Innovation boot camp 2012


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INNOVATION BOOT CAMP is a large group intervention methode to generate breakthrough innovation in companies and organizations. It is proven and works great.

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Innovation boot camp 2012

  1. 1. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP How Large Groups Generate Breakthrough Innovations Clemens Frowein, 2012HLP entwicklungspartner GbR . Voltastraße 31 . D-60486 Frankfurt . Telefon: 0049(69)43 00 820-00 . Telefax: 0049(69)43 00 820-10 .
  2. 2. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Working on Breakthrough Idea Generation - 2012 The Background Innovation drives value Innovation is one of the key drivers of value in any business in any category. With new and different commercial ideas a business will enjoy greater choice of its customers and consumers in its favour, greater margin for which people are prepared to pay for it’s products or services, greater frequency of purchase, greater market share, greater brand equity and ultimately greater share holder value. Target Breakthrough Innovation However innovation is frequently left to the responsibility of a few individuals in the business and often is an element that is left in the last of the priorities of a business. This is not because business do not know the value that innovation can bring but more that they do not know how to create real break through innovation that will deliver long term value for the company. We believe that a game changing and successful approach is to engage larger groups into the innovation process. Given a certain dynamic, these groups are able to produce disruptive and energetic ideas and concepts for innovation. And the change begins right at the BOOT CAMP. Proven & Unique Concept The following pages discuss the proven BOOT CAMP concept by which the process of innovation can be fast tracked in a business, increasing the probability of success with customers and teaching large teams how to repeat it within their specific reality back at work. This approach has been used by some of the worlds most innovative companies across a number of years and has proven to generate long term share holder value. 2
  3. 3. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Working on Breakthrough Idea Generation - 2012 The Concept The concept of INNOVATION BOOT CAMP addresses companies and organisations who are searching for innovation in their products and services, processes and business models. The target is to provide a world class proven concept for successful new idea initiation and to create a fundamental learning on how to apply the concept on their own. The concept is clearly focussed on the specific need, requirement and frame of the client organisation the initiation of outstanding creative processes and idea generation sharing fundamental insight and understanding, creating new innovative strategic approaches and models delivering breakthrough innovation concepts at a high level of development fast INNOVATION BOOT CAMP is build on • U shape process design • Large group intervention / RTSC • world class process, methods and tools • A specific facilitation concept • Outstanding experienced facilitators • multifunctional team and role based approach • Modular system designed to fit the clients targets and requirements 3
  4. 4. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Working on Breakthrough Idea Generation - 2012 The Concept Concept Idea Opportunity U shape Prototyping Generation Funnel process Preparation/ Business 2-4 days Intensive Exploration Planning 5 Tier Sessions preparation Process Large Focus on Design Thinking interdisciplinary Break Through Philosopy Teams Tailored Innovation Concept Expert/Stakeholder Approach programs Designed Framework (Customers, Adverse etc.) Elements Facilitation/ Modular for large Approach groups Location Top Management Involvement Customer Business Challenge Model INNOVATION Specialized Facilities driven BOOT CAMP e.g. IDL Potsdam; HLP, Mgt. Connex (incl. Design Prototying) Target Customers: Mid size & big Companies/ Trainers/ Organisation Partners Facilitators World Class Management Trainers Multiplicator/ Trainer/Facilitator Connex Supporter IDL Expert References & Bonn Group eXpotential Network Experience ZAB ICG HLP entwicklungspartenr 4
  5. 5. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Working on Breakthrough Idea Generation - 2012 Laboratory Process in Five Phases • Brainstorming • Whole Brain Approach • Modelling & Visualizing • Briefing, Interviews • Market Research Idea • Concept Development • Exploration Concept Generation • Building Scenarios • Team Constellation Writing / • Rapid Prototyping Preparation Prototyping • Fast Customer Feedback Exploration INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Evaluation/ Opportunity Business Funnel Planning • Opportunity Evaluation • Strategic Business Model • Portfolio Techniques • Potential Evaluation ( Analysis) • Selection and Priorities • Project and Financial Planning 5
  6. 6. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Working on Breakthrough Idea Generation - 2012 6
  7. 7. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Working on Breakthrough Idea Generation - 2012 Modular Approach To fulfil the needs and requirements of different customers, the BOOT CAMP concept is designed in a modular structure. Therefore the volume and costs can be tailored to customer requests. Idea & Concept Generation Module Follow up Module (Business Planning) This core module consist of an intensive brainstorming workshop. Ideas will be generated with a variety of methods and tools. And ideas will be transferred in Live Prototyping Module professional concepts that can be used as input for innovation processes. Preparation/Exploration Module Preparation/Exploration Module The preparation module consist of information gathering, market research and exploration methods. It is clearly Idea & Concept advised, that the outcome of Innovation Laboratories will Generation be boosted by using this pre phase. Module Live Prototyping Module In some cases, prototyping is suggested as module in the process, especially in product innovation. The physical design prototyping helps to get a clear idea of the value of the idea of concept. Follow Up Module The delivery of a well outlined business plan is of high practical importance for judgment on opportunities, risks and on the realization. 7
  8. 8. INNOVATION BOOT CAMP Working on Breakthrough Idea Generation - 2012 Überblick: Experten im Innovationsmanagement Clemens Frowein Studium des Wirtschaftingenieur-wesens und der Betriebswirtschaft an den Universitäten TH Darmstadt und JWG Frankfurt / Main. Assistent des Vorstands bei einem führenden Systemhaus. Von 2004 bis 2011 war er Gesellschafter bei HLP Hirzel Leder & Partner, seit Oktober 2010 Partner bei HLP entwicklungspartner GbR. Clemens Frowein berät mit den Schwerpunkten Unternehmens- und Geschäftsfeldstrategie, Innovationsmanagement, Projektmanagement und Organisationsentwicklung. Nach Branchen liegen die Erfahrungen in der Konsumgüterbranche, Chemische Industrie, Dienstleistungsbereich, bei IT Diensten und auch im landwirtschaftlichen Bereich. Er unterstützt Unternehmen in der Orientierung und der Geschäftsentwicklung insbesondere mit dem Konzept „Strategie Coaching“, wobei in besonderer Weise „harte“ Faktoren (Geschäftslogik) kombiniert mit „weichen“ Faktoren (Dynamik der Organisation) in den Blick genommen werden. Veröffentlichung zahlreicher Artikeln und Beiträgen sowie Vorträge zu den Themen Strategie und Innovation. 8