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Finding Cleared Candidates


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Finding cleared candidates can be difficult. ClearanceJobs makes it easy by allowing you to target your hiring efforts on only security-cleared candidates. Need to hire cleared professionals in technology, engineering, intelligence, management or finance? You can find them on

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Finding Cleared Candidates

  1. 1. CollabraSpace and Smart CollaborationA revolution in collaboration is underway at CollabraSpace. The Annapolis, Maryland-based companyis driving that revolution by developing software that seamlessly integrates processes, people anddata.The company’s robust, secure software solutions help employeesat businesses and government agencies collaborate and work In Briefmore efficiently and effectively. Company: CollabraSpaceCollabraSpace’s solutions are developed by the company’s highly Business Profile: Maryland-basedqualified technical team. “We have a very streamlined, laser CollabraSpace provides web-based softwarebeam focus on hiring systems software engineers,” says Michelle and platforms to improve collaboration inFlesher, who is operations manager and serves as the company’s government agencies and private sectorrecruiter. “We have about six different projects and they’re all companies.constantly looking for this skill set. I always have an opening.”Because many of CollabraSpace’s contracts are at nearby Fort Situation: CollabraSpace needs a consistentMeade, an Army installation, employees not only need excellent source of highly qualified systems softwaretechnical skills, they also must have high-level security clearance. engineers who also have high-level clearance. However, networking and subscribing to largeFlesher only looks for candidates with either “top-secret” or “full- national job boards wasn’t yielding enoughscope poly” clearance. candidates with the right qualifications and credentials.To source those hard-to-find professionals, Flesher used herprofessional network and had convinced company management Solution: Subscribe to forto subscribe to a few well-known national job boards. After trying a constant stream of skilled candidates with thethe national boards, she reports, “I was disappointed in them and right security clearance levels.didn’t feel like I was getting the results I needed.” Results: • A dependable source of qualified“I’ve had more success with than candidates for hiring considerationI have with other job boards.” • An effective tool that lets CollabraSpace keep up with the competition — Michelle Flesher, Operations Manager, CollabraSpace • Excellent visibility for the CollabraSpace brandNot surprisingly, Flesher’s management was wary when she asked • Valuable referrals from candidatesto add to her recruiting toolbox. “It was atough sell,” she says. “They didn’t want to spend more moneyand not get any bang for their buck.” But after several successfuldemonstrations by the salesperson, Fleshergot management’s approval to sign a 13-month contract.
  2. 2. Now she posts her jobs on and hasautomated search agents deliver qualified candidates via “ is worthwhile --the valueemail. She also does her own searches. Using all three is definitely there.”processes, Flesher says she’s able to keep up with the — Michelle Flesher, Operations Manager, CollabraSpacecompetition for candidates, which she says is “steep.” has yielded dozens of prospects thatFlesher has talked with and interviewed; she’s offered jobsto a few. “I’ve had more success with ClearanceJobs.comthan I have with other job boards,” she comments.Flesher also likes the fact that isa two-way street where candidates also reach outto companies. “It’s refreshing to have someone outthere looking around and saying ‘Let me check out thiscompany.’ I think that’s great,” says Flesher. The fact thatseveral candidates have also referredFlesher to friends who aren’t on the job board is an addedbonus.Given the challenging economy, Flesher has to keepan eye on the bottom line and she’s pleased with measures up. “ isworthwhile -- the value is definitely there.” 4101 NW Urbandale Drive • Urbandale, Iowa 50322 • 1.877.386.3323 •