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Aly Massoud, Onboarding Specialist at ClearCare Online, took time out on a Friday to teach tips on Globetrotting during our monthly 'Peer Shares' session. Learn from Aly's global travel to 40+ countries.

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  1. 1. Globetrotting Tips, tricks, and anecdotes …and some show & tell, too
  2. 2. Mama Massoud
  3. 3. My Travel Map
  4. 4. Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist This is what a Tourist looks like (this is from a decade ago, please don’t judge me)
  5. 5. This is what a Traveler looks like
  6. 6. …and this is what it looks like if you don’t want to make it past airport security
  7. 7. Choosing A Destination Step outside of your comfort zone and go off the beaten path! Go to a place that other tourists generally don’t go to
  8. 8. Weather and Time of Year make a HUGE impact on your adventure
  9. 9. Uzbekistan
  10. 10. Registan
  11. 11. TOURISTS!!!
  12. 12. Challenge Misconceptions
  13. 13. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Not To Go Somewhere …even if it’s “illegal” or “not safe” (These trips tend to be the most fun and memorable)
  14. 14. …and the State Department is trying to scare you …it’s a conspiracy
  15. 15. Cuba Disclaimer: If anyone asks, this part of the presentation NEVER happened.
  16. 16. Mali Getting reallllllllll far off the beaten path How the conversation goes… “Where are you going?” “Mali” “Oh, Bali, nice!” “Nope, Mali” “Mali?”
  17. 17. The Biggest Headaches Make for the Best Stories
  18. 18. Turned out that the sides of this road are lined with landmines…
  19. 19. Questions?