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M is for mvp (or is it ) (leeds digi fest)


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A lightning talk on an alternative view of Minimum Viable Product, a concept often used in agile software development as an alternative to large batch single release software projects

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M is for mvp (or is it ) (leeds digi fest)

  1. 1. M is for MVP (or is it?) Clem Pickering @clem_pickering
  2. 2. “A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development @clem_pickering
  3. 3. Context: I must make the train @clem_pickering
  4. 4. M is for Maximum @clem_pickering
  5. 5. M is for Marketable @clem_pickering
  6. 6. V is for immoVable M is for Must (oScoW) @clem_pickering
  7. 7. P is for Permanent @clem_pickering
  8. 8. M is for Multiple @clem_pickering
  9. 9. M is for Monthly (or smaller) @clem_pickering
  10. 10. V is for Value (able) @clem_pickering
  11. 11. P is for exPeriments @clem_pickering
  12. 12. M is for Mindset @clem_pickering
  13. 13. TLDR; - Challenge the concept of MVP - Focus instead on establishing regular, iterative delivery - Take the tube not the (release) train @clem_pickering