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What the enterprise needs to know about the new data edge


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Learn how you can harness the edge to tap into the power of the IoT.

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What the enterprise needs to know about the new data edge

  2. 2. In the Internet of Things, the edge is king.
  3. 3. Data loads are already too large and too complex for traditional infrastructure to handle, which has led to the rise of the cloud.
  4. 4. In the IoT, workloads will not only scale even further, they will become increasingly diverse due to the wide range of devices and services.
  5. 5. Lagging performance for connected devices is not only inconvenient, but in cases like connected cars and medical devices, it could prove fatal.
  6. 6. The purpose of IoT data living at the edge is to push data,processing and storage as close to the user as possible in order to serve two critical functions:
  7. 7. First, it ensures high performance and rapid analytics results that consumers expect, and…
  8. 8. …it prevents centralized resources and network trunks from being overwhelmed by a flood of device-driven data.
  9. 9. But this new edge will need two crucial elements to provide optimal support for IoT workloads: • An intelligent, and eventually cognitive, management stack • A globally distributed storage network architecture
  10. 10. By necessity, edge facilities will be unmanned, so they will have to decide for themselves how data is to be handled.
  11. 11. Much of the data generated by the IoT will be ephemeral, lasting a matter of seconds. But some will be long-term, contributing to historical analysis and record-keeping.
  12. 12. Active (hot) data is best kept close to the user, while less active (cold) data can migrate to central facilities to be archived or discarded.
  13. 13. As well, log and machine data have unique performance requirements and storage needs.
  14. 14. At ClearSky, we’ve built a network that automatically keeps the most essential data close,keeps warm data at the edge,and keeps all data available from the cloud.
  15. 15. Intelligent algorithms ensure that data is distributed to optimum locations based on historical usage patterns and access requirements.
  16. 16. The Edge Cache is the entry point to the service and is the only device installed onsite, reducing provisioning from weeks or months to hours.
  17. 17. This allows on-prem, the edge and the cloud to work together, delivering that supports the full data lifecycle from creation to disposal.
  18. 18. The enterprise can now consume storage as if it were local infrastructure, taking advantage of cloud economics while providing flash performance for your most essential data.
  19. 19. Learn how your enterprise can harness the edge to tap into the power of the IoT. Follow ClearSky Data on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Connect with us on LinkedIn. Read our blog. Contact us.