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The Private Cloud Isn't Dead


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While some pundits say private cloud is dead, it’s
clearly not true -- and we all know why.

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The Private Cloud Isn't Dead

  1. 1. And everyone from MSPs to the enterprise knows why THE PRIVATE CLOUD ISN’T DEAD
  2. 2. MSPs are having private-versus-public-cloud conversations with clients every day.
  3. 3. While some pundits say private cloud is dead, it’s clearly not true – just look at the latest private cloud offerings from both AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  4. 4. For all the excitement about the public cloud’s promise of flexibility, economics and scalability, the numbers don’t always add up for every use case or every company. 1 8 65 3 7
  5. 5. Customers ALSO want: • Personalized services, • A managed hosting experience, • Better capabilities, • And lower costs than they would likely realize with public clouds.
  6. 6. An on-prem private cloud solution can give your customers everything they want – performance, elasticity, security and value – while leaving the door open for a hybrid cloud environment.
  7. 7. for your customers. on-demand primary storage object storage a complete hybrid cloud option A combination of
  8. 8. This is what we deliver in partnership with object storage providers: • SAN performance, functionality availability for on-prem block workloads 
 • Dramatic TCO reduction versus traditional on-prem arrays 
 • Private cloud control security
  9. 9. High-performance primary storage combined with secondary object storage means you can offer your customers a complete hybrid solution – on-premises.
  10. 10. Your customers get storage capabilities that can scale to petabytes, while their users can access data from multiple locations (including public clouds).
  11. 11. The only problem with this solution?
  12. 12. It busts the myth that the private cloud is dead.
  13. 13. TRUE STORY: The private cloud is alive and well – because customers still want it and need it, and they want their MSPs to deliver it.
  14. 14. Learn how to grow your customer base by delivering on-demand primary,offsite backup and DR as a single service. Check out the ClearSky Data Partner Acceleration Program. Follow ClearSky Data on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Connect with us on LinkedIn. Read our blog. Contact us.