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Wh questions game


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Wh questions game

  1. 1. WH-Questions Let’s PLAY!!!
  2. 2. WH Questions This is a term used to refer to questions starting with “WH” or “H”. Examples: • • • • • • • What Who Where When Why Whose Which • • • • • • How How long How far How old How many How much
  3. 3. The following is a list of some “Wh” questions, their meanings and sample sentences. Wh question Meaning What Things, actions, idea, information. Sample Sentence What are you holding? What are you doing? What are you thinking about? What kind of pet do you have? Who person Who is your favorite singer? Where Place Where is the nearest hospital?
  4. 4. Wh question Meaning Sample Sentence Why Reason When Time Whose Possession Which Choice Which pair of shoes do you like more? How Manner How did you convince her to come? Why did you lie to your mom? When is Lisa’s birthday? Whose cap is this?
  5. 5. Wh question Meaning Sample Sentence How many Quantity for How many dogs does she have? countable nouns How much Quantity for How much water do you need? uncountable nouns How often Frequency How often does your grandma water her pants? How far Distance How far is it from your house to the school? How old Age How old is Mary’s younger brother? How long Duration How long should I answer this test?
  6. 6. Exercise: Put the correct “wh question”. Who ____________ is flying the kite?
  7. 7. Where ___________ does he go? How often do you visit your __________ relatives?
  8. 8. Which _________ dress should I wear for the party? _________ How muchsugar should I put in your coffee?
  9. 9. Why ____________ are you How long _______________ do crying? you take a shower?
  10. 10. Whose ____________ computer are you using?
  11. 11. Yes Not