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  • Objectives for the Operational Finance process1. Reduction of excel models providing ‘Single source of the truth’2. Increased controls, monitoring and elimination of redundancies and standard processes3. Less data collection and number crunching, allowing more analysis / scenario modeling work 4. Adaptable to rapid changes in the business environment5. Clarity of roles, responsibilities and associated organization structures Opportunities for the Institution:1. Elimination of “time honored” tools supported by specialized resources2. Reduction of staff, especially in non-finance areas3. Consolidation of finance resources in central support functions4. Re-skilling of resource toward analytics and business driven modeling5. Adoption of standard tools and processes6. New job role definition and reporting relationshipsSource: Deloitte
  • To help financial institutions grow, manage risk, and optimize shareholder value, Oracle delivers a comprehensive, integrated suite of financial services analytical applications for enterprise performance management, including profitability management, funds transfer pricing, pricing management, and balance sheet planning. Now more than ever, financial institutions, their regulators, and shareholders are focused on the need to measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives, price products to reflect their true risk, and better understand how the institution is impacted by threats to liquidity, capital adequacy, and exposure to market rate volatility. As Regulators continue to drive best practices adoption, the big idea behind an integrated risk and finance platform is the notion of being "compliance centric" . where business processes, analytic data models, application functions, and policies are designed with accounting, regulation, and risk requirements built in at the transaction level. In a compliance-centric institution, a single set of data, policies, analytics, and rules is used to trigger appropriate risk decisions and regulatory reporting, financial entries, and indicators that demonstrate the use of required control procedures.Key to success for a financial institution is a comprehensive strategy that combines well-designed technology architecture, a suite of analytical applications for risk-aware decision making, and a commitment to raise the analytical orientation of its people toward fact-based decision making.
  • In the post-crisis landscape, effective risk management should be considered a matter of using the information derived from analytical risk assessment to make better strategic decisions and drive growth appropriately. In this way, risk management becomes a proactive, ongoing initiative tasked with creating value in addition to protecting assets and guarding against failure.Oracle Enterprise risk management solutions span all areas of risk, including credit, market, operational, liquidity, fixed asset, business and reputation risk, enabling institutions to manage all their risk and provide necessary feeds for compliance-based reporting. The capabilities of Oracle for risk management help financial institutions address compliance issues such as Basel II that demand a close operational synergy between finance and risk functions. Integrating risk and finance in financial services centers around four pillars:1. A financial center of excellence with a strong analytical orientation and a set of shared services supporting the institution across all significant lines of business2. Integrated data and information model, with a single "golden source," and ownership and custody of information that is used for finance, strategy, risk, and compliance3. A unified/common technology architecture and set of open standards and services for transaction and data integration, policy management, analytics, metrics, reporting, collaboration, and internal control across core enterprise financial management functions, both inside and outside the organization4. An ability to adapt to change . in accounting standards, regulations, and business requirements
  • The Oracle ReferenceArchitecture provides comprehensive support for all business events emanating from transaction systems, across the Accounting, Analytical, BI and Reporting landscape.Data resides where relevant to support business processes with ability to link the various levels of data without replicating data or processes to reduce redundancy and improve efficiencyProcesses e.g. currency revaluation are run in application(s) where it is native and only once, where relevant, with the ability to utilise the resultant information across the system in order to reduce customizationShared referential data (dimensions, hierarchies, rates)Pre-defined and consistent validations across data movements within the environmentNo contention between reporting and processingEfficient data structures for enhanced performance
