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Security Clearance Information


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Security Clearance Terms like SF86, TS/SCI, SF85, Public Trust, Polygraph, JPAS, HSPD-12, eQIP, Classified, DSS, Active Clearance, Current Clearance, Interim, and HSPD-12.

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Security Clearance Information

  1. 1. ClearanceJobs Security and SuitabilityClearance Golossary —A— Classified Information — The three levels CRYPTO — Cryptographic. A category of of classified national security information classified information at the Secret andActive Clearance — Security clearance are: Confidential, Secret and Top Secret. Top Secret levels related to cryptographicstatus where the individual granted a There are categories of classified logic, keys and authenticators that requireclearance currently occupies a position for information, such as SCI, SAP and COMSEC, , special access controls and briefings.which the clearance is required. within these three levels requiring Current Clearance — Commonly used termAdjudicative Guidelines — Document special safeguarding and access controls to describe the status of an individual’scontaining the 13 criteria used by that exceed those normally required for security clearance where the clearancefederal security clearance adjudicators information at the same classification has terminated but is eligible forto determine an applicant’s eligibility level. reinstatement.for access to classified national security CNWDI — Critical Nuclear Weapons Designinformation. CUI — Controlled Unclassified Information. Information. A category of Department Unclassified information pertinent to theANACI — Access National Agency Check of Defense (DoD) Secret and Top Secret national interest of the United Stateswith Inquiries. Type of personnel security Restricted Data that reveals the theory or to the important interests of entitiesinvestigation required for initial-hire of operation or design of the components outside the Federal Government. Otherfederal employees who need a Confidential of a thermonuclear or fission weapon or unclassified information protected byor Secret clearance or a DoE “L” Access test device. Special access controls and law from unauthorized disclosure is alsoAuthorization. briefings are required for CNWDI. designated CUI. (See also FOUO and SBU.) —B— COMSEC — Communications Security. CVS — Clearance Verification System. Protective measures taken to denyBI — Background Investigation. Type of Investigation and clearance database unauthorized persons informationpersonnel security investigation conducted system operated by OPM and accessible derived from telecommunications of thefor High-Risk Public Trust Positions. BI to federal security personnel. CVS U.S. Government relating to nationalis also used as a generic term for any will eventually replace OPM’s older SII security and to ensure the authenticitypersonnel security investigation. database. CVS has linkage to DoD’s JPAS of such communications. COMSEC is also database. —C— a category of classified information that requires special safeguarding, accessCAF — Central Adjudication Facility. The —D— restrictions and of a federal agency that adjudicates DCII — Defense Central Index ofall security clearance for that agency. COSMIC Top Secret — Control Of Secret Investigations. Computer databaseWithin the Department of Defense there Material in an International Command. The that contains listings of criminal andare 10 CAFs (Army, Navy, Air Force, DISCO, term used for NATO Top Secret information security investigations conducted by DoDJCS, WHS, DIA, NSA, NGA and NRO). and clearances. investigative agencies. The DCII is no longer being updated with new clearance CONTINUED>> Build your own personal network of cleared candidates on The Cleared Network – only on 1.877.386.3323 • SECURITY CLEARANCE JOBS FOR U.S. CITIZENS
  2. 2. data. Since July 2005, new clearance data security clearance where the clearance —J—are being entered into the Joint Personnel has terminated and is no longer eligible JPAS — Joint Personnel AdjudicationAdjudication System (JPAS). for reinstatement because time limits for System. Web-based system that connects reinstatement have been exceeded.DISCO — Defense Industrial Security security personnel with a database usedClearance Office. Component of DSS that —F— to initiate and manage DoD personnelprocesses, adjudicates and grants security security investigations and clearances. It FOUO — For Official Use Only. Protectiveclearances for industrial (contractor) is managed by DoD Central Adjudication marking used to identify unclassifiedpersonnel under the National Industrial Facilities (CAFs) and is composed of sensitive government information requiringSecurity Program (NISP). two subsystems: Joint Adjudication special handling and access controls. Management System (JAMS) and JointDOHA — Defense Office of Hearings and Clearance Access Verification System FRD — Formerly Restricted Data. ClassifiedAppeals. Component of the Defense Legal (JCAVS). information which has been removedServices Agency that issues decisions in from the Restricted Data category aftersecurity clearance cases for contractor —L— Department of Energy (DoE) and DoDpersonnel doing work for DoD components LAA — Limited Access Authorization. have jointly determined that it relatesand 20 other Federal Agencies and Permission granted by the Federal primarily to the military utilization ofDepartments. It also conducts personal Government to non-U.S. citizens for access atomic weapons and can be adequatelyappearances for DoD civilian employee to classified national security information safeguarded as national securityand military personnel security clearance where the non-U.S. citizen possesses information.appeals. unique or unusual skill or expertise that —H— is urgently needed to support a specificDSS — Defense Security Service. Formerly HSPD-12 — Homeland Security Presidential government project involving access toknown as the Defense Investigative Service Directive Number 12. Mandates a specified classified information and a(DIS). DSS is responsible for administering standard for secure and reliable forms cleared or clearable U.S. citizen is notthe National Industrial Security Program of identification for personnel requiring readily available.