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Signs You Need Security Clearance Assistance


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A security clearance can be a powerful tool in a professional's arsenal, but many people may anticipate difficulties in the process. For individuals who have concerning details in their SF-86, it might be time to call in professional security clearance assistance.

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Signs You Need Security Clearance Assistance

  1. 1. Signs You Need Security ClearanceAssistanceBrought to you by
  2. 2. Signs You Need Security Clearance Assistance • The average security clearance denial rate in federal agencies is 2.5 percent. – Those numbers are low, because many people are weeded out of the security clearance process long before their applications are adjudicated.
  3. 3. Signs You Need Security Clearance Assistance Top reasons for applicants to be denied a security clearance include: • Criminal conviction • Addiction to a controlled substance • Dishonorable discharge from military service • Unwillingness to surrender a foreign passport • Financial problems • False statements made in clearance process
  4. 4. Signs You Need Security Clearance Assistance• Many security-cleared professionals falsely assume their Facility Security Officer is a security clearance expert – this may not be the case.• You will be ultimately responsible for all information included in your SF-86, and for its accuracy – take the amount of time you would to fill out your taxes, at the very least.• If you have moderate to major issues in your SF-86, you may need to get professional assistance in the form of a security clearance expert or attorney.
  5. 5. Signs You Need Security Clearance Assistance • Having financial issues or a criminal background alone will not necessarily result in clearance denial. Many potential issues can be mitigated through demonstrating elapsed time, a change in behavior and associations, or demonstrating hardships which led to financial issues.
  6. 6. Signs You Need Security Clearance Assistance• For many, the professional benefits of obtaining a security clearance will mitigate the financial cost of obtaining assistance, if it’s needed.• Consider your options, and consider professional advice, before assuming your chances of obtaining a security clearance are impossible.
  7. 7. For more information visit: is not a legal body or government institution. Information is given based on US government-sponsored security clearancesin accordance with the National Industrial Security Program (NISP).