  • Oracle erf overview v4

    1. 1. Enterprise Risk & Finance Industry Solution Stuart Houston Vice President, Financial ServicesVersion 4 Industry Business Unit © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    2. 2. Enterprise Risk and FinanceDefinitionThe integration of traditional accounting andfinancial management, financial performance andcontrol, risk management and compliance andreporting functions on a common decisioningplatform. © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    3. 3. FSI Solutions – Enterprise Risk & Finance Sales Plays Enterprise Risk and Finance (Solution Set) Finance Modernization Risk Adjusted Performance Enterprise Risk & Capital Agile Financial Services (Sales Play) Management Adequacy Analytics (Sales Play) (Sales Play) (FS Data Management • Operational Finance Sales Play) • Performance Mgt • Profitability & Performance • Liquidity/Basel III & IRR • Integrated ERP & Analytics Management • Capital Adequacy - Basel II, • Data Warehouse • Planning & Forecasting (incl. Economic Capital • Banking Analytics B/S) • Operational Risk TransformationEPM EPM GBU Tech EPM ERP Tech ERP GBU APPS GBU GBU
    4. 4. Financial Services IBU Solution SetsSolution Enterprise Risk and Finance Set Enterprise Risk and Finance Risk Adjusted Enterprise Risk Agile FinancialPlaysSales Finance Performance & Capital Services Modernization Mgmt Adequacy Analytics Basel III - Accounting Profitability Finance & Risk Capital Modernization Management Data Warehouse AdequacyPointsEntry World Class Financial Close Risk Adjusted Liquidity Risk Business & Reporting Performance Management Intelligence IFRS Planning and Interest Rate Compliance Strategy Risk in FS Optimization Management Financial Crimes & Compliance
    5. 5. Focus AreaFinance Modernization DeliveringVisibility, Efficiency and Control to the • Accounting Centralization and Complianceoperational finance • General Ledger Consolidationprocess in a highly • Financial Close Management Automatedmanner, allowing the • Reporting and Analytical Transparency Finance • Disclosure Analytics Organization to • Data Management and Control Focus on higher value partnerships with the business
    6. 6. Focus Area Risk Adjusted Performance ManagementEnable Complete and • Multidimensional Profitability Comprehensive Insight into • Unit Cost Development Performance and • Funds Transfer Pricing Profitability. Deliver • Economic Capital Attribution key business measures Enterprise • Management Reporting and Analytics Wide to make better • Planning and Forecasting business decisions
    7. 7. Focus AreaEnterprise Risk and Capital Adequacy Enable a Holistic View of Risk and • Regulatory Capital Compliance Compliance leadingto Superior Decision • Market, Credit, Operational Risk making, Unifying • Stress Testing and ICAAP Risk • Liquidity and Interest Rate RiskIdentification, Quanti fication, Stress • Risk Reporting and Analytics Testing and Capital • Financial Crime and Compliance Planning processes across the Enterprise.
    8. 8. Enterprise Risk and Finance Industry Best Practices Architecture Source Accounting and Finance IntelligenceTransactions Accounting General Close/Capital Finance Hub Ledger Mgmt Warehouse General General Consolidation Ledger Ledger GL (THICK) (THIN) Portal Plan & Procurement Sub Ledgers Operational Expenses Forecast Data Daily Assets Accounting Rules Average Close & Payables Balance Disclosures Dashboards, Re ports, Ad Hoc Performance and Risk Data Staging Risk & Results Performance Area OLAP Analysis Core and Trading Account & Enterprise Systems Customer Performance Performance Management Mgmt Ledger Enterprise Risk Risk Alerts & Transactions Management Exception Based Management Technology/Hardware Master Data Mgmt Controls, Governance
