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Cleared Job Fair Job Seeker Handbook Oct 27, 2011, BWI, MD

Join us October 27 at the Four Points Sheraton BWI to meet with cleared facilities employers. The Job Seeker Handbook contains a listing of all employers and the positions they will be seeking to fill at the Cleared Job Fair.

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Cleared Job Fair Job Seeker Handbook Oct 27, 2011, BWI, MD

  1. 1. ClearedJobs NetCleared Job FairJob Seeker Handbook Thursday, October 27 Four Points Sheraton BWI 1000 Scott Drive Baltimore, MD 21240
  2. 2. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS Welcome to a Cleared Job Fair!First impressions are very important so take a deep breath, enjoy a cup of coffee and let’sget started! This Job Seeker Handbook is your guide to a successful Cleared Job Fair and itis yours to keep, so make notes to aid in your job search.Some tips to help you today: By now you should have your 30-second elevator speech so you can concisely communicate your career goals and relevant experience to recruiters. Practice this a few times if you’re still a bit shaky. Talk to as many employers as you can. Don’t just concentrate on well-known employers. Expand your experience to employers that you may not be as familiar with. You have nothing to lose and may be surprised at what you find. Be positive. Yes you’re probably nervous, but a smile and a firm handshake go a long way. Smile and offer your hand when you introduce yourself.10:45am – 11am How to Work a Job FairWhat can you do to improve your chances of making the right connections that will lead youto the job you want? Learn some simple steps to get the most out of any job fair and tomaximize your results.11am-3pm Professional One-on-One Resume ReviewsThese 5 minute sessions allow a job seeker to review their resume directly with an HRprofessional. These sessions are first-come, first-serve.11:30am – Noon Resume Tips and TricksWhether you’re working on your first resume or your 21st, do you know what you need todo now to succeed? What’s the point of your resume? How do you get an employer’sattention? What’s ‘the golden zone’ and why should you care?12:30pm – 12:45pm How to Work a Job FairWhat can you do to improve your chances of making the right connections that will lead youto the job you want? Learn some simple steps to get the most out of any job fair and tomaximize your results.1:30pm – 2pm Interviewing to SucceedHave an interview? How do you prepare? What questions do you ask so you get the mostout of the interview? Remember you are interviewing them as much as they areinterviewing you. Learn the important tips to make the most of your interview. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  3. 3. Cleared Job Fair Directions to the Four Points Sheraton BWIThe official address for the hotel is 7032 Elm Road, however the physical address of the hotel is1000 Scott Drive.If you use GPS you must enter the ZIP Code 21240 with the 1000 Scott Drive address.Otherwise you’ll be taken to Scott Street in downtown Baltimore.Driving directions:From Washington, DC / Virginia 1. Take 495 E to BW Parkway/295 N toward Baltimore 2. From 295 N take 195 E toward BWI Airport 3. From 195E take exit 1A/Route 170 N. Linthicum 4. Make a right at 2nd light which is Terminal Road 5. Make a left at 2nd light which is Scott Drive 6. Bear right onto the Four Points parking lotFrom Philadelphia, New York and other points North 1. Take 95 S to Exit 47A, 195 E toward BWI Airport 2. From 195 E take Exit 1A/Route 170 N. Linthicum 3. Make a right at 2nd light which is Terminal Road 4. Make a left at 2nd light which is Scott Drive 5. Bear right onto the Four Points parking lotFrom Downtown Baltimore 1. Take 295 to 95 S 2. Exit at 47A 195 E toward BWI Airport 3. From 195 E take Exit 1A/Route 170 N. Linthicum 4. Make a right at 2nd light which is Terminal Road 5. Make a left at 2nd light which is Scott Drive 6. Bear right onto the Four Points parking lotFrom 695 Baltimore Beltway 1. From 695 take Exit 7A BWI Parkway South 2. Take 195 E toward BWI Airport 3. From 195 E take Exit 1A/Route 170 N. Linthicum 4. Make a right at 2nd light which is Terminal Road 5. Make a left at 2nd light which is Scott Drive
  4. 4. 6. Bear right onto the Four Points parking lotFrom Delaware, Eastern Shore, Annapolis and points East 1. Take Route 50 W to 97 N 2. From 97 N take Exit 15B marked 176 Dorsey Road toward BWI Airport 3. Make a right onto Aviation Blvd and drive about 3 miles 4. Make a left on Terminal Road 5. 2nd light make a left on Scott Drive 6. Bear right onto the Four Points parking lotFrom West Virginia, Hagerstown, Frederick and points West 1. Take 70 E to 695 toward Glen Burnie 2. Take 295 BWI Airport exit 3. Take 195 E, take Exit 1A/Route 170 N. Linthicum 4. Make a right at 2nd light which is Terminal Road 5. Make a left at 2nd light which is Scott Drive 6. Bear right onto the Four Points parking lotFrom Harrisburg PA and 83 1. Take 83 S toward 695 W 2. Take 295 to BWI Airport 3. Take 195 E, take Exit 1A/Route 170 N. Linthicum 4. Make a right at 2nd light which is Terminal Road 5. Make a left at 2nd light which is Scott Drive 6. Bear right onto the Four Points parking lot The Four Points is beside a large BWI Airport parking garage and is referred to on signage as “The Airport Hotel.”
