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Hotel Linen Management Made Easy: Streamline


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Streamline is a revolution in hotel linen management. It replaces the existing ‘Delayed Exchange Method’ of replenishing hotel linen with a system that is so much easier for hotels.

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Hotel Linen Management Made Easy: Streamline

  1. 1. Streamline Linen replenishment made easy Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  2. 2. What is it?Streamline is a revolution in hotel linen management.It replaces the existing ‘Delayed Exchange Method’ of replenishing hotel linenwith a system that is so much easier for hotels.If the old system was like an early 19th century bicycle, then Streamline is likethe highly engineered speed machines worthy of our British Cycling champions!   Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  3. 3. What’s the Streamline principle?Streamline works on the principle of supplying linen on a managed basis tominimise housekeeping effort.It will transform your linen room and take much of the hard work out of alllinen-related housekeeping duties. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  4. 4. How does it work? You Count We Calculate You Review We Deliver•  You count all your clean stock and submit your figures once a week. Theres no need to submit daily soiled counts ever again.• We calculate the next week’s delivery schedule to ensure it is in line with recent usage and your current linen room shelf stock.• You review this schedule and amend in line with anticipated occupancy levels.• We deliver intelligently managed quantities of stock. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  5. 5. How are deliveries calculated?Establishing your expected linen room count (ELRC) of clean stock is the keystarting point.This becomes the fixed ‘target’ figure for all future calculations.Each week, we compare your submitted actual linen room count (ALRC) ofclean stock with the ELRC and average weekly usage (AWU) figures tocalculate your next week’s delivery schedule. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  6. 6. How are ELRC’s calculated?Our starting point for your ELRC calculation is 1.5 par (1 par = 1 hotel lay up).Where appropriate, we may use a combination of your ‘par’ and your AWU(average weekly usage) to establish the most accurate ELRC.We also bear in mind frequency of deliveries, as fewer deliveries may requirehigher shelf stock levels.Final ELRC calculations will always be agreed with you. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  7. 7. For example...Here’s a simplified example:Let’s say we have calculated your ELRC for Pillowcases as 100.Your submitted ALRC (actual linen room count) for this is 85 (you’ve had abusy week!)Streamline will auto-fix the following week’s delivery schedule to ensure youdon’t eat into your shelf stock for pillowcases. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  8. 8. Why iisSStreamlinee0er?  Why   s   treamline  b better?Better stock control & linen room management• You have a full week’s visibility of quantities being delivered.• Deliveries are easier to manage.• Continuity of service is less affected by staff holidays or sickness.• Submitting a clean count once a week is easier and saves time. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  9. 9. Why is Streamline better?Reduced administration• Less labour intensive, less time spent counting (no more soiled counts).• Fewer stock-related laundry issues (stock-related calls from converted Streamline customers are significantly down).• More consistent deliveries and invoices, reflecting occupancy levels.• Streamline gives you a ‘buffer’, helping to prevent stock issues from ever becoming critical. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  10. 10. Customer recommendationsWe already operate Streamline with many customers.Here’s what they say...“Works so much better than the old system. It’s a loteasier for us to control our stock.”“It’s much easier just counting our stock once aweek than having to count dirties every day.”“A lot easier to use than the old system.”“Streamline is a lot easier and less work for myteam and we rarely have any issues with stocksince it started.” Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  11. 11. Customer recommendations “Having been on Streamline for over a year, its working brilliantly at my site. Our linen rooms are never overstocked and in 18 months we have only over-spent on our linen once which is a fantastic performance. Having worked with other linen companies I struggled to maintain a healthy par level and manage my costs, however this system does that for me! Thank you for your continued support.” Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  12. 12. Knowledgeable PeopleYour delivery schedules are intelligently managed byour Streamline specialists who work with you to:• Monitor and analyse your weekly ALRC.• Factor in other elements using their knowledge and understanding of your hotel, plus any seasonal and one-off influences.• Reduce the risk of running out of stock. Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  13. 13. How do you switch to Streamline?CLEAN will manage the switch to Streamline with your co-operation.Using our collective knowledge, we tailor Streamline to match your needs.Call us today to Streamline your linen and take immediate advantage of itssignificant business benefits.t: 01628 645900 e: Friday,  March  1,  2013  
  14. 14. By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Launderers and Dry Cleaners Thank Friday,  March  1,  2013