    9. 9. Financial Services IBU Solution Sets Enterprise Risk and Finance Sales Plays Lead Economic Bill of Materials Customers Pillar BuyerFinance Apps CFO • ERP (Accounting Hub & GL) • Many for selected components e.g. FAH,Modernization (ERP) • OFSAA-EPM– PFT / PFT BI GL, HFM • Hyperion -HFM, C&D Mgt. • Implementing full stack • OFSAA-ERM (Rec Framework, (OFSAA+eBusiness ERP+EPM) – RBS Hedge Management) • Implementing Operational Finance) – • Edge – DRM, OPA, GRC Nomura, Scotiabank • TIAA CREF – (completing GL, OFSAA and BI.Risk Adjusted Apps CFO • OFSAA-EPM – PFT, FTP, PFT BI, • Implementing – NAB (FTP & “ManagementPerformance (OFSAA) ALM BI, BSP Ledger”) • OFSAA-ERM – ICAAP Analytics, • Implementing – PNC, TIAA CREF, FifthManagement Economic Capital and/or Basel II Third, USAA • EPM – HPCM, Planning, B/S • Live – US Bank Planning, Hyperion Strategic • Many OFSA 4.5 clients for PA, TP (and to Finance, Scorecard, DRM, BI a lesser degree RM) ApplicationsEnterprise GBU CRO or • OFSAA-ERM, ALM, Credit, • Implementing – PNC (Credit Risk, Basel II)Risk & Capital (OFSAA) GM Treasury Operational, Market, Liquidity, • Implementing – JP Morgan (Liquidity Risk), Basel II,ICAAP ANZ (ALM for Liquidity Risk)AdequacyAgile Financial GBU CIO • FSGBU – FSDW / OFSAAI, Rec • Implementing – BNY MellonServices (FSDW) Framework, Basel II Analytics • Implementing – RBS • Apps – PFT BI, ALM BIAnalytics • EPM – OBIEE, ESSBASE, DRM
    10. 10. Oracle Product Mapping Finance Financial Management Infrastructure Analytics Area Financial Financial Accounting General Planning Financial Data Model Ledger Management Hub Analytics Metadata Disclosure Capital Asset Management Management Planning Framework Workforce Balance Mart Planning Sheet Management Planning (UI) Framework Computations and Rules Framework Analytical Applications ALM Asset Fund Balance Analytics Profitability Liability Transfer Sheet Data Quality Management Manager Planning (CF) Pricing Profitability Advanced Stress Security and Liquidity Risk Hedge Analytics Analytical Testing User Management Management Infrastructure Administration Hedge Reconciliation Analytics Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure Oracle BI EESupporting Solutions Date Governance, Fusion Relationship Oracle UPK Essbase Risk & Middleware Management Compliance Open Systems Platform - Oracle Database, Exadata and Exalogic Components are part of the Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure Product © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    11. 11. Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Performance Management and Finance Profitability Funds Transfer Pricing Consolidation Accounting Hub Activity-Based Costing Budgeting and Forecasting Reconciliation Credit Risk Analytical CRM Retail Credit Risk Pricing Management Portfolio Analytics Loan Loss Forecasting Performance Corporate Credit Risk Hedge Management Management Customer Profitability Marketing Analytics IFRS 9 – IAS 32/39 Treasury Risk RAPM Service Analytics Market Risk Balance Sheet Planning Asset Liability Management Liquidity Risk Stress Testing Channel Insight Risk Customer Channel Usage Regulatory Capital Management Insight Channel Performance Basel II Retail Portfolio Risk Models and Pooling Stress Testing Know Your Customer Economic Capital Economic Capital ICAAP Governance Advanced (Credit Risk) & Compliance Operational Risk Economic Capital Regulatory Compliance (Financial Crime) Governance and Compliance Anti-Money Laundering Fraud Detection Operational Risk Broker Compliance Trading Compliance 11© 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    12. 12. Building Blocks Shared Components across Applications FINANCIAL SERVICES BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Reports Alerts Dashboards Embedded Unified Analytical Metadata FINANCIAL SERVICES ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS FRAMEWORKS Purpose Built Engines Common Tools Business Rules Stochastic Modeling FINANCIAL SERVICES ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS DATA MODEL Pre-Integrated/Data Common Objects Common Dimensions High Volume ExtensibleSources © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    13. 13. Building Blocks Shared Components across Applications PROFITABILITY ASSET|LIABILITY BALANCE SHEET BASEL II CUSTOMER & FTP PLANNING MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT REG CAPITAL INSIGHT FINANCIAL SERVICES BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Reports Alerts Dashboards Embedded Unified Analytical Metadata FINANCIAL SERVICES ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS FRAMEWORKS Purpose Built Engines Common Tools Business Rules Stochastic Modeling FINANCIAL SERVICES ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS DATA MODEL Pre-Integrated/Data Common Objects Common Dimensions High Volume ExtensibleSources © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    14. 14. Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications High Level Process Flow Staging Area Application-Specific Processing Area Results Area Common input area Analytical Calculations Results for for consumption analytical Cash Flow Engine apps Data Model© 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Slide 14