  5. 5. Four Points by Sheraton - BWI Airport Thursday, October 27, 2011 Invertix Verizon Northrop ARINC TASC Grumman Z MinervaEngineeringNJVC Lockheed Unisys ManTech Martin Entrance Entrance
  6. 6. CLEARED FOR SUCCESSARINC Hiring2551 Riva RoadAnnapolis, MD 21401  JAVA DeveloperOn the was established in 1929, is the leading providerof transport communications and systems engineeringsolutions for eight major industries: (aviation, airports,defense, government, healthcare, networks, security,and transportation). ARINC has installed computer datanetworks in police cars and railroad cars and also main-tains the standards for line-replaceable units.ARINC is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland and hastwo regional headquarters: London (established in 1999)to serve the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region andSingapore (established 2003) for the Asia Pacific region.ARINC maintains more than 3200 employees at over120 locations worldwide. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  7. 7. CLEARED FOR SUCCESSInvertix Hiring8201 Greensboro Drive, Ste. 800McLean, VA 22102  Geospatial All-Source Ana- lystOn the Web  Financial Program  Intelligence Analyst (China)  LinguistFounded in 1999, Invertix is a service-disabled veteran-owned  Staff Operations Officersmall business headquartered in Northern Virginia that delivers  Collection Management Of-professional and technical services, systems engineering and ficertechnical assistance, and research and development support to  Operations Officerthe Department of Defense and Service Components, the United  Software DeveloperStates Intelligence Community, and the Department of HomelandSecurity. We concentrate on three primary mission areas: ISR, En-  Systems Integrator (Redterprise IT, and the development of Communications Mission Sys- Hat & Virtualization)tems. Current clients include the Transportation Security Admini-  Software Engineer (Ozonestration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Bu- Widget Framework)reau of Investigation, United States Army, select members of the  Software Engineermilitary and national Intelligence Community, and members of the (Hadoop)defense R&D community.  Software SpecialistWe are a company of 100+ talented and smart individuals, rapidly  Software Specialist Sr.growing our share of the DOD and intel communities. We have  Web Developervery low employee turnover due to the incredible culture we enjoyas Invertix employees and, to that end, we also provide our em-ployees with a second-to-none employee benefits package includ-ing: 31+ Paid Days Off Each Year (including 15 vacation days, 5 sick days, and 11 holidays – 10 Federal plus your birthday!) Company-Paid Short and Long Term Disability and Life Insur- ance Policy Employee Assistance Program Comprehensive high-option and standard-option Medical Cov- erage (PPO) with minimal employee contribution 401(k) with company match Education and Professional Certification Expense Reimburse- ment Company-Paid Professional Organization Membership Employee Referral Program Wellness Program ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  8. 8. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringLockheed Martin1215 South Clark Street, 9th Floor StatesideArlington, VA 22202  Systems Engineers  Software EngineersOn the Web  Systems  Network Engineers  Systems IntegrationLOCKHEED MARTIN is engaged in the research, de-  Test Engineerssign, development, integration and sustainment of ad-vanced technology systems, products and services. As a OCONUS & Stateside withpartner to Federal, Civil, and Intelligence agencies, our Short & Long Term Deploy-Information Systems & Global Solutions group provides mentsIT and Security solutions for every area of Intelligence.  All Source Intel Analysts  SIGINT AnalystsCyber Solutions creates the technology and strategies to  Geospatial Analystshelp our customers defend their global information net-  Collection Managersworks. Employing layered, adaptive defenses, advanced  Linguistsencryption technologies, and a team of expert cyberstrategists, we help secure critical data against a widevariety of threats. Capabilities include information assur-ance, intrusion detection, wired and wireless network de-fenses, cyber training and war gaming, and in depth se-curity architecture integration.Join us in supporting key national interest programs asyou make the most of your expertise. If you have the tal-ent and Top Secret (TS) Secure Compartmentalized In-formation (SCI) security access, we have opportunitiesfor you!Opportunities in Hanover, Laurel and Columbia, Mary-land. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  9. 9. CLEARED FOR SUCCESSManTech Hiring2250 Corporate Park Drive, Ste. 500Herndon, VA 20171  Please see the hiring repre- sentatives in our booth for open positions.On the Webwww.mantech.comManTech is made up of highly qualified employees thatoperate in the United States and more than 38 coun-tries worldwide. Our uniquely skilled employees havemilitary and intelligence experience, security clear-ances and advanced information and other technologyskills that allow us to address our customer’s key tech-nology priorities and most pressing security needs -whether in secure environments or on front-line deploy-ments. These capabilities, along with our comprehen-sive knowledge of our customers’ missions, enableManTech to build and maintain long-standing relation-ships with customers.From its beginning in 1968, ManTech International Cor-poration has consistently delivered innovative informa-tion technology and technical services solutions to fed-eral government customers. Today, ManTech hasgrown to become one of the U.S. government’s leadingproviders of innovative technologies and solutions formission-critical national security programs supportingthe Intelligence Community; the Departments of De-fense, State, Homeland Security and Justice; theSpace Community; and other federal governmentagencies. Our expertise covers software development,enterprise security architecture, information assurance,intelligence operations support, network and critical in-frastructure protection, information technology, commu-nications integration and engineering support. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  10. 10. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringMinerva Engineering1640 S. Stapley Dr  Technical WritersMesa, AZ 85204  Systems Engineers  C&A EngineersOn the Web  Test  ISSE  Software DevelopersMinerva Engineering provides systems and software engineering services for a va-riety of space systems including SIGINT/ELINT/IMINT platforms, missile defense  Information System Secu-platforms, communication platforms and Earth observing platforms. Our space sys- rity Engineerstems engineering capabilities focus on payloads, ground segment software and thenetworks connecting the ground and space segments. In the space systems do-  Information Assurancemain, we specialize in requirements management, documentation development,requirements verification and validation, software development, integration and test.  Systems Engineers  Enterprise and Systems Ar-We provide systems and software engineering, Integration and Prototyping forC4ISR Tactical systems and components including Software Defined Radios, Tacti- chitectscal Control/Communication Systems, Encryption Systems and large, enterprise-  Network Vulnerability Ana-wide intelligence and data management systems. In the C4ISR domain, we special-ize in software development, integration and test (FVT, QVT and SVT) and Informa- lyst (Red Team/Blue Teamtion Assurance (IA).  Software Vulnerability Ana-Minerva Engineering is a full system lifecycle developer of small, one-of a kind or lyst (Red Team/Blue Teamlimited-rate production systems for the DoD and Intelligence Community. We have  Signal Analystsan excellent reputation for developing components for tactical systems and thenproducing them in low quantities in support of the Warfighter. Our facilities are state  Cyber Analysts-of-the-art production centers and are designed to support low-risk development of  INFOSEC Engineersunique systems.  Software TestersWe have a niche market in the area of the development of Virtual Reality (VR) train-ing system development. We reverse engineer or re-engineer existing systems,develop hardware and software emulators and VR simulators and integrate and usethese systems to train maintainers and operators on the C4ISR system. In additionwe have developed instructional materials, taught classes worldwide, and devel-oped integrated electronic technical manuals (IETMs) for various C4ISR systems.Minerva Engineering’s prime contracts are with the US Navy Space and Naval War-fare Systems Center (SPAWAR), US Army Advanced Avionics Technology Division(AATD), US Army Ft. Rucker, US Army PEO Aviation, the Air Force ResearchLaboratory and the National Security Agency. We also have many contracts withother companies including General Dynamics C4 Systems, General Dynamics AIS,Boeing, Spectrum Astro, Motorola, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, SAIC, Booz,Allen & Hamilton, Orbital Sciences and TRW among others.Our headquarters are located in Tempe, AZ and we have offices in Bristow, VA,Linthicum, MD, Huntsville, AL and Colorado Springs, CO.We are interested in supporting our vets and disabled vets newly returned fromIraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world and give them priority statuswhen hiring.Minerva Engineerings Outside Referral ProgramYou can earn up to $2,000 for referring qualified candidates. