Losing weight and staying fit - Maximize weight loss


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Things to do in Lagos, Nigeria to stay fit and lose weight which include various exercises to perform in order to maximize weight loss

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Losing weight and staying fit - Maximize weight loss

  1. 1. Staying fit brought to you by Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort
  2. 2. If you are looking for things to do in Lagos, Nigeria, come visit the Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort for a great day filled with exercise, great food at our very own Vineyard restaurant and relaxation at our sauna and wellness resort. Things to do in Lagos, Nigeria
  3. 3. Clear Essence California Spa Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort is not only a hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. Our hotel also houses a fitness and wellness center because here at Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort, we are all about living a healthy, fulfilling life which is why we have compiled a list of various exercises and each of their various health benefits to help you lose weight, get toned and live a healthier life.
  4. 4. Aerobics Endurance exercise is often times referred to as aerobic exercises and the purpose of such exercises is to keep your heart and circulatory systems healthy as well as to improve your overall level of fitness. Some of the benefits of aerobic exercises include weight loss (when combined with a healthy diet, aerobic exercise helps you shed the pounds as well as help keep it off). Aerobic exercises also help to increase your stamina as well as your mood. Examples of aerobic exercises include: Running, walking, jogging, dancing, elliptical, swimming, and biking.
  5. 5. Strength Training • Strength training or resistance training are exercises that helps to make your muscles stronger. Strength training is a very effective way to burn calories and lose those extra pounds especially when combined with aerobic exercise and a healthy diet. Some benefits of strength training include: improved metabolism rate, increased energy, better blood circulation, stronger muscles, and of course weight loss. People shy away from weight lifting because they fear getting too bulky and muscular but starting off small and slowly increasing your resistance will increase your strength without getting bulky.
  6. 6. Flexibility Exercises • Flexibility exercises are great for people who do not have a full hour to work out but can spare 10- 15 minutes at different intervals during the day. Flexibility exercises allow you to stretch your muscles, as well as stay flexible and limber. When done properly, flexibility exercises can be an effective way to burn calories, improve blood flow, decrease your risk of injuring yourself during exercise, and it also helps improve one’s posture. Examples of flexibility exercises include: Yoga, shoulder and arm stretch, hamstring stretch, calf stretch, and many more.
  7. 7. Exercise is good for everyone regardless of age. It’s great to start now and do not put it off for another day and remember, results take a while to show so even if you don’t see changes now, keep at it and you will look at feel different a year from when you started. Who should exercise?
  8. 8. Thank You For more tips on healthy living or to book a spa and fitness session, please visit us at www.clearessencecaliforniaspa.com