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Career Support Seminars at Sept 6 Cleared Job Fair


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At each Cleared Job Fair, we provide security cleared job seekers with resume reviews and career support seminars. At the Sept 6th Cleared Job Fair in Springfield VA you can meet with Cleared Facilities Employers and participate in these seminars. Here are
some of the employers attending Geneva Software Inc., General Dynamics - IT, HP, Invertix Corporation, EngilityCorp, Lockheed Martin, URS Corporation, TASC Inc
SERCO, SAIC, CGI Federal, Applied Information Sciences, Miklos Systems, Verizon FNS, Agilex

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Career Support Seminars at Sept 6 Cleared Job Fair

  1. 1. Seminars at the Sept 6thCleared Job FairWe invite you to join us at the nextCleared Job Fair to meet with theseCleared Facilities employers -GenevaSoftware Inc., General Dynamics – IT,HP, Invertix Corporation, EngilityCorporation, Lockheed Martin, URSCorporation, TASC Inc, SERCO, SAIC,CGI Federal, Applied InformationSciences, Miklos Systems, Verizon FNS,Agilex and more!As with every Cleared Job Fair we willhave Customer Service staff on handto speed you through registration,Resume Reviews to give you tips onyour resumes and Career SupportSeminars.This time at the Waterford inSpringfield we will have the followingCareer Support Seminars…..
  2. 2. 10:30amResumes: ShowcasingYour Accomplishments Achievements? Successes? How do you show what you have accomplished in a few short bullets? How do you translate past work success into the job you want next? Learn more about how to make your resume work for you, not against you.
  3. 3. 11:15amJob Search and CareerSelf Sabotage Ok you would never do anything stupid in your job search! But any recruiter can tell you all about the people who have done something. Come check out some of the most common errors and help yourself avoid them!
  4. 4. 11am to 2pmResume ReviewsEveryone needs a littlerefresher on theirresume.Our career coacheswill provide you with aworksheet to help youreview your resumeand then provide youquick feedback onsome ways to improveyour resume.
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