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Mapping the road to better data storage strategies


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Gartner research sets destination for agility, automation and cost reduction.

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Mapping the road to better data storage strategies

  1. 1. Gartner research sets destination for agility, automation and cost reduction. MAPPING THE ROAD TO BETTER DATA STORAGE STRATEGIES
  2. 2. In its “2017 Strategic Roadmap for Storage,” Gartner makes several recommendations for where modern enterprises should navigate their storage infrastructure.
  3. 3. Gartner found “developing a private/public/hybrid cloud strategy” remains at the top of the list of CIO concerns.
  4. 4. Among the research firm’s other top findings were these takeaways: CIOs are focusing new storage initiatives on agility,automation and cost-reduction goals.
  5. 5. Cloud storage remains polarizing. Business leaders are more optimistic; IT is more cautious. BUT
  6. 6. Gartner recommends leaders “deploy self-managing storage solutions that reduce reliance on storage experts and external management tools.”
  7. 7. Gartner also recommends CIOs “align the vision of data center storage and data protection infrastructure with the vision of applications/workloads location and mobility.”
  8. 8. Among Gartner’s additional recommendations: “Map business priorities and outcomes to IT key performance indicators to guide strategic roadmaps for storage projects.”
  9. 9. On the road to a future state in which storage is defined based on its agility, performance, extensibility and cost, Gartner reads these signposts defining the current state of the market:
  11. 11. Under these conditions,“storage infrastructure management consumes highly skilled staff resources,” while…
  12. 12. “…public cloud storage services lack infrastructure transparency and recovery options and require new skills.”
  13. 13. Gartner marks out the trail for iterative migration toward “a more connected storage environment,” placing high priority on short-term plans for high-growth, high-impact environments.
  14. 14. The first stop on that path is evaluating the range of public cloud storage services based on: PRICING PERFORMANCE AVAILABILITY SECURITY MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS
  15. 15. Our fully managed service delivers on- demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and disaster recovery. You pay once, and your fully protected data is always available – on-premises or in the cloud.
  16. 16. Learn more about how to move further down the road to the future of storage by registering for our webinar, “Get out of the box: What you’ll need to know next about storage.” Follow ClearSky Data on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Connect with us on LinkedIn. Read our blog. Contact us.