(NISP) and providing security educationand training to DoD and other federal physical or logical access to federal “L” Access Authorization — DoE clearancepersonnel and contractors. facilities or computer systems. Sponsorship that authorizes access up to Secret plus a favorably adjudicated NACI are Formerly Restricted Data and Secret —E— needed to obtain a Personal Identity National Security Information.eQIP — Electronic Questionnaires for Verification (PIV) card required by thisInvestigations Processing. Web-based directive. LBI — Limited Background Investigation.versions of OPM Standard Forms 85, Type of personnel security investigation —I— used for Moderate-Risk or High-Risk Public85P 85PS and 86 used for initiating ,federal personnel security investigations. Interim Security Clearance — Temporary Trust positions.The eQIP version of the SF86 replaced security clearance based on the favorable completion of minimum investigative LOD — Letter of Denial. Letter issued byDoD’s Electronic Personnel Security requirements, pending the completion of a security clearance adjudication facilityQuestionnaire (EPSQ). the full investigative requirements for the informing an applicant of a final decisionExpired Clearance — Commonly used term final clearance determination. to deny the applicant a security clearanceto describe the status of an individual’s and of the applicant’s right to appeal the CONTINUED>> Build your own personal network of cleared candidates on The Cleared Network – only on 1.877.386.3323 • SECURITY CLEARANCE JOBS FOR U.S. CITIZENS
  3. 3. decision to the agency’s Personnel Security NACLC — National Agency Check with Local Counterintelligence-Scope or Full-Appeals Board. Agency Checks and Credit Check. Type Scope (lifestyle and counterintelligence of personnel security investigation used questions).LOI — Letter of Intent. Letter that for Confidential and Secret clearancesaccompanies a “Statement of Reasons” PPR — Phased Periodic Reinvestigation. or for DoE “L” access authorizations.explaining why a tentative decision to Abbreviated form of the Single Scope This investigation is not authorized fordeny a security clearance was made and Background Investigation – Periodic initial-hire federal employees requiringoffering the applicant an opportunity to Reinvestigation (SSBI-PR). The PPR is an a security clearance or a DoE “L” Accessrebut or mitigate the reasons. optional form of the SSBI-PR reserved for Authorization. personnel with no unfavorable informationLoss of Jurisdiction — Status of an —O— listed in their clearance application.individual’s security clearance whenemployment for the required clearance OHA — Office of Hearings and Appeals. PR — Periodic Reinvestigation.terminates after a clearance action is Component of the Department of Energy Reinvestigations required at specificinitiated but before a final determination (DoE) responsible for conducting hearings intervals to maintain a security clearanceis made to grant, continue, deny or revoke and issuing decisions involving personnel or a designated public trust position.the clearance. security clearance cases of DoE employees and contractors. PRSI — Personal Subject Interview. In —M— depth interview of the subject of a OPM/FISD — Office of Personnel personnel security investigation by aMBI — Minimum Background Investigation. Management/Federal Investigative Services security investigator. The PRSI is a standardType of personnel security investigation Division. Principal supplier of personnel component of the SSBI, SSBI-PR, PPR, BI,used for Moderate-Risk Public Trust security investigations to the Federal MBI, LBI, and PT-SBI.positions. Government. PSI — Personal Security Investigation. Term —N— —P— that encompasses all types of backgroundNAC — National Agency Check. Basic investigations used to determine Period of Coverage — Also known as thecomponent of all federal personnel employment suitability and security Period of Investigation. Standard periodsecurity investigations. As a minimum all clearance eligibility. of time covered by a Personnel SecurityNACs include a check of FBI Headquarters Investigation (PSI). Each type of PSIrecords, an FBI technical fingerprint has an overall period of coverage andsearch, and a check of OPM and DoD specific periods of coverage for individual Public Trust Position — Designatedinvestigative databases. components (i.e. employment, police federal employee and contractor positionsNACI — National Agency Check with records, and education) of a PSI. that, due to the sensitive unclassifiedInquiries. Type of personnel security responsibilities of the positions, require Polygraph — Device that measures andinvestigation used for determining federal suitability determinations based on records physiological responses while aemployment suitability or for the issuance personnel security investigations. Public subject answers a series of questions. Itof a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Trust positions are designated as either relies on the belief that false answerscard required by HSPD-12. An NACI plus Moderate-Risk or High-Risk. Public Trust will produce distinctive check can be used as the basis for position include positions designated ADP-I, Polygraph examinations are used ascontractor Moderate-Risk Public Trust ADP-II, ADP-III, IT-1, IT-2, IT-3, IT-5, IT-6, an adjunct to an SSBI for some Specialpositions. 5C and 6C. Access Programs and can be either Build your own personal network of cleared candidates on The Cleared Network – only on 1.877.386.3323 • SECURITY CLEARANCE JOBS FOR U.S. CITIZENS