    15. 15. Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications High Level Process Flow Staging Area Application-Specific Processing Area Results Area Profitability Profitability Analytics General Ledger Funds Transfer Pricing ALM Asset Liability Analytics Products Management (instruments) Economic Capital Market Risk Analytics Other Liquidity & ICAAP ICAAP Basel II Analytics Common Cash Flow Engine Infrastructure and Data Model© 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Slide 15
    16. 16. Financial Service Analytics Application Data Model Staging Processing Data MartsInstruments Common Staging Area 15. Mortgage Offsetprocessing App-specific App-specific result tablesTables Accounts Facts Dimensions ALM MR aCRM ALM MR aCRM1. Current Accounts 16. Futures Contracts2. Product Savings Accounts 17. Options Contracts Basel II COA FTP CR Profitability Basel II3. Processors TD Contracts Product 18. Repo-Contracts PFT OR GRC CR OR4.Transactions OD Credit Lines 19. Fct Swaps Org Shared ProcessingTables Shared output tables Accts 20. Forex Contracts Ledger5. Loan Contracts Customer 21.T2TBreakLedgerStat Funding Exposures Account6. Credit Exposures Cards 22. Borrowing Summary Tables Instruments (29)7. Campaigns Mortgages 23. Forward Rate8. Leases Agreement Common Dimensions, Hierarchies, Master Tables Master Data9. Mortgage Backed 24. Insurance COA Org Time Series Data Securitization Time Series Data 25. Investment (Rates, Indicators, risk (Rates, Indicators, risk10. Bills Contracts factors etc) 26. Annuity Product Customer factors etc)11. LC Contracts tables 27. Trusts Display Codes/Master12. Guarantee 28. Retirement13. Mutual Funds Common Metadata Accounts14. Money Market 29. Other Services Contracts © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    17. 17. The Case for Platform and Performance Liquidity Risk Regulatory Capital Profitability• New mandates like Basel • Reporting is stressful and • Tighter controls, laws III are driving need for on- time consuming with little limiting bank fees and demand answers time for analysis slower revenue growth driving need for efficiency• Global events or crises • Performance bottlenecks and cost controls have near instantaneous leave little margin for impact error • Need for on-demand view of costs and profitability –• Banks need to calculate • Demand for additional move beyond monthly stressed results in submissions with reporting requirements. minutes not hours modified assumptions and calculations • Need for faster and more• Contingency funding granular review of product strategies need to be • Demand for advanced performance iteratively tested in a analytical practices like practical timeframe stress testing and what-if • Need to quickly response analyses to market shifts and changing rates. Senior executives are left scrambling to bridge key limitations in • Performance & Scalability • Responsiveness • Simulation & What-If Capabilities © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Slide 17
    18. 18. Extreme Performance in Financial Services Oracle Profitability Manager to execute 172 allocation rules across 250 million accounts + 1 billion transactions Reduction from 48 hrs to 4 hours and 45 minutes. Oracle Basel II for Regulatory Capital Calculations on Exadata Database Machine X2-2 executing Risk-Weighted Asset Calculations On 65 million exposures in only 1 hour and 29 minutes Oracle Liquidity Risk Management on Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Business- as-usual liquidity gaps for 370 million cash flows 65 million accounts in just 69 minutes. Stressed liquidity gaps in only 10 minutes. © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Slide 18
    19. 19. Customer and Analyst CredentialsRepresentative Customers (300+ Globally) Industry Recognition Oracle Basel II Solution in the Leaders’ Quadrant for 2005, 2006 Celent Group ranks Oracle Basel II as the North American Leader in Basel II Tower Group regards Oracle OFSAA as a specialized and well architected platform Forrester regards Oracle Reveleus as one of the top ”purpose build” GRC applications Oracle Financial Services Analytics Highly Commended in The Banker’s 2006 Technology Awards Financial Insights regards Oracle as one of leading operational risk vendors Tower Group regards Reveleus as the “Crown Jewel” of i-flexsolutions Chartis Research ranks Oracle OFSAA among the top 10 Ops Risk vendors globally Celent ranks Oracle OFSAA as one of the top 3 Ops Risk vendors worldwide © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Slide 19