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  11. 11. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringNJVC8614 Westwood Ctr Dr  Business Process Consult-Vienna, VA 22182 ant  Business Systems AnalystOn the Web  Change Management cialist  Communications SpecialistNJVC provides a full lifecycle of secure, innovative in-  Configuration Managementformation technology solutions to the federal govern- Specialistment. We help customers solve their toughest mission-  Database Administratorcritical IT challenges, enabling them to concentrate  Finance Specialisttheir resources on their core mission. As one of the  Geospatial Analystlargest IT solutions providers supporting the Depart-  Help Desk Supportment of Defense, NJVC is the ideal partner for leading  ISSRintelligence, military, and geospatial agencies with  Logistics Management Spe-highly-secure IT requirements. Ninety percent of out tal- cialistented workforce is security cleared and ready for ac-  Metrics Analysttion. With a wide range of capabilities and solutions  Network Administratorusually only available to large IT companies, and the  Network Engineeraccessibility and agility of small organizations, NJVC is  Operations Analystuniquely qualified to support your mission every step of  Proposal Specialistthe way.  Software Engineer  System Integration Engi- neer  Systems Administrator  Systems Architect  Systems Engineer  Test Engineer ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  12. 12. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringNorthrop Grumman1580-A West Nursery Rd  Java / Enterprise EditionLinthicum, MD 21090 Developer 4  Systems Engineer - Infor-On the Web mation Assurance RTOS/CDS T4  Software/System Integra-We don’t just see the tion Specialist 4value of our performance. WE FEEL IT.  Build Master Engineer 4And it’s a powerful feeling. We feel it at night when chil-dren are sleeping soundly. We feel it when a soldiercomes home safely and when a first responder saves alife. We feel it when a cyber terrorist is defeated andwhen a hurricane is predicted.At Northrop Grumman, you’ll feel it too. You’ll collabo-rate across sectors to keep our world safe. You’ll join ateam of experts in aerospace, electronics, informationsystems, and technical services. And you’ll be sup-ported by training, employee resource groups, and ourshared vision of global security.Across our career areas and around the globe, we seethe value of our performance every day. We are North-rop Grumman. And excellence is at the heart of whatwe do.Discover more about our careers at©2011 Northrop Grumman Corporation. Northrop Grumman is an Equal Op-portunity Employer committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce re-gardless of age. U.S. Citizenship is required for most positions. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  13. 13. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringTASC4801 Stonecroft Blvd IT Project managersChantilly, VA 20151 Network Analysts Linux System Admins Threat Media Forensics SupportOn the Web  Network Threat Support Spec  Info Sys Security EngineersTASC has a broad portfolio of proven services and solu-  Network Engineerstions that help solve real-world security challenges and  CNO Support Specialiststhreats. Our mission-focused end-to-end systems engi-  Linguists Analysts  Financialneering and analytic expertise enhances operationally  Cyber Architectsdeployed systems, guides the acquisition of complex  Acquisition Managerssystems under development, and architects systems and  Intel Analysts/Trainerstechnologies of the future.  Software Developers  ISSO System Engineer  Software EngineersDriven by the needs of our customers, TASC delivers  Test Engineers (Linux)mission-critical technologies and services to the National  Proc Improvement AnalystSecurity Community. Our services span the entire pro-  Chief Engr/Syst Integratorsgram life cycle—from requirements and technology de-  Security Engineersvelopment, through processing and data analysis, and  System Administrators  Technical Writer/Trainersfinally to information delivery. We engineer complex, end  Configuration Analysts-to-end systems coupled with a broad portfolio of ser-  Intelligence Analystvices and solutions.  