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ClearedJobs.Net New Website Features - Job Seekers


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Check out the new features available to job seekers on the new ClearedJobs.Net career site, launching July 4th weekend!

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ClearedJobs.Net New Website Features - Job Seekers

  1. 1. ClearedJobs.Net’s Website Launch New Features for Job Seekers
  2. 2. All Your AccountInformation WillTransfer From the OldSite to the New Site.When the new site launchesthe weekend of July 4, youraccount information will betransferred so you can loginusing your same accountinformation.If you encounter anydifficulties, please call ourCustomer Service team at703-871-0037 Option 4between 8am and 6pm EDTMonday-Friday, or via emailCustomerService@ClearedJobs.Net
  3. 3. You’ll See YourAccount DashboardWhen You LoginEmployers can send you aComments for any jobs you’veapplied for. You’ll also receiveemail notification of theComments.Click on Resumes to manageyour account visibility options andUpdate your account. Rememberto login and click ‘Update’ at leastevery 30 days so recruiters knowyou’re still an active job seeker.More new My AccountDashboard features on the nextpage..
  4. 4. You’ll See YourAccount DashboardWhen You Login(page 2)Jobs You May Like are basedon the criteria you selected inyour Job Search Preferences.Fast access to extensiveCareer Resources.You can upload up to 5versions of your Resume andCover Letter.
  5. 5. Identify a SecurityQuestionUpdate your profile and add asecurity question.This helps our CustomerService team quickly identifyyou if you need help with yourusername or password.
  6. 6. Improved Job SearchEnter just keywords or useBoolean logic for searches.Youll no longer need to useradio buttons to select the typeof search.Selected search options areeasy to follow as the box ischecked and the search criteriais highlighted in red.
  7. 7. Block SpecificEmployers fromFinding YouIf you’re in a search and want toensure your current employer – orany other employer -- doesn’t findyou, create an Employer Block.
  8. 8. Greatly ExpandedCareer ResourcesOur resource library hasbeen expanded to includearticles, videos andpresentations to help you.Check out employerprofiles and all thepositions they are offeringin one place.
  9. 9. Find Jobs byCompany andResearch EmployerDetailsResearch companiesand all their jobopenings in one easystep.
  10. 10. Statistics to Help YouManage Your JobSearchStatistics are located on aneasily managed page, withuseful info to manage your jobsearch.Remember if no one is viewingyour resume to revisit yourkeywords.
  11. 11. Manage YourCleared Job FairsEasily manage yourCleared Job Fairregistrations in one easystep.
  12. 12. Bee Beep!While our new sitemay not be as fast asthe RoadRunner…we think you’ll beimpressed with ourspeed!Thanks for being aClearedJobs.Net JobSeeker!If you have anytrouble with youraccount contact ourCustomer ServiceTeam 703-871-0037,Option 4 orCustomerService@ClearedJobs.Net