    20. 20. Enterprise Risk and FinanceMarquee Wins – FY10 / FY11• BOM – GBU, Apps • BOM – GBU, Apps • BOM – (FAH), BI Apps, GBU, EPM, BI, Te ch • BOM – Apps, EPM, BI, Tech• BOM – GBU, Apps • BOM – GBU • BOM – GBU, Apps • BOM – Apps, GBU © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Slide 20
    21. 21. TIAA CREF Sales Play – Finance Modernization COMPANY OVERVIEW SOLUTIONS a Fortune 100 financial services organization that is • Oracle General Ledger and Financial Acctng the leading retirement provider for people who work in Hub the academic, research, medical and culture fields. • Oracle Financial Services Analytical Headquartered in NYC, TIAA CREF serves 3.7 million Applications (Data active and retired employees participating at more Model, Profitability, Profitability Analytics) than 15,000 institutions and has $453 billion in • Oracle Business Intelligence combines assets under management (as of 12/31/10). • Oracle Planning and Strategic Finance • Net Income: US$ 1.405 billion (2010) • Employees: 7,2000 EXPECTED BENEFITS • Single source of consolidated and detailed finance and management information MISSION/OPPORTUNITIES • Efficient and centralized accounting and• Reduce complex, redundant and costly processes general ledger prohibiting timely and efficient financial • Comprehensive best practice engines and close, detailed management information and intelligence for multi dimensional profitability reporting analytics• Provide world class configurable solution(s) to the • Enterprise strength and ease of use business institution for developing performance metrics with intelligence providing transparency and the necessary transparency to drivers and results actionable data.• Investment in technologies that will support • Provide technologies and solutions that can corporate strategy for growth scale for performance and the expected aggressive growth of the institution.
    22. 22. SwedbankCustomer Profile Business ProblemsActivities: Retail BankingGeography: Regional, •Old Backoffice systems (ATLAS) was being replaced (Calypso), including Accounting EngineNordics Europe •Old GL could not be immediatelyAnnual turnover decommissioned (basis for reporting)~ 1.000 Billion € •New GL Structure/Architecture •Need for new integrated platform for AccountingHistorically being a group of individual & Analytics(independent) Savings Banks, the largest ones •Not adequately prepared for future sources ofbeing merged and listed transaction data •Straight through processing with clear statusKeeping administration for the rest of Savings trackingBanksBusiness Requirements Project InfoFeed multiple CoAs Status: Live since June 16th 2008 Implementers: Functional setup: Cap GeminiSupport transition from old to new system (no Project Management: Local Partnerimmediate cross-over) FAH functional: Oracle consultingKeep separate ledger for separate Savings Banks Technical: Oracle Consulting + CustomerBeing able to enter Manual JournalsCentralize and store Accounting rules
    23. 23. Nomura Holdings – INTERNAL USE ONLY Sales Play – Finance Modernization COMPANY OVERVIEW SOLUTIONSNomura Holdings is the parent company of Nomura • Oracle Peoplesoft Financials and ExpenseSecurities, Japans leading investment bank and brokerage Managementhouse. The company performs trading, equity and bond • Hyperion Financial Managementunderwriting, research, and mergers and acquisitions • Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management(M&A) advisory services. It also makes private equity and • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Managementventure capital investments. Nomuras largest segment is • Financial Analyticsdomestic retail, which provides investment consulting and • Supporting Oracle Technologybrokerage services to consumers in its home market..Nomura Holdings has operations in more than 30 countries.In 2008, Nomura acquired the European and Asianoperations of Lehman Brothers, as part of it’s goal to EXPECTED BENEFITSbecome a leading Global Investment Bank Objective of Global Financial Architecture(GFA): • Assets Under Mgt ¥24.7 trillion(FY 2010) • To build the platform to allow for strategic • Total assets ¥36,692,990 million (FY 2010) decision making through timely and dynamic • 35,630 employees reporting to executive level personnel - Daily, accurate management information MISSION/OPPORTUNITIES - Allow faster adoption to social and• Become a world class competitive financial services institutional changes group • Achieve efficient management and cost• Create Change to contribute to the development of reduction by consolidating multiple IT assets capital markets and generate growth opportunities and disparate business processes globally.• Act as a bridge between Asia including Japan and - Cost reduction by server consolidation Europe and the United States
