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Clouddock: The Universal Adapter For Cloud Storage Services


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Clouddock are here to fix the problem of an ever-fragmenting cloud storage sector.

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Clouddock: The Universal Adapter For Cloud Storage Services

  1. 1. The Universal Adapter for Cloud Storage. @CloudDockHQ
  2. 2. 625m Cloud Storage Users
  3. 3. 1.3bn Users by 2017
  4. 4. Cloud storage is a massive, rapidly growing area – but there’s a problem…
  5. 5. Dave IT Consultant Dave’s company has over 100 employees, and they all use Google Drive for file storage and sharing
  6. 6. Dave typically works with 3-5 clients at a time, and they rarely use the same service as him. So up until now, he had two options
  7. 7. He could adopt his clients service of choice – but now his files/info scattered across multiple services – requires him to manage this content manually
  8. 8. Or he could resort to emailing attachments back and forth – but this negates almost all the advantages of having cloud storage in the first place
  9. 9. More Clients More Fragmentation This problem multiplies with each client Dave takes on!
  10. 10. CloudDock The Universal Adapter for Cloud Storage Services CloudDock solves this problem by acting as a universal adaptor for these cloud storage services – making them compatible
  11. 11. Link Preferred Service Give App Permission Good To Go!
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  20. 20. All the advantages of cloud storage Seamless Collaboration Just €10 per month
  21. 21. The Market
  22. 22. By 2017... +100% Cloud Storage Users +450% Paying Storage Users $38bn Market Size
  23. 23. Creative Services IT Consultancy Construction Focusing on three initial sectors: Creative Services, IT Consultancy and Construction
  24. 24. Major players in each sector, such as those above are already signed up.
  25. 25. The Team
  26. 26. Scott CMO Scott, our CMO, and has extensive experience in sales and marketing
  27. 27. Padaic Lead Dev. Padraic leads the build for CloudDock and has strong experience in software development
  28. 28. Cian CEO Cian’s background is in both business and technology, with previous startup experience
  29. 29. Gene Murphy John Breslin Our highly experienced advisory board was chosen to compliment any potential gaps in the team skillset
  30. 30. Launched Beta 500 Signups We have achieved a lot in the last few months
  31. 31. “Cloud Storage won’t be a winner takes all market” Aaron Levie CEO @ Box And that’s where we fit in!
  32. 32. The Universal Adapter for Cloud Storage. Click here to find out more about CloudDock @CloudDockHQ