ClearEdge Project Overview


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See some of our most recent project work - Marketing Services, Channel Sales Programs and Event Strategy. This presentation outlines client requirements and project impact.

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ClearEdge Project Overview

  1. 1. ClearEdge Projects Overview & Impact
  2. 2. Channel Programs
  3. 3. Xerox Competitive Knock-Out CampaignRequirements• Non-traditional field-level communication program for new global product launch• Design for all channels and “ClearEdge brings a depth of regions in multiple languages knowledge that combined with their creative energy unleashed• Target competitive install a powerful campaign and deliverables for our business” base for net new revenue opportunities Kara Bosco, Light Production Monochrome Business Manager, Xerox
  4. 4. Xerox Competitive Knock-Out CampaignProject Impact• Attention-getting serial comic book format achieved high level field engagement• Multi-episode stories directed focus to key sales tools and enablers• Highlighted peer-to-peer success stories
  5. 5. Marketing Services
  6. 6. Alexander Group – Virtual VP MarketingRequirements• Perform discovery and make recommendations to identify areas for improvement in marketing effectiveness "ClearEdges Linda Jackson has helped• Create actionable project AGI articulate a clear value proposition for our clients and build that vision into plan to implement identity our marketing programs and tools. The difference this has made to our revenue makeover, website re-design generation capability has been tangible." and marketing automation processes Gary Tubridy, Senior VP, Alexander Group, Inc.
  7. 7. Alexander Group – Virtual VP MarketingProject Impact• Re-launched the organization with updated branding and value proposition• Over three years, website traffic and engagement increased +300%• Measureable net-new revenue from web leads total more than $3.5M
  8. 8. EFI – Case StudiesRequirements• Research and produce a series of customer success stories to increase EFI market share• Complement existing "Partnering with ClearEdge gave programs and highlight our sales teams a better understanding on how to partner applications approach and maximize our sales reach through the channel."• Showcase peer-to-peer sales successes to focus on winning Frank Malozzi, Senior VP, sales strategies WW Sales and Marketing, EFI
  9. 9. EFI – Case StudiesProject Impact• Provided a new look at product positioning for EFI partner OEM sales teams• Peer-to-peer success stories helped sales people learn about successes in other regions• Positioned EFI servers against competitive products to showcase key differentiators
  10. 10. Event Strategy
  11. 11. ConnectAndSell – Event StrategyRequirements• Define event theme and develop appropriate messaging• Develop plan for customer “From a playbook with up-to-the- engagement minute logistics to an innovative way to• Design collateral and pitch present our solution to the attendees, ClearEdge allowed our team to focus on for “Sponsor Session meeting new prospects.” Tom Grubb, VP of Marketing, ConnectAndSell
  12. 12. ConnectAndSell – Event StrategyProject Impact• Kept company executives on track with personalized play books• Creative, 5-minute sponsor pitch grabbed audience attention• Compelling call-to-action offer yielded significant net new leads
  13. 13. Red-Tie – International LaunchRequirements• Facilitate launch of UK company to US market• Design and implement audience acquisition strategy and lead generation tactics for launch• Engage media and trade press to build brand awareness and attention
  14. 14. Red-Tie – International LaunchProject Impact• Successfully gained media and end-user attention at major US trade shows• Inaugural customer events created brand awareness in US market centers
  15. 15. Learn More If you need Ideas with Impact we’d love to help!Channel Programs Marketing Services Event Strategy Product Development Visit us on the web at