    24. 24. National Australia Bank – INTERNAL USE ONLY Information Analytics Platform Transformation Sales Play – Information management, ERM COMPANY OVERVIEW SOLUTIONS National Australia Bank is a financial services • Oracle Financial Services Analytical organisation with over 40,000 people, operating more Applications (Profitability, FTP, ALM Data than 1,800 branches globally. NAB operates major Model, Profitability Analytics, Corporate and financial services franchises in Australia, as well as Retail Credit Risk, Basel II, Basel II Analytics) businesses in New Zealand, Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each brand is • Oracle Financial Accounting Hub uniquely positioned but built on a common • Siebel UCM commitment to providing quality products and services, fair fees and charges, and relationships built EXPECTED BENEFITS on the principles of help, guidance and advice. • Support core banking transformation by • Net income A$4.58 billion (2010) realigning activity execution • Total assets A$685 billion (2010) • Provide support for support for multi-branding and rapid product manufacture independent MISSION/OPPORTUNITIES of brand• Assisting exploitation of NextGen Banking Platform • Establish a holistic perspective across• Drive cost reduction through Process enterprise service focuses – risk simplification, Technology simplification,Reduction , finance, operational support in reconciliation and control effort, Reduction in cost • Reconcile information across the required of change dimensions• Enhancing individual business capabilities • Leverage industry maturity and development• Mine the cross enterprise services opportunities to reduce complexity and speed reaction (particularly Risk , Finance, Capital Management time to market opportunities and regulatory and Customer Insight) needs
    25. 25. Royal Bank of Scotland – INTERNAL USE ONLY FiRST - Finance and Risk Systems Transformation Sales Play – Finance Transformation, ERMAbout the RBS FiRST Program• FiRST is a transformation exercise which RBS has embarked upon with an aim to bring unification & greater transparency to finance & risk processes within the bank• The bank with the success of this program aims to present a coherent picture to the regulator (FSA – Financial Services Authority) in the UK across its risk & finance numbers• The bank has hired a senior-level executive to own the unification of risk and finance• RBS has done an extensive evaluation for finance, consolidation & risk systems as the Anatomy of the Deal bank is looking at a player who can invest in this proposition as a partner & support a Tier1 Split across LOB’s (Net LF), approx. % of deal for each Oracle LOB global player such as RBS OFSAA (FSGBU) 27%• The bank’s aim is to do as minimal ERP customizations as possible and deploy the out- ERP II 26% of-box functionality proposed as part of the Oracle solution stack Apps EPM 22% BI 5%• The bank intends to complete the Technology 20% transformation exercise by FY 2013 Total 100%
    26. 26. Solution Expertise IBU Enterprise Risk and Finance coverage Stephen Skrobala, Spain (EMEA ERF POC) Nazif Mohammed (EMEA Geo Lead) Yadhunath Srinivasan, Singapore Irma Coetzee (JAPAC ERF POC)Bill Greene, NY Patrick Ng, Hong Kong(NAS ERF POC) Kiran Kesavarapu, IndiaMark Smedley, WA(NAS Geo Lead) Rob Woods, AustraliaFrank Siderio, PALuis Arturo Diaz, FL Stuart Houston, Hong Kong ERF Global Solution Manager © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Slide 26
    27. 27. Enterprise Risk and FinanceGlobal ContactsERF Global Solution Manager Asia Pacific Stuart Houston Yadhunath Srinivasan +852 6016 5399 +65 8112 7152 Based in Hong Kong Based in Singapore The Americas Europe, Middle-East, Africa Bill Greene Stephen Skrobala +1 973 960 4796 +34916312801 Based in New York Based in Madrid, Spain
    28. 28. Thank You© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential