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Ignite Cleanweb: Chris Adams, AMEE


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Chris Adams from AMEE explains how they are getting companies to change for the better without realising it, with a few pigeons thrown in for good measure. Video online at

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ignite Cleanweb: Chris Adams, AMEE

  1. 1. WeaponisingEnvironmentalism
  2. 2. We tried personal footprints…
  3. 3. How about companies?
  4. 4. PROJECT PIGEON, 1942"The pigeons were trained with slides of aerial photographs of the target,and if they kept the crosshairs on thetarget, they were rewarded by a graindeposited in a tray in front of them."
  5. 5. One Way Trip1) Focus on immediate target2) Hurtle towards oblivion
  6. 6. 1) Focus on immediate target2) Hurtle towards oblivion
  7. 7. “Hug The monster.Wrap your arms around fear, wrestle itunder control, and turn it into a drivingforce in your plan of attack”
  8. 8. weaponisei. To supply with weapons or deploy weapons in: weaponizeouter space with lasers.ii. To place or mount (an explosive or nuclear device, forexample) on a missile or other delivery system.iii. To equip (a missile or other delivery system) with anexplosive or other weapon.iv. To produce or refine (a substance or biological agent, forexample) for use as a weapon.v. To deploy missiles or other delivery systems equippedwith weapons.
  9. 9. A public environmental footprint for everycompany on the planet
  10. 10. Carbon Cash
  11. 11. Legally binding targets fromthe climate change act
  12. 12. 50% of the UK economy
  13. 13. 23%Supply ChainDirect 77% UK Gov emissions breakdown
  14. 14. Thank you!