  4. 4. PT-SBI — Public Trust-Special Background level (does not include COMSEC, CRYPTO, Security Clearance — DeterminationInvestigation. Type of personnel security or CNWDI). SAPs are categorized as made by a government personnel securityinvestigation conducted for selected High- intelligence, acquisition and operations/ adjudicator that an individual’s access toRisk Public Trust positions. support. They are also categorized as classified information is clearly consistent acknowledged, unacknowledged and with the interests of national security. —Q— waived. Among adjudicators the term “Security“Q” Access Authorization — DoE Clearance” is being replaced by the term SBU — Sensitive But Unclassified. Termclearance that authorizes access up to “Eligibility for Access.” that is being replaced by “ControlledTop Secret Restricted Data and Top Secret Unclassified Information.” (See also CUI SF85 — Standard Form 85. QuestionnaireNational Security Information. and FOUO). for Non-Sensitive Positions. Form used —R— as the basis for a NACI to determine Scattered Castles — Consolidated an individual’s suitability for federalRD — Restricted Data. Classified personnel security investigation and employment in non-sensitive positionsinformation defined by the Atomic Energy clearance database of U.S. Intelligence or to hold certain non-sensitive federalAct as concerning: 1) design, manufacture, Community personnel. The database is contractor positions.or utilization of atomic weapons; 2) operated and maintained by the Directorproduction of special nuclear material; or of National Intelligence. SF85P — Standard Form 85P Questionnaire .3) use of special nuclear material in the for Public Trust Positions. Form used asproduction of energy. RD is considered a SCI — Sensitive Compartmented the basis for an investigation to determinespecial access program. Information. Category of classified an individual’s suitability to hold a Public information with many separate Trust position.RRU — Request for Research/Recertify/ subcategories or compartments thatUpgrade Eligibility. Direct notification imposes safeguarding and access SF85P-S — Standard Form the appropriate CAF through JPAS of restrictions that exceed those normally Supplemental Questionnaire for Selectedany personnel security clearance status required for information at the same Positions. Form used in addition to thechanges a JPAS user cannot make within classification level. SCI is a Special Access SF85P as the basis for an investigationthe system. Program (SAP) involving intelligence to determine an individual’s suitability sources, methods or analytical processes. to hold selected High-Risk Public TrustRSI — Reimbursable Suitability/Security SCI has three sensitivity levels — SSBI positions.Investigations. Specific investigative without polygraph, SSBI with CI-Scopeactions to gather information to resolve SF86 — Standard Form 86. Questionnaire polygraph and SSBI with Full-Scopeissues that surfaced during a standard OPM for National Security Positions. Form polygraph.personnel security investigation. used as the basis for an investigation to Scope of Investigation — Standard determine an individual’s eligibility for a —S— components of an investigation, such security clearance or for continuation ofSAP — Special Access Program. Program as character references, employment an existing security clearance.established for a specific category of records, credit report, police recordsclassified information that imposes SII — Security/Suitability Investigations checks, national agency checks andsafeguarding and access requirements Index. OPM’s computer database of educational records. The term “scope”that exceed those normally required for investigations accessible to federal is often misused to describe aninformation at the same classification security personnel. investigation’s “Period of Coverage.” Build your own personal network of cleared candidates on The Cleared Network – only on 1.877.386.3323 • SECURITY CLEARANCE JOBS FOR U.S. CITIZENS
  5. 5. SOR — Statement of Reason. Documentfrom a security clearance adjudicationfacility advising an applicant of thespecific reason(s) why the adjudicationfacility intends to deny or revoke asecurity clearance. The SOR also advisesthe applicant of his/her right to submita written rebuttal and/or mitigatinginformation regarding the allegations andin the case of contractors, the additionalright to a hearing before an administrativejudge.SPIN — Special Interview. Subjectinterview to address specific unresolvedissues developed during a standard OPMpersonnel security investigation.SSBI — Single Scope BackgroundInvestigation. Type of personnel securityinvestigation used for Top Secretclearances, DoE “Q” access authorizations,Sensitive Compartmented Information(SCI) and other designated Special AccessPrograms (SAP).Compiled by William H. Henderson, author of SecurityClearance Manual Build your own personal network of cleared candidates on The Cleared Network – only on 1.877.386.3323 • SECURITY CLEARANCE JOBS FOR U.S. CITIZENS