Network & Threat Malicious Code Support Specialist  Cyber Intelligence Analyst  Digital Network Analyst  Language Analyst (Arabic, Balu- chi, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Pashto, Portuguese, Urdu)  Info Sys Security Engineer  Network Analyst  IT Project Manager  Test Engineer  Sys Engr Supporting Networks  Systems Engineer  Access Coll Consultant  Info Sys Security Officer  Software Tester  Tact Deployment Proj Mgr  Software Developer  Acquisition Professional  Linux Systems Admin ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  14. 14. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringUnisys11720 Plaza American Drive Please see the hiring repre-Reston, VA 20190 sentatives in our booth for our open positions.On the Webwww.unisys.comWe Are Mission CriticalUnisys designs, builds, and manages mission-critical environmentsfor businesses and governments who have no room for error. Be-cause we have a deep understanding of high-volume, transaction-intensive, and secure computing, we can partner with our clients todeliver operational efficiencies, reduced complexity, increased pro-ductivity, and peace of mind.Areas of FocusWe focus where we have proven strengths, strong skill sets, marketdifferentiators, and innovative solutions — four areas where we cancreate maximum impact for our clients: Security: helping our clients secure their operations — people, places, assets and data to create more reliability and less risk Data Center Transformation and Outsourcing: increasing the efficiency and utilization of their data centers End User Outsourcing and Support Services: enhancing sup- port to their end users and constituents through their devices and desktops Application Modernization and Outsourcing: modernizing their mission-critical business applicationsBring It OnWe have never shied away from a challenge, tackling the most diffi-cult tasks our clients have and that is what inspires us — solvingproblems for our clients. We approach each project in a way thathas become synonymous with Unisys: Collaboration: Working with our clients, listening as well as talk- ing, delivering a solution that is specific to their challenge. Service Delivery: The unblinking focus on delivering on what we say we will do — a true commitment to delighting our customers. Inventiveness: The breakthrough thinking that leaps at techno- logical and economic opportunities precisely when the time is right. Integrity: We work hard to win our clients’ trust — to prove that we are honest and straightforward in everything that we do. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  15. 15. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringVerizon Federal Network Systems1300 N. 17th Street, Suite 1200  Network EngineersArlington, VA 22209  Network Design EngineersOn the Web  Video  Systems Engineers  Exchange EngineersFNS provides worldwide operations, maintenance, engi-  CND Engineersneering and network security support to the SIPRNET,  Project ManagersNIPRNET, and ATM networks at DISA for the DefenseData Network/Defense Information Systems Network(DDN/DISN). Verizon FNS network specialists also pro-vide network and security operations, maintenance, engi-neering and transition support services for the TreasuryDepartments Treasury Communications System (TCS),including technical troubleshooting, network expansionplanning, and hardware and software maintenance sup-port. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
  16. 16. CLEARED FOR SUCCESS HiringZ8630 Fenton Street  Data ModelerSilver Spring, MD 20910  Arc/GIS Administrator  Sr. Java DeveloperOn the Web  Web  Network Engineer  Cybersecurity AnalystZ, INC. is a professional services firm headquartered inSilver Spring, Maryland. Founded in 1983, Z, INC. pro-vides information systems, web development, programmanagement and analytical support to Government andbusiness organizations. Z, INC. has successfully deliv-ered technology-based solutions and support to Govern-ment and private sector clients of all sizes, from start-upcompanies and small businesses to large corporations.We have an unblemished record of past performanceand demonstrated effectiveness and stability as a primecontractor, subcontractor, and teaming partner. Our tra-dition of excellence in service and quality spans hun-dreds of successful projects. ClearedJobs.Net | 703.871.0037 | Visit us online at www.ClearedJobs.Net
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