program  Public Education Outreach  Networking opportunities through workshops, socials and committee involvement Supporting GA Psychologists (cont.)
  9. 9. GPA Committees Over 15 Committees including: • Ethnic and Minority Affairs • Gender & Sexual Diversity • Women & Girls • Legal and Legislative • Academic Affairs • Disaster Response • Public Education • Independent Practice • Family and Children • Early Career/Students • Continuing Education • Regions
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  12. 12. Make the Investment Subscription to GPA communications and updates. Join Councils and Committees. Receive consultations. Save money on CE and more. Listing on Public Referral System. Access to independent practice listserv. Networking with other private practitioners Highly recognized at GPA events. Significant discounts including a free CE, 50% off Annual Meeting and more. Subscription to GPA communications, volunteer opportunities, mentorship and more.
  13. 13. What GPA has Done for Me "The state psychological association is where the rubber meets the road. That's what directly impacts me. What happens on the state level directly affects me, what happens in my professional practice and my ability to make a living.” -Jennifer Kelly, PhD "It's the place I go for profession affiliation, education, and to collaborate on legislative efforts to protect the profession of psychology.“ -Nancy McGarrah, PhD